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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone I've received a letter from Moon Beever Solicitors on behalf of 1st Credit (Finance) Limited for an outstanding Halifax debt of £2,254.03 Letter reads as follows "We are instructed on behalf of 1st Credit (Finance) Limited of The Omnibus Building, Lesbourne Road, Reigate, RH2 7JP. This letter is sent in compliance with the Pre-Action Protocol on Debt Claims ("the Protocol"). It is part of the requirements of the Protocol that we refer you to Annex 1 of the same and supply you with an information sheet and reply form. A copy of Annex 1 and those documents
  2. Hi I am looking for a bit of advice if someone could help i would be grateful I got a letter from county court northampton saying that moon beever had issued a claim against me i filled in the form saying i could afford £20 per month i never received a reply from the court got a letter saying the offer was acceptable and that i had to pay in full i contacted the court asking why i had to pay in full when i was told £20 per month was acceptable. Today i got a letter saying it was an error and my first payment should reach the claimaint by the 29th October 2015
  3. Hi Guys, I have had a lot of debt problems that you have helped me with but managing with the help of the courts to put payment plans in place. Latest one has gone a bit different but this is where I am at now and paying monthly quite happily with judgements: £1600 debt paying £15/month. £8000 debt paying £40/month. £2000 debt paying £20/month. £10000 debt paying £35/month. £9000 debt paying £35/month. All of those were done with a redetermination with a local judge but only once in person. All those monthly payments are up to date. Latest judgement is for £1600 and
  4. I've just recieved a claim form from MB on behalf of 1st Credit. 21/06/1997 The defendent entered into an arrangement for a Credit Card blah blah. 30/04/2014 the debt was assigned to 1st credit (£2500ish) If I'm correct,the debt they're after isn't a Credit Card debt as stated, as the company I think they are chasing for didn't even do credit cards until 2000 and I've never had one of those. Is the next step a CPR 31.14 request form? Thanks
  5. Hello. I just want to say, I don't dispute my loan with WDA. I know I owe them money, I just disbute how much I owe them. I took out a loan with WDA for £385 (with interest total owed was £518) last year, I was unable to pay it back and was put on a payment plan. In the summer this year I could no longer stick with the payment plan and WDA refused me another payment plan. Since july this year I have not made any payments to them. while I was on a payment plan they froze my interest. My balance was £350 at this point. Last month I got emails from ardent DCA asking me to pay up, they are
  6. Hi everyone, fairly new to this site but desperately need help. I have been in dispute with 1st credit for some time now and have managed to stall them until now. Today Moonbeever sent me a court summons for the amount £12XXX.XX which I am very worried about. The debt came about through a credit card and Lloyds. Last time I sent any type of payment was Oct 2007 shown on a statement in Nov 2007, so I guess its not quite statute barred yet. What do I do? Any help much appreciated !!
  7. In 2007 my marriage broke up. My ex husband left leaving up a certain creek without a paddle. I was left with a first mortgage with GE ( was in arrears ) a second with Kensington ( am coming to the end of an arrangement to pay) and several loans and credit cards including a large loan from lloyds for which a CO was obtained ( i Have maintained payments) and CC with lloyds. I have managed to pay most debt off but as lloyds didnt shout about the CC I ignored it. This debt is now well over 5 years old, recently I received a letter from 1st credit askin
  8. Hi I hope someone could offer a bit of help. I had an old back credit card debt that is about 12 months from being statue barred. Its for just under 2k. Many years ago I send a CCA request to the OC bank and never received a CCA so placed the account in dispute. This account got passed around several DCA working on the OC behalf, each one I seen off telling them that the account was in dispute. One DCA even confirmed that the original credit agreement never existed. No here is where my trouble starts the account was sold about 3 months ago to 1st Credit, I never responded to any of t
  9. Hi all, I was discharged from Bankruptcy a couple of years ago. At the time I had an Income Payment Order which meant that I had to pay monthly contribution towards my Bankruptcy. I could not afford it which was the whole point. It was reduced. I became unemployed and got it suspended. However, I decided to go self employed but havent actually done much in the way of work. Moon Beever keep sending me a statement to complete and sign. I keep doing this...they completely ignore what i tell them and keep asking for money which I have not got. They will not accept anything I te
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