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  1. Quick update on this. I've had a letter from 1st Credit Legal Department stating that they believe the debt to still be active and not SB'd as a payment was made in June 2012. they say they've requested statements from the creditor to substantiate the claim and they will forward onto me once they receive them. They then confirm no further action will be undertaken until the statements have been provided. Time to play the waiting game and see if the statements can be provided but I know for a fact I never authorized any payments into that account. Cheers
  2. I'll get that sent out today and see what they come back with. Thanks for all the advice
  3. No I never authorized any payments into that account and I didn't have debt management plan in place at that time.
  4. i've just got off the phone with HBOS account services who then put me through their collections department who confirmed to me that the account in question was closed by them in 2010 and not 2011 there was a payment made to it on 25/06/2012 (not sure who that was from, it wasn't from me). They then confirmed that they sold the debt to 1st credit in November 2013. As I've never acknowledged the debt or made a payment myself should I send the SB letter or because there was a payment made in 2012 is debt still in force?
  5. OK, i'll get it fired off to 1st Credit and see what they come back with. Thank you all for the help so far .
  6. OK fantastic, just wanted to make sure . Should this go to 1st Credit or to Moon Beever?
  7. is this the one to use? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?387368-Statute-Barred-Letter-**Update-28th-October-2015**
  8. I have received letters from 1st credit in the past about this offering me discounts if I pay X amount now and they will forget the rest, TBH I've just ignored them as I thought they were just phising as I thought the debt was SB.
  9. just got off the phone with HBOS and according to their records the following are linked to me; A card cash account which had a balance added to it of £50.93 on 25/6/2015 (I thought this had been closed a long time ago, so this is a bonus) A current account (which the letter from 1st Credit/Moon Beever is referring to) which according to HBOS was closed on 17/09/2011. The person I spoke to couldn't see any notes about it being assigned to a debt collection agency, i'm not sure where 1st credit have got the date 18/11/2013 as assignment to them from HBOS. There was also
  10. Yes i've moved 3 or 4 times in the last 10/12 years. No I don't think HBOS are aware of my current address. It's only 1st Credit/Moon Beever who have contacted me about this and would have got my address from my credit file/Electoral Roll
  11. I don't think it's a credit card, if I remember correctly it would have been a current account that I had a large overdraft on, as I was a student then.
  12. OK, is there a standard letter template for things like this? According to the letter from Moon Beever I've got 30 days from the date of the letter to return the Reply form and the Standard Financial statement back to 1st Credit.
  13. As far as i can remember I've neither paid or acknowledged the Debt in the last six years, as it's not been on my credit report since I started checking it each month i'm assuming it is now SB.
  14. Hello everyone I've received a letter from Moon Beever Solicitors on behalf of 1st Credit (Finance) Limited for an outstanding Halifax debt of £2,254.03 Letter reads as follows "We are instructed on behalf of 1st Credit (Finance) Limited of The Omnibus Building, Lesbourne Road, Reigate, RH2 7JP. This letter is sent in compliance with the Pre-Action Protocol on Debt Claims ("the Protocol"). It is part of the requirements of the Protocol that we refer you to Annex 1 of the same and supply you with an information sheet and reply form. A copy of Annex 1 and those documents
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