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  1. Do I need to worry about the CCJ's? They can insist I pay them can't they? Also the DWP can't be ignored can it? When you say we will deal with each debt on a individual basis what do you mean exactly? And just to be clear, I shouldn't start a new DMP yet??? This is very nice of you to help me like this. I do feel a bit nervous about it all, you can see why I would want to hand it over to a solicitor!
  2. This is the problem. I can't remember what half of them were for. I do have a mountain of papers which I will need to search through but I don't think I have records for all of them. I guess I could call the companies to find out? Why do you need this information?
  3. Thank you Site team! The DMP is cancelled already as they have stopped doing DMPs now. I did NOT sign up for the Solicitor deal. So looks like what I need to know then is how exactly I go about checking if my debts are enforceable and then deal with what I still owe after that with a free DMP? I will list my debts tomorrow. Its gonna be embarrassing... One last question.... .I am moving in with someone who has a good credit rating. I am obviously going to have to change my address with all my creditors. Is this going drag down their credit rating too? Min
  4. Their pitch is that they are "World class" solicitors (I wouldn't be in a DMP for the year) who would work on my behalf to write off a load of debt after which I could go back to a regular DMP for whatever is remaining and pay it all off a lot quicker. I don't think any of the free DMP companies would do that? I had no idea this all this was even possible until today but it seems that they saying that everyone is doing it? Has anyone else had any experience of it?
  5. Hi and thank you Silverfox1961 Actually just been on the phone to Lawrence Charlton who have offered me a year long deal with Kingfisher solicitors at £150 a month. The hard selling guy on the phone said they have a success rate of around 80-90% of "significantly reducing or writing off debts". Sounds too good to be true but so tempting as I am working full time (and more) and studying on top for a Msc dissertation. I have so little time!! I have 19 creditors in all totaling £18.000. So even if they managed to reduce my debts by 10% over the year I haven't lost anything. As so
  6. Thanks so much for your quick reply. Yes I learned my lesson! Unfortunately no assets. Living in rented accommodation (I would dearly love to buy a home but that has always been out of reach). I did think about bankruptcy before but got scared off. I think it was about the amount of time it would affect my credit rating. Mind you that is pretty bad already as I did get 2 CCJ's back in 2012 (but that means only 1-2 years more to go on my file?) What is a CCA request? (As I said totally new to this!) There were a lot of late payment charges back in the day but that all stopped
  7. Hi there. Total newbie here. Any advice greatly appreciated!! I got into debt a few years ago. Payday loans the lot (multiple - it's embarrassing. I was a young stupid single Mum). Now in a decent job with teenage kids. Went into a DMP with Debt-line who then were sold to Lawrence Charlton. Have been paying £130 a month dutifully since 2013. Although the charges went up significantly when Lawrence Charlton took over I felt safe so kept on with it and owe about £18k to my creditors now. Lawrence Charlton are stopping all DMPs and said I should tran
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