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  1. She has informed hosing benefit I will mive in on 9th and she will ring tax cf credits that morning
  2. Lets say for argument sake 150 is accurate. Will it be reduced because im moving in?. Ourincome totalls 20k last yr and same this yr. How would over payment occur?
  3. So what I would like to clarify is that in entitled to we are quoted 150 which is about accurate. If we notify the tax credits the day I moved in would these payments be reduced due to the high amount she already has recieved? Or will they work it out proportionately.
  4. well estellyn thank you very much for miss informing me.
  5. So what happens to the money she aleady been paid this year will it or any of it need to be paid back?
  6. So on entilted to it says 150 a week entitlement. It shud be at that rate ish and not reduced because shes been iverpaid? Do you know this as a fact. Btw im not being rude its just that my life feels like a mess and we need to get right this. Thank you
  7. Would it be reduced though due to her already being paid quite high so far?
  8. hey guys, back in march me and my partner broke up. she started a single claim with an income for 2014-2015 is £6000 she was awarded 70wtc and 115ctc. we have 2 children. however i want to move back in, my income is £16000. now if we live together we are entitled to no working tax but 90 ctc. how does this work? as soon as we start the claim will we recieve the 90pw or will it be less because of how much she has already recieved this year? also does anyone know how long we will go without money when we make new claim
  9. Hey guys in september u will become srudent nurse. I have 3 young children and a partner who is a stay at home mother. I will work weekends and my salry will be around 7000 a yr. Does anyone know what help im entitled to financially such as loans and housing benefit to grants and tax credits etc. Much apreciated
  10. yes my statement is the same as i told the police. (truthfull). i just got confused as all. whats happened recently is that he threatened me via text and then again in town in full view of 2 other colleagues. yet all my boss has done is this:- told me to forget the issue and put behind me, get over it, dont bring the issue to work again. the police issued a stage one harrasemnt order. because he was harrasing a witness. yet our boss has done not one thing about it workwise. im not happy at this as what kind of message does it send out??? she also said that she dosent have to do a thing because it happened out of work. also worth noting that they have been friends for years. iv had a guts full and ontop of this i was due for more hours come april but this has since been revoked, with no reason given. i also recieved a christmas bonus of £5 whilst all other employees recieved atleast £20
  11. i am a witness in a case against a fellow employee. he has since sent me threatening text messages, and threatened me in town infront of other members of staff who have veriifed what i have said. i informed my boss of the texts and what happened in town and we had a meeting where i was told that A. i shouldnt have brought the matter to work B. i should not tell other members of staff what happened c. i wasted managments time with the issue an just get on with it also worth noting that the man recieved no punishment for this from manager. and that he has been warned by the police for harassing me. i dont feel able to work with this man as he has been convicted of serious charges in the past complying of abh assault drug dealing among others and i feel threatened in my workplace and i feel i have no managment protection due to him and my manager being good friends outside of work. what can i do and what are my rights please??
  12. i cant afford that. do u guys think it seems fishy how he is alowed to get away with all this
  13. how can i get a restraining order???? and would it mean that he wouldnt be able to work???? or could we both be dismissed in that instance
  14. yes it is the same memeber of staff, that isue has been dropped tho as i hadnt done anything wrong. the case against him in court is ongoing however
  15. hi guys. i was text messaged by a colleague making threats to beat me up, calling me a pussy etc etc (my boss has seen these). also he ''squared'' upto me in town and offered to beat me up, this was witnesses by 2 other members of staff who made statements to our boss. also he was proven to have stolen cleaning supplies from work. today he was called in for a meeting (everyone expected he'd get fired) after his meeting he walked home. then i was called into office and my boss advised me not to worry as he has been given a ''talking to'' and will be back in monday. does this seem very lenient????? and does anyone know if its alowed. additional info---- we work in a care home, he has also been reported for swearing at staff and threatening them.
  16. it was because i felt pressured due to the other employee working there. the main issue for the police was whether or not he stamped on the man, which i clearly stated that i did not see. could she sack me?
  17. i would never lie under oath and i told the truth in my police statement. , would it be best for me to speak to my boss asap and tell her about it. and how could i excuse my lapse of truth? the only thing i missed out was that who hit who first
  18. yes but my concern now is that it may have been illegal for her to ask me to discuss the case with her
  19. could i see my boss and ask for my statement and then just rip it up?
  20. iv checked into that with witness care and they told me that that cannot be brought up
  21. i told the police the truth, i didnt mean to change my story as such it was just me not thinking properly plus the fear of my colleague finding out thati hadnt backed him up because i dont like lying
  22. because she said its a care home and she needed an account of what happened, i dont know why she wanted one. the only thing that differes on the statement i gave her was that who hit who first when in my police statement i said that i didnt know
  23. hi guys, i was witness to a fight outside of work which involved a collegue. i told the police that i didnt see who hit who first(which is the truth) but i suspected that my collegue was hit first because his teeth had been knocked out. now when my boss asked me to give her a statement i wrote that i saw the other man hit my colleague first. its now going to crown court as my collegue is acused of stamping on the other man. can my boss sack me for giving her false account of what happened.
  24. hi guys, me and my partner both work and have 2 young children, i earn 234 pw before tax and my partner 149. we have tried the universal credit calculator and it estimates us as being 35 pound a week better off, is this calculator accurate? it also says we are entitled to housing support but we arent entitled to housing benefit, is this a new benefit as part of universal credit or is it wrong
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