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  1. I have 2 old charging orders registered on my property. The first was for a lloyds debt which I have been paying £50 a month for years, after the 6 years following the Ccj lloyds sold the debt to moorcroft but land registry still shows a charging order. The second was for direct auto finance and still shows as an interim order from years ago. They have never contacted me asking for payment. I am now happily in a good financial position and want to remortgage. I have a mortgage offer from Halifax and the Conveyancing has started. I am happy to pay any monies owed but I just want to know w
  2. I had a current account with lloyds which I stopped using in june 2007. A default for approx 1400 was recorded in april 2008, can I challenge the default date as I stopped using the account in june 2007 and it took so long for a default to be registered?
  3. I have a second mortage with kensington and ran into arrears in october 2007 cra states 3 months in arrears at this time. I was taken to court and kensington got a spo, I maintained payments and finally in march 2013 mamaged to clear the last of the arrears and have maintained up to date payments. This took a long time mainly because of the charges kensington applied to the account. During this whole time they have been marking my account as AP. Whilst I hold my hands up to the fact that I had arrears I have worked really hard to pay them off.
  4. I know neither of us used the account from then but Im pretty sure lloyds slapped lots of charges on do these effect when the account became sb? Also I was wondering why it took nearly a year before lloyds registered a default? Just want to get my ducks in a row before getting the ex to send off at stat barred letter
  5. myself and my ex husband had a lloyds bank account and od which i stopped using in june 2007 when we split. The account was 1300 overdrawn and lloyds defaulted the account in april 2008. 1st credit now have the account and are threatening court action, they wrote to my ex at his address and yesterday I got a letter addressed to him at my address ( I did ask him if I could open it) threatening the same. They have never chased me for this but I have had previous dealings with them over a lloyds credit card. Long story but I paid via a tomlin order. Is the a
  6. also will sar request cover more than one account? I have had various accounts with lloyds
  7. I am in the process of sending sar to lloyds but need an address? Also have just checked my noodle report, lloyds default and 1st credit default dates are different, only by a couple of days but still!
  8. ok so I spoke to moon beaver yesterday and they have said they cant help with a tomlin order so I contacted first credit who initially said they wanted a ccj but I asked to speak to a manager who said send them an email or letter with my proposal. I have offered 70% settlement via installments over 8 months. They have said they will get back to me. My question is how long do I wait and should I aknowlege the court claim? If 1st credit say no then I will have no option but to defend the claim. Have CCA and SAR ready to sent off, I take it these go to lloyds?
  9. Yep that's it. Looking for any advice on letter to write to solicitors and effects of tomlin order on cra
  10. If unable to get creditor to agree cand I request CPR 31.14 before I decide to defend court claim?
  11. Cai have issued court claim for a cc debt. It's not sb and the default date is jan 2008. I have no idea if they have correct cca paperwork but I'm not sure i want to defend on that basis as I think it could be foolhardy to use this as my entire defense. I really could do without a ccj mucking up my cra for the next 6 years. If I approach the solicitors with view to a tomlin order payable over next 10 months could I avoid the ccj and will this continue to show on my cra after default falls off? Parents are willing to make these payments but can't do lump sum
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