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  1. Hi, Yes I did and lost. I was on IB from 1997 then was transferred to ESA in 2012. I was on Contribution Based. This ended in 2013 and I was then transferred to Income based in Dec 2013. Where next? My hip problem only came to light last November 2013. The DWP was informed of this but I was told there was nothing that could be done with my claim until it is reassed in October 2014.
  2. Thank you for the reply. The original letter from my consultant that I am under for my COPD did a letter and also stated that my ability to walk some days is impossible with my hip. They dont seem to have taken any notice. Hopefully as you said someone will be along to help. Thank you
  3. Hi All, I have been claiming IB since 97. It was then transferred over to ESA. Since last year I have been harrassed by the Advisor that I am under to either Undertake Training, or get a job. My illnesses are: COPD, Raynauds, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and I am also awaiting to see a Hip Surgeon about a hip replacement. I have always attended the Interviews with the advisor except for one and I phoned because I was to ill to attend. All the training things she want to send me on have been silly like: Plastering, plumbing etc. You get the picture. Then
  4. Hi I was on Incapacity Benefit for ages since 97. Went to all of the medicals for that and they said I could not work due to depression. This has now changed and I have more illnessess. Since then I have gone from IB to ESA first Cont Based now Income Based. What I would like to know is How many times do you need to see an advisor. I have been approx 10 now. I see the same one everytime. It seems to me that she is trying to push me back into work. She even tried to get me to go on training courses for plumbing etc., When she new full well that that would be impossible for
  5. Hi, Yes it is my sons. No well not a huge amount really. £1468.00 I will be sending off an income and expenditure form to them on monday recorded delivery with the offer amount. He has no assets only his car which he needs for work committments. He lives with me.
  6. Hi, Mu son had a letter from the above regarding a debt with AKTIV KAPITAL (UK) Ltd-PROGRESSIVE CREDIT LIMITED It did not state what the debt was for. So we sent a letter not acknowledging any debt. We also sent the letter regarding contact by telephone and door step visits. We sent that on the 25th February 2014 Recorded Delivery. Today 12th May 2014 we have received another letter dated 9th May 2014 with copies of the debt in question which was Aqua Credit Card. When my son had this card he did get into difficulties with paying it as he lost his job th
  7. If my benefit was sanctioned then I should have been notified, but they said it was because of the appeal I put in. Have asked them to put that in writing again I doubt if they will.
  8. Hi Sorry for the late reply. If I receive the £200 that they have stopped I can still pay the rent in full. Yes I still owe arrears on it and lucky enough they HB didnt stop. But the arrears have come down quite alot and by June 2014 they will be clear. To top it all on Friday had a email from LL saying the lady that does his books says that September payment bounced went into his account then came out again and was never paid back in. (I know not this subject been writing on) I replied that is strange and she must have got me mixed up with someone else as " I PAY THE RENT CASH
  9. Thats is my argument. There was no paperwork with the letters about ESA regarding appealing with the decision. I have put in a complaint about that but dont think it will get anywhere. I think I am calm just very annoyed. It does mean though that I will have to do a bit of juggling with the bills etc., to make sure everything is paid and I will have to put them in order of importance until it is sorted starting with rent, which as they have stopped the money will be £200 short. But I am sure I can make this up somehow. I will not borrow as I know I will not be able to pay back. It is i
  10. Hi, I have just found out that my ESA (WRAG) was stopped because I put in an appeal about being put into the wrong work group. I was then told that I could not appeal as time limit had ran out. NOwhere in any of my paperwork did it say I could appeal if decision was wrong. So I sent in a letter with a letter from consultant at the hospital as I feel that I am in the wrong group and being hounded by the job centre to keep going there to see my adviser. She then keeps telling me I can do training courses for Plumbing, electrics etc., Now this is considering I have COPD Arthritis in
  11. UPDATE: I texted the LL. He sent me an email and said, she was wrong to word or even send email like that. He said she may be just wondering why the arrears were taking longer to clear. He confirmed there is no interest being added and the arrears are coming down. He is also happy to carry on with the way things are. So that is a wait of my mind. Thank you for all of your help.
  12. I will. What I am going to start doing is do 2 separate payments . Mark one Rent the other Arrears. So there are 2 receipts. I have emailed her again and asked her to confirm where the arrears are mounting up. Also stated again Rent is £1000 as per contract. Thanks for all the advice.
  13. Thank you. I will do. That is if she comes back. She emailed at 10.06 friday morning I had sent her an email back at 10.15 she never replied. Also if she has got it wrong can I take any action against her and refuse to communicate with her and just communicate with my LL? I have printed off everything I have to take with me, I think I should go tomorrow just to be on the safe side and see what they say as it will be difficult getting there any other day this week as I have hospital appointments. The CAB where I am is only open 10am to 12pm. It is not doing my illnesses any good wi
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