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  1. Thanks all,I assume if I haven't signed any formal acceptance if an offer from today was forthcoming, I can withdraw, however inconvenient it would be to the employer. I know there is no guarantee I'd get next week's either, but only wish the vacancies had come up the other way around as today's would be a good 2nd choice ... just got to wait for the phone call now, almost hoping its a negative so will sort the situation for me ...
  2. Hi All, Possibly a hypothetical question but like to be prepared. Had an interview earlier, job sounds great but when I got home invite to interview from another employer in my inbox for next Wednesday. This 2nd job would suit me better (nearer home, more akin to my current role and better hours). I was told at this morning's interview that they would let me know either way today. If I am lucky enough to get the offer, I would be mad not to accept, but still inclined to go for next week's interview as well. What are the ethics of accepting a possible offer today, then changing my
  3. I should add that no one suggested that my pay rate be reduced to align me with the others in this role, in return for increasing my hours, but this is something I would be prepared to consider. I have kept this in reserve hoping for some opportunity to "negotiate" for 25hr contract, but Management never came back after my original request put the "ball in their court", so no further opportunity to discuss it ...
  4. Hi all, my first post here so hoping I am in the right place Its a bit long winded but I will try to be concise as possible. I work in local authority in care centre. The same group has a number of similar centres throughout the County. We have recently been subject to management restructuring and additional responsibilities have been added to my role and other staff who do the same role as me in the other locations. We also have regular review meetings where we get together and share ideas to standardise our policies and operating procedures throughout all the centres, so we all wor
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