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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all. I have spent hours browsing through the RLP threads and they are very helpful. Thank you! Short version... I am in my 20's and recently (incredibly stupidly) took something worth under £15 from tk maxx and was stopped. Security guard was very fair. I told him of mental health problems and he dealt with it in store. No police. Usual ban and rlp print off. I am currently waiting for letter. I fully understand the position the forum has in dealing with RLP and plan to follow by the letter. My question is if the company start ringing the house am I able to ask them (via letter) to remove the number from my account? I recently moved back with parents due to my health and don't want them to know. I know from experience with DCA's you can threaten financial ombudsman but what about these guys? Any help would be great and thanks in advance! Trust me I will never do this ever again, I'm completely ashamed.
  2. Last week i did a really silly thing and changed the price on a pair of socks from £7 to about £3 and took a tiny free toy from what i think was a bottle of perfume in Tk Maxx. It was the most stupid thing to do, even although it was tiny, but i got stopped by rlp. I was completely honest with them from the start as i was extremely upset about what i done and wanted to rectify the situation. I answered all of their questions even although they were being incredibly rude and nasty to me. They made me feel like a proper criminal and said my details would be available for any retailer to see. I told them who i was currently working for and signed what they asked me to. Now im kicking myself though because only after leaving the shop did i realize that they had written that i had taken an item worth £25 when it was only the free toy- and i had signed the paper because i had been so scared :( also the police were not called at the time and the rlp men said that they were going to help me by not calling them- but i was asked to leave my job today because a police report had come through. Now im scared that its been made to sound more serious because the price of £25 was put on it. Ive prepared myself for the rlp letter after reading everyones stories however what i am now terrified about is if there is a police report now made, does that mean that the police will now be coming after me? Its really killing me at the moment so much that i cant sleep- im so ashamed of what i did but i dont want the police to come after me over something so tiny. Thanks in advice for any help
  3. Hi All, New member looking for advice please. My wife was stopped outside TK Maxx last month and accused of changing the price label on an item which she subsequently paid for. She was told that she could accept the stores sanctions and thus avoid the Police being called. They said they had CCTV evidence but didn't show it to her. The goods were taken from her and she was refunded the sum she had paid, so TK Maxx suffered no loss whatsoever. She recieved the usually banning letter and a seperate RLP letter neither of which makes reference to the other. A month later she recieves the RLP letter claiming an arbitrary figure of £137.50 in compensation, but which is not backed up or broken down at all. I have read this forum, read the 2009 CAB report and consulted the CAB and former colleagues in the Police all of whom say don't pay. I have drafted a reply to RLP based on the advice received from the CAB but have not yet posted it. Before I do so, can anyone offer any further advice please?
  4. can anyone help me with how to deal with TK Maxx and thier couriers, Hermes? or has anyone else had the same problem? i ordered a dress in the sale with a pre sale value of £214. it hasnt been delivered. i discovered this less than 24 hours after the claimed delivery and rang customer services--assuming it had been misdelivered. However, the courier from Hermes, was rung while i held on the line and she told the tk maxx customer services people that a young woman had signed for the parcel at my address. I was told my daughter had signed. This would be hard as i don’t have a daughter. since the courier insists that it was delivered and signed for, i hae been left with the bill the courier is either incompetent or a thief and no action is being taken to rectify the situation... any advice or help? Thanks
  5. Hi a couple of weeks ago i was caugt shoplifting from T.K Maxx it was only a small item worth £8 which the got back, it was my first offence for which i was arrested, put in the cells, a police interview and the rest of it. Along with that i was given a £80 fixed penelty notice, im also not aloud in the majority of the shops in my local town centre for a year(i think its called shopwatch) and barred from T.K Maxx fro life. Today i recieved a letter asking for a contribution of £87.50 to recoup there considerable losses and to act as a deterrent to future incidents. Is there anyway this "deterrent" can by chalanged(what will happen if i ignore the letters and not pay?) as the humiliation of being arrested in a busy town centre has servered as a better deterrent than a contribution can, also ive payed for what i did already in the way of the fixed penelty notice and the inconvienience of not being able to shop in my local town. Sorry about such a long post. Thanks in advance.
  6. please any one can tell me what should i do , yesterday i went with a firend to tk max , he is over here as a tourist and past few weeks he bought over £1000. goods from tk max , he had all the recipit with him and yesterday for a last time we went to buy some more staff , he paid £180 and got a recipit, then we look around and we bought some more which we paid it , before we go out he took 2 face cream worthed £11.00 , then i think he forget to pay and asked me to go with him to reclaim his vat back cos he is leaving the uk in few days time . i wastanding out of store and as soon as he came to call me , we have been taken by 2 man at the back office and they said they are going to lock us up , i asked why , they start shouting and ordering us around , i was so worried , i didn,t kbow what has happend , then police came , at that time they find out that wer got all the recipit , just police asked our name and then they left , they gave us a paper of ban and a they said you will heir feom rlp , then they took our staff back and they refund they money back to our c card . now i find that they paid us back only £158.00 we spend over £200.00 that day , also they didn't gave us back the other recipit and he said you will not get it back . please tell me what should i do ,
  7. Hi, My friend recently took items totaling around £9 from a TK Maxx store and was caught. She is now banned from all TK Maxx locations and is to get an RLP letter with a fine. The police weren't called and they got their items back. She's never done anything like this before, and I don't know what she was thinking. But I've been doing research for her, how much should she expect to be fined? What happens if she doesn't pay? She's repentant and ready to pay all losses and make the wrong right, I believe. Could the fine be lowered because of it being a first time offense? Or because the amount stolen was small? I've just heard the fines can be extreme, and am concerned because she doesn't have much money. Also, she was never asked to sign anything, only given a statement of ban and a sheet of paper from the rlp. Any advice from anyone with personal experience with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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