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  1. Hi, I am looking for some advice. I have been working for an independent company since early April doing self employed driving work (trade plating) The working week agreed was from Thursday to Wednesday with payment due the following Saturday (10 days later). Any expenses incurred for fuel and travel would also be paid in at this point. If short which on occasion I was my boss would help me with money to fuel vehicles which would be deductible from the first available wage. My boss was regularly late with payments most often citing cashflow problems as the reason. He did eventually pay what
  2. Hi, I wonder if anyone can advise on where I stand on this issue. Please note the incident occurred in Scotland where obviously laws are different to England\Wales On Sunday 15th February I was stopped by Police on the motorway for using my mobile phone. I was texting a friend so have got to accept I was guilty of this. When in the back of the police vehicle I was breathalysed. I blew 25 when the legal limit is 22 so was arrested for drink driving and taken back to the police station to be breathalysed on the main machine used by the police where I blew 17 s
  3. Went into the job centre today and completed the JSA10 form for hardship payments. The guy in the office said I should be contacted tomorrow to be informed as to whether I will be getting these awarded. He says if I haven't heard back by this time tomorrow to follow up with the job centre again. Hopefully this is resolved quickly. It seemed to simple to be true today
  4. Thanks Antone again. With regard to the hardship payments. The letter was dated 27th June altho it says they cannot pay me from 15th June. I presume the two weeks you refer to will apply from the 27th Thanks for advice I'll let you know how I get on tomorrow
  5. Thanks for the response. So basically I will have nothing until when I would be expecting my next payment from the job centre on the 17th of July. I'll ensure I get down to the Job Centre tomorrow and get the form completed. To be honest I do not think I have grounds to appeal so will probably be best just leaving it. Excuse my ignorance but what is a food bank. Do they give you food vouchers or do you go there to eat? I assume this is council run? I will try and speak to the council and citizens advice tomorrow and see if I can get anywhere
  6. Hi Guys, Looking for a bit of advice. I was sacked from my job, of 11 years since I left school, in March of this year. As soon as I lost my job I applied for Jobseekers Allowance, Council Tax Benefit and also Housing Benefit. I was awarded all three and have been claiming since. I have been looking for job but its proving difficult with losing my previous job for misconduct, anyway that is another issue. I received a letter saying there was a doubt over my right to claim jobseekers allowance due to the circumstances of which my previous job ended. I was told there would be an invest
  7. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me. I have a credit card which I have defaulted on with Vanquis Bank who have passed the debt on to their collection agency Impact Collection Services. they are bombarding me with calls every day and it is doing my head in. I wrote them a letter asking them to only contact me by letter but they continue to call me saying they did not receive the letter. They will not give me an e-mail address when I ask them on the phone. Has anyone dealt with this company in the past and have an e-mail address for them so that I can send th
  8. Thanks for your advice Bombaymix. I will try and get all of this dealt with and report back here how i get on
  9. Thanks for the reply. I will take your advice and not go tomorrow to discuss the budget they obviously want me to agree to. By not going to the store they are bound to phone me. At this point I will tell them I want no more phone calls and to have all correspondence in writing going forward. With my experience of them I cannot see them accepting this which worries me that'll just continue to call. I feel i cant ignore them as they will just start calling my friends and family which I do not want. For various reasons there are issues with my family as it is so there is a bit of tension that I d
  10. Hi, I am looking for a bit of advice. I took a loan out with The Cash Store, high street shop, on the 25th of February. The loan was for £600 and I was due to pay back the loan in full (£766.72) on my next payday which was the 22nd March. I was arranged with an appointment to go into the store to pay this. Unfortunately I was sacked from my job on the 1st of March. This meant I had no income to enable me to make payment on the 22nd of March. I phoned The Cash Store on the 22nd of March and explained that I would be unable to pay this. I was told that I must still honour my appointment and
  11. Thanks for the kind words I know I can and will get there but it will take a lot of hard work and effort but I really want my life back With regard to 247 moneybox Nationwide are saying they cannot do anything as I didn't cancel the CPA through them. Is there anything else anyone can think of doing or am I just going to have to write this money off as gone. Like i said in my situation I cannot really afford to do this as this is going to leave me struggling to eat and more importantly get to and from work. Obviously if I am not working I wont get paid which just worsens the situation
  12. What exactly is a chargeback? Had a look through the net and it seems that it can only be used when there is a breach of contract or something that has been bought hasn't showed up? How would i go about doing this? Would I call the bank or go into the branch?
  13. Hi, I am looking for a bit of advice here with regard to 247 Moneybox. I have got myself into a terrible state through Payday Loans and I am taking steps to get back on track by contacting everyone I owe money to and trying to arrange repayment plans. I e-mailed all the payday loan companies I owe money to last week and informed them I would be unable to make payment to them when I got paid on Friday. I am behind on my rent, council tax aswell as charges I owe to my bank and I also have no food in my flat. Life on a day to day basis is just a constant worry. I asked all the companies I ow
  14. Hi, Wonder if anyone can help with a bit of advice. I have got myself into a mess through Payday Loans. I cannot pay these back and the interest rates are murdering me and taking the majority of my wages each month. I decided enough was enough and that I had to get rid of these once for all and took steps to try and get repayment plans setup for each of these loans. The problem with Speedcredit is that they are basically ignoring me and taking a £96 extension fee from me every two weeks. The original loan was £400 taken out on the 11th of October. I have paid £96 in extension fees 3 times
  15. My wages get paid into a different account to the one Wonga have on file. The account the have on file is an account that has an overdraft maxed to the limit
  16. Thanks again. I have tried this for starters. I'll let you know the response To Whom It May Concern I am due to make a loan repayment on my Wonga Loan tomorrow, Sunday 21st October. The original loan was taken out on Wednesday 29th August for £568. I made a repayment of £124.29 on the 20th of September which extended my loan repayment date until 21st October. Unfortunately I am now in a position where I am unable to make a payment on the 21st October. I cannot even make a payment to extend my loan for another month, I simply do not have the cash due to me having various debts that I
  17. Hi Lizzy, Thanks for taking time to respond. Do you have an e-mail template you reckon i should use or should I just try put something together? Stewart
  18. Hi, I am due to repay my Wonga loan tomorrow. I cannot afford to pay this. I cannot even afford the loan extension payment. I have nothing. What should I do? Should i contact them in the morning or do nothing? Are they likely to bombard me with phone calls? I do not want that if I can avoid it as id rather my family never knew about this. Any advice would be appreciated? Thanks
  19. Its not letting me pm you back as I have under 15 posts. I'll reply on here if your happy with that or if you want to send me your e-mail address by pm i'll drop you an e-mail
  20. Yes im online. Want to be out but im stuck in on a bank holiday weekend its thoroughly depressing. I want to tell my family but its honestly very difficult as these payday loans are something I swore I wouldn't get involved with again
  21. I am in a total mess with debt, i am not sure where to turn next. The debt has been caused by Gambling. I am now going to GA and trying to address that problem but the burden of debt I am struggling to deal with. I am 26 years old and still living with my parents and probably will be for ever at this rate. For information I am in Scotland, I know that is important as laws are slightly different up here My parents took a loan out in their name for me to clear my debt. This was the worst thing that ever happened as it allowed me to run up the debt again and I am devestated that I have. I wa
  22. The bank cant tell me anything. Does anyone know how I can get through to Speedcredit and actually speak to someone. I cant get through there stupid automated system
  23. Thanks for the reply. It was today I took this. My concern is it was a Sunday I used this company in the past and it was in my account in minutes and now today there is nothing I have two other worries I paid the last loan back from my partner and I's joint account. I hope they wont have put the new loan in there as she will go mental as I promised her I wouldn't go down this route again. I dont think they will have as I paid my first loan back from my RBS Account and my 2nd loan went into my Bank Of Scotland account as expected but its still a worry Secondly my bank overdraft i
  24. Hi, Wonder if anyone can help. I have took a payday loan today with Speedcredit - I have used them on three previous occasions. On each of the previous occasions the funds were in my bank account right away but the funds for this one aren't in yet which is causing me a bit of concern. I tried calling them but cant get past the automated message to actually speak to someone. When I go into the account online it is showing me that I owe the money back and I have also received the confirmation e-mail and confirmation text to say that the funds have been transferred. It is the Bank Of Scotlan
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