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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Everyone. The A4E Exit Report (moving on report), the one you get on your last appointment with A4E before being thrown back to the JCP. Does anyone know how many pages there should be ? I received a two page report, but googling some page I didnt bookmark said there was 7 pages, and that we only get two but the full 7 pages are sent to DWP. Ive put in a SAR with the DWP, and they say there is only two pages. So just wanted clarification that there is only two pages and not seven.
  2. Hi Does anyone know who to report unsecure websites to for example, a payday loan company collecting credit card details through an unsecure page? thanks
  3. Hi all Anyone else got these new Jobseeker diary pages to fill in yet? I've had them for the last month at my JC. Basically an A4 sheet with 4 boxes, each with about 7 lines to write in.. 'Jobcentre Contact' (UJ, Job Computer Points, etc 'Contact With Employers' (I assume for spec letters and actual vacancies applied for) 'Employment Agency Contact' 'Other Activities' The JC now keep these sheets (so make sure you photocopy them for your own records). Possibly they keep them so you can't submit the same jobs every week (yes, we've all done it) or for future checking. Obviously there's some purpose behind them keeping it..and one I'm sure we won't like. While waiting my turn to sign on I also noticed the advisors were scrutinising these sheets very carefully; more so than they do with the old JS Diary. I always play safe and put something in every line, filling up the sheet but a couple of people had only filled in a little and I overheard the clerk telling them they needed to do more. If you have these forms now, fill 'em in as much as you can and don't become a possible sanction target!
  4. Hello all, I have used this site in the past to claim credit card charges back, and it has been very useful. Unfortunately one of the cases I was pursuing was delayed and only recently got a court date for small claims court. I have returned to this site to get the advice on how to proceed, since it used to have all the details on here before. However the site has changes somewhat, and many of the attachments regarding court bundles etc no longer link to anything, and many of the pages to do with credit card charges also no longer exist (from here for example). I realise that a website cannot change all of its existing links when it changes but I can't find the relevant pages and was wondering if they no longer exist since the focus has moved onto PPI in recent times. I could look elsewhere but this site always seemed to have the best advice, which is why I was always so confident whenever I approached any of the stages of claims I was involved in. Any help please? All the best and thanks for looking.
  5. I have a new claim to the ET which is quite detailed. I require more space than is allowed on the ET1 PDF which submits digitally How does one deal with this?.
  6. I as the Claimant received back in July an order from the Judge with directions (which I would assume the Defendant also received). The order had three main points on it, 1. That Disclosure by List was done by the 4pm 15 August 2012, 2. That any request was received by the other side by the 4pm 29 August 2012. 3. That all parties attempt mediation, that any request made by a party must if declining mediation be received within 21 days of that request. I filed my disclosure by 15 August 2012, the Defendant hasn't, I requested mediation on the 6 August 2012 the Defendant hasn't responded. I wrote to the Defendant requesting that they file the disclosure within 7 days, they failed to do that. Today, at 5:35pm I received a telephone call with a request to email me a letter, I received that request which confirmed that they wanted to see all my documents that I listed on the disclosure list. So my question is what recommendations or comments does anyone have with this total disregard for CPR and the Judges Orders.
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