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  1. Thanks for the help everyone. My version of the Hardship letter from the library has been emailed to Wescot. Have to wait and see how it goes.
  2. Had a letter this morning, BC are passing the account to Wescot to act on their behalf and ask me to contact them. BC have already acknowledged that my preferred method of contact is email, so will have to wait and see if there are phone calls etc. I've been reading the template letters re hardship etc, and searching the forum for the same. Doesn't look easy to re-claim the charges, but I'm considering sending an email to Wescot stating my current I&E and asking them to refund the charges and stop adding interest. My main problem is that I simply cannot afford to make minimum payments, but if they will do as I ask it gives me something to aim for.
  3. Probably not explaining things very well. Until 3 months ago I had only been 2 days late on one payment, fee refunded as explained. I don't know when this was, I'll try to find the paperwork. I've currently missed 3 payments, fees are £24 pm.
  4. Thanks for the reply. One of my dogs is ill, she is quite old (15) so maybe there is nothing they can do but I have to try. Blood tests in the morning will hopefully diagnose the problem, I've borrowed the money from family so I need to pay them back first. A while ago I appealed against a charge (2 days late) and customer service was appalling to say the least, it took months to get a reply but they did eventually refund the charge and paid compensation for their appalling service. I don't know if they would refund the charges again, but it is not going to be simple or quick.
  5. Thank you for the reply. I haven't contacted them since I was unable to make the payment. If I can potentially re-claim the charges then they must be unfair in the first place. My credit limit is £650, so to me that is the most I can owe the bank, it is their charges that took me over the limit. I can't do this myself as the transaction would be refused, so why can they do this. They are currently adding over £40 pm in charges and interest on those charges.
  6. Hi Guys, Missed a payment 3 months ago so they charged interest and the missed payment fee. Adding the fee took me over my credit limit so they added another fee for being over limit. There is no way I'm going to be able to make a full payment for ages, and a letter today says:- "You'll continue to be charged fees each time you miss a payment or go over your credit limit." Is there any kind of legal ruling regarding fees charged, because if they are going to keep adding them I don't see any point in even trying to make a payment. Thanks Andy
  7. If you haven't received payment then contact the FOS asap. HSBC did this to me, but when I contacted the FOS they paid the same day.
  8. Sorry but I don't believe supplying an I&E will be an end to the letters, I'm getting letters/emails from different departments and the chances of them knowing what each others are doing in slim.I've had emails stating that they will suspend recovery action until xxx, but still had emails demanding payment from another department. When I queried this I was told no emails had been sent. Unless I start to pay immediately which I can't, they say the recovery action will continue.
  9. Wish you all the best for tomorrow Wendy, as will all the people on the forum. Takes a lot of guts to get so far, really hope your persistence pays off.
  10. Hi Folks, I changed supplier 2 months or so ago, savings will be huge in the long term - £60pm. As soon as I recieved a letter confirming the change over, I logged onto swalec to see how my account stood. I was in credit for electricity but in arrears for gas. Overall the debt stands at £200 ish., don't dispute this. I contacted swalec immediately asking if I could repay the debt over a long time as I was broke, and needed to sort out my overdraft etc before I could make payments. Told them they could transfer the electricity credit to the gas account. Initial response was ok they offered either £17/12 mth or £9 over 24mth. Replied saying I needed time before I could decide how much I could pay, need to avoid bank charges etc. On the 18th November I received an email which really annoyed me as I had been in contact with swalec and they are aware of my situation:- "We're concerned about your Final Bill which is unpaid. Most of our customers would have paid by now, so we need to know if there is a problem or if you need more time." Since then there have been numerous emails/letters and I have replied stating that I wished all future contact to be in writing only. On the 29th December they emailed saying that they would need to speak to me to arrange a payment plan. Replied saying that I have health issues and cannot deal with stressful matters over the phone, again asked that all communication be in writing. Email recieved saying that unless the bill is paid within 7 days, they will instruct debt collectors, and will add a 15% recovery fee to my account. Can they do this?. Latest email asks for very personal information I believe thay have no right to ask for:- I have reviewed this account and can see from the notes on your account that you have contacted us regarding this matter on at least 4 occasions to date. Due to this, I have raised a complaint on your account in order to come to a suitable resolution as quickly as possible. I have reviewed your account in details with my manager and we would like to refer this for further assistance to a specialist department, with the view to clear the debt amount outstanding if possible. In order to do this I will need to create a case for you. To help me do this, I would very much appreciate your assistance. At your earliest convieiniance, can you please confirm: - The total household income. - Details of all benefits you are in receipt of. - Details of any health concerns you currently have. - Any other information that may assist me in building a case to clear this balance. Please could you call me within the next three working days (by 8 January) to confirm the above information. Please be aware that without this information I am unable to take this matter further for you. If I don’t hear from you by then, I may send you up to two further letters asking you to contact me. We’ll not contact you about the arrears on your account until that date or until we’ve heard from you (whichever is the earlier). If you’d like to read our full complaint handling procedure you can search for ‘complaints procedure’ on our website, or ask us to send you a paper copy free of charge. I look forward to hearing from your as soon as possible and will ensure I give this matter my utmost attention. I have replied asking for details of the "specialist department", and told them I will not call them. As I have advised swalec it's going to be a few months before I can pay, and I can only assume that things are going to get worse. Any help/advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks Wooks
  11. Could well be statute barred, but you need to check your credit record/loan dates etc. If it is then send the statute barred letter if they hassle you again.
  12. Your credit score isn't going to be good for a while, if you have bad debts for whatever reason. Doesn't worry me as I won't be borrowing money for a long time if ever, so I don't need a good score. Unless one of the experts advises you to do so I wouldn't contact any DCA ever. They will send letters for years, selling the debt on when they can't collect. Most letters say we may....... which means it's unlikely they will.
  13. I know it's not much of a saving but I emailed everything to the FOS, and they replied by email with a copy in writing. Also the creditor is going to tell the FOS as little as possible, so you might have to explain your side of things in a slightly different way.
  14. Don't give up yet with the FOS, I didn't and got them to change their mind. The general view of the FOS is that before they take action, you must be in a worse position than if the creditor had behaved themselves. Post up your letter when it arrives and let the guys have a chance to read it before you rush into anything.
  15. Doesn't that fact worry you, they want to talk but without any proof. Stick to written letters, and don't trust them an inch.
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