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  1. Hi I am a sole trader. We took a water cooler on a trial basis last year and began getting fortnightly water bottle deliveries. In August, deliveries stopped and we recived an invoice for a rental and sanitization charge (which was being billed in advance) To date, no-one has been to do this. We asked them to collect the cooler and cancel our contract - What we didn't know was that we were in a 5 year contract!!!!!!!! It turns out that an ex-receptionist signed the agreement which is in my name - surely this is not legally binding as I'm a sole trader? Can anyone advise? thanks! Craig
  2. hi I currently have an AOE coming off my wages for Welcome finance. It was not sent to my correct address in 2007 and therefore I wasn't aware until it was being taken off my wages. My main reason for posting is The amount of the CCJ was £6050 for a £2000 loan The highest amount EVER SHOWN on the welcome statement is £4463, but they insist the outstanding amount was £6050k I';ve complained a number of times to the solicitors asking for a detailed statement (even though I've had one from Welcome which says the balance is £77.00) and they still insist the OS balance is still £1700!!!!!! What can I do, I'm at my wits end thanks Craig
  3. Hi all just an update Received a response today from NFF. Apologising for the delay. They agree with what I say I have paid and in short are asking "Are you willing to pay £200 in order to bring this case to a close" Given I've paid £351 on a £250 loan and the stat demand was for more than £4k - what should I do I feel like its blackmail?
  4. do they always give a hearing date?
  5. how long does it usually take to hear about a set aside app?
  6. Hi Does anyone know who to report unsecure websites to for example, a payday loan company collecting credit card details through an unsecure page? thanks
  7. hows this 1) Do not admit the debt because the debt is in dispute. The original loan amount borrowed on XX Month Year was £250 and was credit to my bank account on XX Month Year – See Document ‘B’ The creditor New Forest Finance T/A Swift Money debited monies from my debit card 8 times between XX Month Year and XX Month Year without advance notice and caused financial detriment. These amounts totalled to £xxx (See Document ‘C’ & ‘D’) I believe that the amount of £XXXX.XX referred to in the statutory demand includes a substantial sum of unlawful penalty charges and interest. The creditor has not contacted me by any means whatsoever since the final payment was taken from my debit card on XX Month Year, nor have they served any default notice or notified me that any other monies were due. Following receipt of the statutory demand, I have written to the creditor on 2 occasions disputing the debt, (see documents ‘E’ & ‘F’), once by recorded delivery (see document ‘G’) requesting a full statement of account detailing and confirming the original loan amount, charges, interest and payments made and to date have received no response. 8) That the Statutory Demand dated XX Month XXXX does not comply with insolvency rules as it was not personally served.
  8. thanks, if you don't mind, I might post my proposed witness statement for someone to cast their eyes over
  9. Hi when sending the Application for set aside and witness statement should any other information or evidence be provided to help the court decide? thanks
  10. Any update on this, I am in exactly the same situation, received a statutory demand - BY EMAIL!
  11. Hi All I am currently respresenting my wife in an employment tribunal with her ex employer for unfair dismissal, disability discrimination and wrongful dismissal. We are at the stage where the draft bundle has been received from the respondent. I wrote to the tribunal twice last week as when checking the documents, 2 letters had been amended since she 1st received them in December 2010. -Anyone had any experience of this, if so, what happens? Also, any advice on witness statements would be appreciated! Ta Craig
  12. I gota CCJ transfer form from my local court, I can only assume that my employer informed them of my address, there was no other information in the envelope, just 1 sheet In terms of arrears, I paid 1 installment on the original agreement (with PPI), then they never changed the DD over. The secondary agreement was also in dispute as they changed the term from 36 to 24 months, but they never responded.
  13. It says I have 8 days to respond, but I didn't get anything? Sorry am I being dense?
  14. The one saying the deductions would be made at a rate of £100 per month
  15. Well I got a stamped AOE order from my employer which had been sent from Northampton
  16. Hi Can someone please help me? In July 2007 I took out a loan with welcome for £2k. I have received a copy of CCA following a SAR Shortly after received the loan, I called to remove the PPI. This was done and I signed a new agreement on 04/09/07 - I have a copy of this I moved house in Sept 07 and did advise them of my new address. However they clearly have gone through CCJ process with my old address and in June I had a deduction of £100 taken from my wages as the result of a AOE from progressive finance. The total oustanding on the CCJ is apparantly £6050. More than tripple the original agreement with PPI. I am furious and really need to get this resolved. They have obviously taken no notice of the new agreement which was signed on 04/09/07 They also sent me a statement of account with the CCA which shows field visit charges - how can they visit me if I'm not there? I have also had letters through my letterbox at my new property, so clearly someone had my new address as I also confirmed it with the branch manager in a heated conversion in Sept 07. What can I do now ANY help would be much appreciated, I can't let them get away with this Thanks Craig
  17. Thanks for your help. SHould I put it in writing to the court? If I should call, who do I speak to? Thanks Craig
  18. Hi In July 07 I took out a Loan of £2K from these lovely people. Shortly after, I cancelled the PPI and visited the local office to sign a new credit agreement only to find out that it was incorrect. I moved address but have received hand delivered letters from WF, but they failed to send me a default, CCJ or attachment of earnings notification. As a result, my wages were debited in JUne by £100 and I have just found out from the CAPS that they balance is a massive £6K!!!!!!! I sent off a CCA and with no surprise, I have received the CCA and statement of account. The CCA is the original one and not the new one which was signed.......surprise surprise. I really could do with some advice on what steps to take now in order to 1) get the CCJ set aside and 2) get all the charges of £1088 quashed! Should I just go straight to the FSO? Thanks Craig
  19. Hi I have today received a copy of the CCA agreement and no surprise, its for the old amount and not the new amount I have got a copy of. They didn't remove PPI. They have also sent me an account statement with a huge amount of charges, which I'm still adding up Can anyone advise me what to do next I need to contest AOE and Credit Agreement? Thanks
  20. Hi Thanks for the advice. There are really two elements to my case here I think 1 Welcome did not change my address on there records even though I advised them of it - and they sent a represenative to my new address. As a result they obviously have sent the court papers to my old address as that is the address on the attachment of earnings from court. 2 The original agreement was £2 + PPI + Interest. However, the agreement was changed ( I have the new one, which is £2k + Interest only = £3.1k) The CCJ is for £6k?? Should I firstly contact them with a SAR to establish what they have claimed for? or just apply to have it set aside because they didn't inform me at my new address? thanks m8
  21. I took out a loan with WFS in July 2007. I arranged to have the PPI removed, then the agreement I received was for 24 months instead of 36, I received no satisfactory response from Welcome. I moved house in Sept 07, and Welcome knew my address. I have this month had a deduction of £100 took from my wages for an attachment of earnings in lieu of a CCJ - WHICH I KNEW NOTHING ABOUT. What should I do, I can't let these cowboys get away with it!
  22. Hi My wife has recently been in communication with Welcome finance by letter regarding the removal of the PPI. The original loan was taken out in July 2007 with PPI which was pre-quoted, although my wife had to tick the boxes (even though the amount was printed on the agreement) A letter was wrote last year, but the cancellation was not actioned. We wrote again this July and after 3 further letters we have a letter regarding other issues and states the the PPI has been cancelled and a rebate has been allocated to her account. However, the won't reduce the monthly payment, send us a statement and my wife was told to call back in around 15 months, when the balance would have considerably reduced to find out the term remaining. Although it should have finished in July 2010, I estimate the agreement to end about Sept 08. I guess my questions are:- 1 Should they reduce the monthly amount? 2 Am I entitled to see a statement of account? Many Thanks Craig
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