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  1. That's very helpful advice. I have told my sister (who doesn't live at home) but not parents as a lot is going on right now. I think I can get the first letter without them seeing and then tell my dad before the second comes. I am extremely anxious about it and telling him would be better in the long run. I worked myself up over the phone calls after I looked up my last name and postcode on one of the phonebook sites (number was found). Again if I told my parents this would be less of a concern. Thank you for giving me your point of view it's cleared things up a lot! I'll kee
  2. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?456327-RLP-a-YEAR-LATER
  3. I just gave, name, address and DOB. Found the thread again, it was actually from CAGon 29th Nov 2015 titled RLP a year later. Can't post link yet! Thanks renegade that makes me feel a bit better
  4. Thanks for the quick reply bazooka. I think you are probably right but it was on another forum ) where someone had received many calls. Fingers crossed though...
  5. Hi all. I have spent hours browsing through the RLP threads and they are very helpful. Thank you! Short version... I am in my 20's and recently (incredibly stupidly) took something worth under £15 from tk maxx and was stopped. Security guard was very fair. I told him of mental health problems and he dealt with it in store. No police. Usual ban and rlp print off. I am currently waiting for letter. I fully understand the position the forum has in dealing with RLP and plan to follow by the letter. My question is if the company start ringing the house
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