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  1. As ever....thanks dx Really appreciated
  2. Good afternoon, I have had a statement through......it looks as though this is something that is required to be sent through but this is the first one that has been sent. Dear Ms , We enclose your statement which is for your information only Please fins enclosed your statement for your account******* This covers the period 3 Sep 09 - 31 May 14 Capquest purchased your account on 2 Sept 2009. As such, under the terms if the CCA we're required to send regular statements detailing any activity on your account. You'll receive one statement every year whilst your balance is o
  3. Thanks Wooks, much appreciated. I think it's 6 years now.
  4. Evening - been logging in regularly for help. Would appear my Credit score has gone down. . . . . sorry, not sure what it measn, should I contact them?! Thanks Jackson Factors affecting your score: 1 Positive factors You have no recent searches on your credit report » See more 1 Negative factors You have no successfully settled credit account » See more 2 changes since last report One or more settled accounts have recently been removed from your credit report The average age of the accounts on your credit report has decrease
  5. dx, thank you for the quick reply.... For now....as I was then? Regards Jackson
  6. Evening, had another letter through today.....from Capquest. Hope you don't mind me posting on here again, your advice is valued and really appreciated. Dear.... Your account is back with us. We write to confirm you that your account has been returned to us with immediate effect, as Debt Managers haven't been able to agree a suitable arrangement with you. Please take this opportunity to call etc....... Capquest Debt Recovery Thank you. Jackson
  7. Thank you dx for your speedy reply. Really appreciate it. Its all a bit daunting really and quite overwhelming.
  8. Good evening, Further letter received. Sorry to keep posting, I really dont know where else to turn. It appears as though a further company has written to me...... CallServe Date......... Client :DEBT MANAGERS LIMITED - CAPQUEST - SANTANDER FORMERLY KNOWN AS ABBEY Account Number: ..................... Balance................. Dear M.............. As Field Agents for the above client we have been instructed to collect the above outstanding amount. Unless there is a valid reason for non-payment settlement is required within 10 days. If we do not hear from
  9. Hi.... sorry for delay.. .new baby, not working so have had trouble getting to a scanner. Only when I can and gone through all of the bits, it would appear that everything i have had i previously scanned.(rather clumsily) Sorry there is nothing further apart from the letters I previously typed on here. thanks ever so much jackson
  10. Thank you so much. It feels very lonely....so i do appreciate you replying. Can I ask...in your experience....what can I expect, and what should i prepare for? Thank you dx, Jackson
  11. Thank you as ever for the quick reply dx. So for now is the advice sit tight?
  12. OK. Wondering what the best thing to do is please. New addition now here..... Circumstances dictate, that I am struggling to find any spare funds.......but this needs to be sorted, I cant cope with the uncertainty.... Letter received today..... DEBT MANAGERS (SERVICES) LTD DOORSTEP AGENT VISIT Dear.............. Account Due To: CapQuest - Santander formerly known as Abbey Ref Amount Password Client Ref We are collecting the above debt on behalf of Capquest. We will instruct our doorstep agents Call Serve to call at your address to discuss the
  13. I know. I feel really stupid. My partner at the time really left me in a desperate position. I didn't know what else to do....and still feel in such a mess now. I wish I could change things, and work something out.. ..because of the circumstances I am currently in I am in no position to pay or do anything. Especially given that my ex landed me in such a awful situation....but I guess that is for a different forum. I dread walking through the door at the moment knowing their may be an envelope on the door step... ..or even worse a person. My ex has a
  14. Sooooo....further letter received today. Dear Ms..... Re Santander Formally known AS Abbey Account no.... Unfortunately despite several attempts to contact you regarding your account you have not made us aware of any circumstances to explain why your account has not been resolved. As a result your account will be transferred to Debt Managers and they will contact you regarding the repayment of your account. All future contact regarding your account should now be addressed to Debt Managers by calling them on the following number or writing them to the address below quoting
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