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  1. Hi I am a sole trader. We took a water cooler on a trial basis last year and began getting fortnightly water bottle deliveries. In August, deliveries stopped and we recived an invoice for a rental and sanitization charge (which was being billed in advance) To date, no-one has been to do this. We asked them to collect the cooler and cancel our contract - What we didn't know was that we were in a 5 year contract!!!!!!!! It turns out that an ex-receptionist signed the agreement which is in my name - surely this is not legally binding as I'm a sole trader? Can anyone adv
  2. hi I currently have an AOE coming off my wages for Welcome finance. It was not sent to my correct address in 2007 and therefore I wasn't aware until it was being taken off my wages. My main reason for posting is The amount of the CCJ was £6050 for a £2000 loan The highest amount EVER SHOWN on the welcome statement is £4463, but they insist the outstanding amount was £6050k I';ve complained a number of times to the solicitors asking for a detailed statement (even though I've had one from Welcome which says the balance is £77.00) and they still insist the OS balance
  3. Hi all just an update Received a response today from NFF. Apologising for the delay. They agree with what I say I have paid and in short are asking "Are you willing to pay £200 in order to bring this case to a close" Given I've paid £351 on a £250 loan and the stat demand was for more than £4k - what should I do I feel like its blackmail?
  4. how long does it usually take to hear about a set aside app?
  5. Hi Does anyone know who to report unsecure websites to for example, a payday loan company collecting credit card details through an unsecure page? thanks
  6. hows this 1) Do not admit the debt because the debt is in dispute. The original loan amount borrowed on XX Month Year was £250 and was credit to my bank account on XX Month Year – See Document ‘B’ The creditor New Forest Finance T/A Swift Money debited monies from my debit card 8 times between XX Month Year and XX Month Year without advance notice and caused financial detriment. These amounts totalled to £xxx (See Document ‘C’ & ‘D’) I believe that the amount of £XXXX.XX referred to in the statutory demand includes a substantial sum of unlawful penalty charges and i
  7. thanks, if you don't mind, I might post my proposed witness statement for someone to cast their eyes over
  8. Hi when sending the Application for set aside and witness statement should any other information or evidence be provided to help the court decide? thanks
  9. Any update on this, I am in exactly the same situation, received a statutory demand - BY EMAIL!
  10. Hi All I am currently respresenting my wife in an employment tribunal with her ex employer for unfair dismissal, disability discrimination and wrongful dismissal. We are at the stage where the draft bundle has been received from the respondent. I wrote to the tribunal twice last week as when checking the documents, 2 letters had been amended since she 1st received them in December 2010. -Anyone had any experience of this, if so, what happens? Also, any advice on witness statements would be appreciated! Ta Craig
  11. I gota CCJ transfer form from my local court, I can only assume that my employer informed them of my address, there was no other information in the envelope, just 1 sheet In terms of arrears, I paid 1 installment on the original agreement (with PPI), then they never changed the DD over. The secondary agreement was also in dispute as they changed the term from 36 to 24 months, but they never responded.
  12. It says I have 8 days to respond, but I didn't get anything? Sorry am I being dense?
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