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  1. Thank you again for the reply To be honest, I am unsure how much charges have been applied - As a rough guess I would say about £300
  2. Thank you for the quick reply At what stage does it become harassment? An email is essentially the same as a letter - Sending over 10 a month has to be harassment, imagine receiving 10 letters in the post a month from them
  3. Im not sure of the full procedure of the redress but what happened to me was I had a loan with them and didnt pay it back - I applied for a loan with another company (turned out to be a sister company) and they used my bank details I put in on the sister company site to take a months wages to pay of the loan with cash genie - sneaky I had £732 refund last week.
  4. I had a payday loan about 4.5 years ago when I was in a bit of a rut and didnt end up paying it back. The past few months they have bombarded me with emails to pay it back, around 61 emails to be precise - I have emailed them 3 times advising they are no longer to send me emails but they continue to do so and even replied to my email saying they will email for as long as the money is owed. I am sure I read somewhere that if you request a stop to call or any emails they have to by law comply - Is this right? I have even put them on notice that should they continue to send emails that I will charge then £15 for every email they have sent me - They has since sent me another 7 emails since that warning Where do I stand on this?
  5. I have checked my credit file today and noticed something I am not sure if affecting me twice or not. I have an account that states it is in default, but the status of the account is closed this has then been sold to a DCA and they have put a default on the account as well. Default Info 1: Default Balance: £805 Default Date: 13 April 2010 Default Satisfied Date: 19 June 2012 Default Info 2 Default Date: 13 April 2010 Default Satisfied Date: Not Satisfied Am I right in viewing this as 2 defaults for 1 debt? If so, is it allowed? Thanks in advance
  6. I find that very confusing - They can send a any agreement to anyone and call it a recon then the person is liable, are they not? So where do I stand now with what they have sent me?
  7. Thanks for the help A recon since 2007 is ok? What makes them OK if they dont contain a persons signature? I dont have my copy of the original agreement, but can only assume the dates are correct
  8. Well I actually fell out with the guy on his first visit and I refused to pay him again unless someone else came for collection of the money, nobody ever came back and that was in 2009. I have started to receive these letters so sent the CCA request Lowell have replied showing the reconstituted version (one thats not signed and essentially not original) - Surely this has no legal standing? and there is a statute barred letter to send them now?
  9. The loan was received - There was another piece of paper but that was just the terms and conditions. No area to sign etc.
  10. Below is the letter from the DCA Lowell: And this is the CCA they sent me, you will see that I have blanked out my personal details, and you will also notice the signature box is blank.
  11. I started receiving letters from a collection agency for a loan taken out in 2009 This loan defaulted hence the letter from the DCA. I sent a CCA request which I received today and the agreement has not been signed What is the next step? I believe there is a template letter for me to send but I can not remember where to find it Thanks in advance
  12. I have a weird problem I took out vehicle finance with a company (no names yet if thats OK) There were a few things I was not happy about and just before having it for 1 year the finance company agreed to take the vehicle off me and not chase me for any outstanding balance. My questions is this - They agreed to take the vehicle back and not chase anything outstanding, but my credit file is showing a default and £12k outstanding. This cant be right, surely? - Also the finance agreement was a joint agreement with me and my partner, yet only I signed for it. Shouldn't it have to be signed by both parties to make it legally binding anyway, and as it wasn't signed by both then technically shouldn't go on my credit file at all? Thanks in advance
  13. Well I have had problems with the car since having it - such as the key does not work efficiently, there is pre-existing damage that was not shown to me and the car does not have a sat-nav as I asked for The car was in joint names of me and my partner but they only asked me to sign the contract Not sure of my intention yet, but just looking to see if the contract would be enforceable if my partner didn't sign it at all. I had to sign about 10 pieces of paper, and she didn't sign a single one Just trying to work out my rights at this stage I entered the contract in August
  14. I bought a vehicle from an company online (I wont name them) they delivered it down from Essex to my area, before delivery they said I would have to sign for the car on licensed property such as another car dealer. I'm guessing this is because I got the vehicle on finance? they messed me about I took a day off work and they didnt show up, they delivered it the next day to my house directly and said 'keep it between us' - Yeah very strange. Just want your thoughts on this? the finance was taken out in my name and my partner, the finance agreement has both our names on it but only I signed it they didnt even ask her to sign, does that make the finance agreement void? Thanks in advance
  15. A friend of mine bought a car recently from a very reputable firm After buying the car it broke down within 24 hours, he has then found out that the car was in a previous accident (not recorded) Its a 59 plate Fiesta by the way In fairness the garage took it back and replaced the head gasket, water pumps, cam belts and radiator The problem is the bonnet is still unaligned as well as front bumper slightly off too They said he can pick a replacement car, but how about cancelling everything, can he do that? he took the car on finance through them Thank in advance
  16. Thank you Martin No luck from the bank yet and the funds are still held Ive sent an email to the director of Tesco Bank but no doubt that will just be passed to someone to deal over the next few days..Holiday in 2 days... doesnt look promising ill get it I literally cant go on holiday without the funds being given back to me, can I claim the holiday costs back from Tesco, or would that be a complicated process?
  17. I know I didnt expect such a botch job
  18. Can someone give me some help or advice please Not sure where to post this so hoping this is the correct place Last week I went onto the Tesco Travel website to buy some currency (Euro's). I went through the order and spent £500 but the order declined for some reason, however Tesco have still tried to request the money from the back - Because of this the bank have reserved the £500 stopping me getting access to it. Ive called Tesco who just apologised and said they will do something on their systems to tell the bank the un-restrict the money Ive checked again this morning and I still cant get access to the funds, I have spend £8 on phone calls to Tesco already (so much for finding the best exchange rate after spending so much on calls) Main issue is.... Im flying out Saturday and without this money I cant go anywhere Help! Thanks in advance
  19. lol, loving it Bang Best not to go that route though
  20. Thanks again for the reply, I cant mention the insurers name as I work for them - Its company policy not to brand them in a bad way etc, so to mention them would put my position on the line On Monday, I will have another chat with them and see what I can do
  21. I will keep you all posted Would be nice to see if anyone else had experienced something similar before and what their outcome was
  22. The bank literally have no idea about anything of this transaction (so they say) They said as the account is closed there is 100% nothing they can do to trace anything pending or completed So they say in their final written response anyway Stressed.com
  23. I have spoken directly to accounts too - In my final written response from the insurer they sent me this: According to my accounts department, this is enough for them to wipe their hands with the issue and advise me to change the bank
  24. All calls with the insurer are recorded during the call with the manager I made him aware the bank account no longer existed, his reply was he has to attempt to refund the card used to pay for the insurance first for money laundering purposes, if the bank reject the payment they will then arrange to pay me another way (i,e cheque) The payment wasnt rejected and thats where I am at with it all at the moment As I mentioned I have also received final written responses from both the insurer and bank regarding the matter
  25. Thanks Bang, thats the other thing I want to be careful with, I work for the insurance company too lol Everything you have said has been taken on board though and will certainly look to see what I can do about all this the only problem is the insurer has given me a printed form with an ARN number as proof the bank accepted the reund, how does that stand with the insurer still owing the funds?
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