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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there. Total newbie here. Any advice greatly appreciated!! I got into debt a few years ago. Payday loans the lot (multiple - it's embarrassing. I was a young stupid single Mum). Now in a decent job with teenage kids. Went into a DMP with Debt-line who then were sold to Lawrence Charlton. Have been paying £130 a month dutifully since 2013. Although the charges went up significantly when Lawrence Charlton took over I felt safe so kept on with it and owe about £18k to my creditors now. Lawrence Charlton are stopping all DMPs and said I should transfer to Payplan. OK, except they are offering an alternative too; solicitor advice regarding writing off debts that have been bought by a second party (which is most of them) as they "may not be enforceable". hang on a minute, have I been paying companies which I didn't need to for years? Can't I sort this myself? Or Should I just be responsible and set up a DMP with Payplan instead?? SO confused!!
  2. Hi All, This is my first post, please be patient with me as I am not very good at explaining things but I'll give it my best shot. My girlfriend had a knock at the door this morning (6:50am) from (later to find out who was) Mr X of Marston Group Limited who asked to see me. I was woken and went down immediately to see what was going on. I was informed that my vehicle was clamped/seized and it was going to have it removed in the next 20 minutes if I didn't pay a charge of £556/£557 or something (can't remember the exact figure) or so immediately. (Was unsure if this was legal as it was off the road/private property/driveway) Obviously I was curious to the authenticity of the claim as I haven't been made aware of owning anyone anything so I asked him to explain himself. He said it was a two parking tickets dated 6 or so months ago and that he had two court issued warrants to reclaim the money. I was surprised as I never heard about them. I asked to see the warrants but he refused/failed to produce them. Further I asked him to contact the company which the instruction was given from but he also refused. I told him I won't be paying anything as I know nothing about this, but he started to raise his voice (she lives in a very private residential area) trying to bring attention to our conversation (this was happening outside as I wouldn't let him in my girlfriends house). Obviously the usual aggressive and rude behavior you would expect from a bailiff but I expected that and I am not undermined easily. Needless to say I suggested to him that he has no right to affix the clamp and that I will be outside to remove it (without damaging it) in a few minutes (quite handy with cars). He insisted that he would call the police if I done so, well naturally I ignored him, got my tool box and got to work. My girlfriend came outside watching, with no involvement. After jacking up the car (by the way he stands in the way and kicks his feet on the jack a few times to push it out of the way and keeps shoving me to the side) while he speaks to the police, his clamp (well it was a chain with padlock) falls off the top of the wheel... its not even secured around the suspension as it looked like it was, and neither is the padlock locked. He has put it for show and he realizes that he's ran out of luck. I start to lower the jack (wind up/down one.. very slow) and he runs to his van and shouts that hes going to block my car so I should leave it.. well, time is of the essence so I get the jack off asap and the chain is hanging loose around the alloy so I left it (wasn't the smartest idea). I started my car, start to reverse out while he's driving/wheel spinning to block me off.. well I reverse my car just in time and with far more than enough space to leave safely and drive off (not in a quick fashion as this chain is destroying my bumper and wing at a fashionable rate). As I drive off my girlfriend runs and stands in the road to see where I'm going (why that was necessary I'm not sure) and during this time Mr X had to turn his car around (because he was facing the 'dead end' side of my road/wrong direction) and after turning around finds my girlfriend in front of him. By then I had already reached the end of my road and was turning (right). Anyway the following events are what were informed to me by my girlfriend. Mr X had turned his car around further down the road, and came back past the house and drove the front of his car into the back of my girlfriend knocking her over (at a slow speed but enough to knock her over). He stopped (as she was obviously in the way) and she got up walked around to his door shouting (probably all types of nice things) and he drove off. I consider this Hit and Run in my book? Well anyway he eventually starts to catch up to me (as I didn't get far as I was probably driving about 5-6 mph at most) so I pulled into another residential private car-park in the area. I was oblivious to the whole point that my girlfriend was hit by his car. I got out of the car and pulled the chain off as it was destroying my car (my bumper broke off completely (with half of it smashed into pieces from the chain) as it was secured with cable ties originally), I jumped back in the car turned around the car-park, found Mr X trying to block me, drove around him and left. Obviously with the freedom of movement with the chain now off I drove in an orderly fashion towards a private compound that I had access too and parked the car. Luckily I turned right from the car park and he mistakenly turned left as I had turned around much faster than him. Anyway what continues shocks me more. Having been woken up at near 7am, I didn't have my phone or wallet and I wasn't interested to bring my car back anytime soon so I went to my friends company by foot and waited for him to open (around 9am). I call my girlfriend and she is in tears, the police have come and already left though. My girlfriend was shouted at by the police because they considered her being hit by the car being "A different matter" and they were "not interested". (We will get back to this). The police invited the bailiff into her house and told her that its his right (which it isn't) and let the bailiff to survey the property. The bailiff forced her to pay this magical debt with the support of the police and not in my knowledge. For informational purposes; I don't live there and its evident that I am registered on the electoral roll in a completely different address (Watford, this event happened in London) and that I had no belongings there except my bag which I always carry with me that contains some personal documents and my iPad, I probably stay over 2 nights a week at the most, we've been in a relationship for almost 4 years. I have lived there previously but I have had a new flat since April this year and I have documents proving this (bills/tenancy/etc). Well anyway not only was she forced to pay the bailiff but the bailiff registered a complaint that I have done a hit and run against his vehicle. I am pretty sure I would know if I hit another car as I have been driving for 7 years, I drive in various Drift and Time attack championships and I am very able with a car. If I had hit his car I would stop, but I didn't. Anyway I have been on the phone with the police officer (as they left a CAD and left a message with my girlfriend to get me to call them) and they have been more than appalling. They are accusing me of hitting his car and running away, told me that the basis for notifying them about my girlfriend being hit by the bailiffs car and the police doing nothing about it was purely because "you are purely saying that in defense of running from an RTA". I have offered more than 20 times during this call for the officer to survey my vehicle and to recall the bailiff and get him to show where I have hit him. This phone call lasted the best of 45-60min and with just the police officer taking the side of the bailiff and giving me a lecture and saying that I have hit his car and run away etc. The police have been less than helpful and I would like to get some legal advise, possibly contact details for a police commisioner or someone of the relevant authority to get this rectified. The police officer I spoke to told me that he is refusing to file a report about my girlfriend being hit by the bailiffs car and also he is denying that she even mentioned it in the first place when they were there (She was screaming her head off apparently for the best part of 20 minutes while the police were there, where the bailiff was arguing that he beeped, laughing at her from behind the police officers back, and the police was saying that she shouldn't be standing in the road and it was her fault etc) After I got onto the police officer who was present I complained (with a strong hand) about their behavour and how they had any right to dismiss her claims of being hit by the car however they denied she even made them aware that she has been hit by the car. They ridiculed her and shouted at her. Well obviously she has been through a lot of tension due to this entire situation and the police officer started giving me a lecture on the phone saying she was distraught and crying and how I was such a bad person and how I shouldn't get into debt or some outlandlish remarks. She is in fact circa 2 months pregnant and shes very distraught at the moment and I'm worried this will jepradise anything for her or our child. The bailiff anyway raised the bill to 625.88 while I was not present and forced her to pay it saying he would empty her house. The bailiff was made aware that I didn't live there, and I made it very clear that I wouldn't deal with his nonsense if he couldn't provide sufficient information regarding a warrant or get the company that requested the amount claimed to confirm that it was in fact a valid claim. When he found I was no longer there he played the cards into his favor, made many lies to get the upper-hand and caused a lot of distress to my girlfriend and her mother. I am extremely annoyed that I have to deal with this incompetent bailiff, my now damaged car from his chain, the police lecturing me and telling me that I am wrong and siding with the bailiff, being accused of RTA, being accused of making lies to rebuke the RTA, being lied to by the police is much more aggravating regarding my girlfriend being hit by the car, they are obviously protecting themselves as I raised a seperate CAD and complained about them before I contacted them directly. I am willing to take any legal extent to make sure this man is brought to justice and that these police officers are re-educated in their line of pratice Please advise my next steps as I am a legal numbnut. Many thanks for reading my interesting situation Kind Regards Joe
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