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Found 7 results

  1. Hi hope you can help About a year ago I discovered that SWALEC had increased the price of electric and gas on my bill without notifying me of this change. When I discovered this I contacted them and the representative said he was going to refund me the amount i had overpaid and put me back on a lower tariff. This didn't happen. In the meantime i've been dealing with a personal tragedy and have only just found the guts to face them again as I have gone from paying £30.00 per month to £105.00 in the last two years. :mad2: I live alone in a small house that has a very efficient heating system (underfloor heating downstairs) two radiators upstairs. I don't have a dryer or a bath (just a shower). I pay more for my little set up than my friend who runs a big four bedroom house, two bathrooms, dishwasher etc! I contacted SWALEC recently and made a complaint, they told me this : " We have investigated your concerns, I understand that you tariff wasn’t changed on 23rd October 2014 because the advisor you spoke to has noted that you were given a projection on prices however were going to consider your options and then call back. Since then we hadn’t had any records that you had called to change your tariff however I understand you had thought on the call on 23/10 that in fact you had changed tariff on this date. When changing a tariff we do have to go through terms and conditions however this was detailed in the note. Douglas has looked at the difference between the tariffs and I can confirm that if you had changed on 23/10/2014 you would have saved £23.90 on the gas and £29.20 on the electric, however we have offered £100 goodwill instead due to the fact your tariff wasn’t changed and you advised you were never informed of any price changes since your account opened. Please advise if you wish for me to add the £100 goodwill payment? Dougie will call you on Monday 14th December 2015 to progress your complaint". I am totally confused And feel completely overwhelmed and victimised by this company According to SWALEC I am in debt to them by so much that the £100 goodwill payment will leave with about £20.00 Is there anything I can do Thank you for your time.
  2. Hi Folks, I changed supplier 2 months or so ago, savings will be huge in the long term - £60pm. As soon as I recieved a letter confirming the change over, I logged onto swalec to see how my account stood. I was in credit for electricity but in arrears for gas. Overall the debt stands at £200 ish., don't dispute this. I contacted swalec immediately asking if I could repay the debt over a long time as I was broke, and needed to sort out my overdraft etc before I could make payments. Told them they could transfer the electricity credit to the gas account. Initial response was ok they offered either £17/12 mth or £9 over 24mth. Replied saying I needed time before I could decide how much I could pay, need to avoid bank charges etc. On the 18th November I received an email which really annoyed me as I had been in contact with swalec and they are aware of my situation:- "We're concerned about your Final Bill which is unpaid. Most of our customers would have paid by now, so we need to know if there is a problem or if you need more time." Since then there have been numerous emails/letters and I have replied stating that I wished all future contact to be in writing only. On the 29th December they emailed saying that they would need to speak to me to arrange a payment plan. Replied saying that I have health issues and cannot deal with stressful matters over the phone, again asked that all communication be in writing. Email recieved saying that unless the bill is paid within 7 days, they will instruct debt collectors, and will add a 15% recovery fee to my account. Can they do this?. Latest email asks for very personal information I believe thay have no right to ask for:- I have reviewed this account and can see from the notes on your account that you have contacted us regarding this matter on at least 4 occasions to date. Due to this, I have raised a complaint on your account in order to come to a suitable resolution as quickly as possible. I have reviewed your account in details with my manager and we would like to refer this for further assistance to a specialist department, with the view to clear the debt amount outstanding if possible. In order to do this I will need to create a case for you. To help me do this, I would very much appreciate your assistance. At your earliest convieiniance, can you please confirm: - The total household income. - Details of all benefits you are in receipt of. - Details of any health concerns you currently have. - Any other information that may assist me in building a case to clear this balance. Please could you call me within the next three working days (by 8 January) to confirm the above information. Please be aware that without this information I am unable to take this matter further for you. If I don’t hear from you by then, I may send you up to two further letters asking you to contact me. We’ll not contact you about the arrears on your account until that date or until we’ve heard from you (whichever is the earlier). If you’d like to read our full complaint handling procedure you can search for ‘complaints procedure’ on our website, or ask us to send you a paper copy free of charge. I look forward to hearing from your as soon as possible and will ensure I give this matter my utmost attention. I have replied asking for details of the "specialist department", and told them I will not call them. As I have advised swalec it's going to be a few months before I can pay, and I can only assume that things are going to get worse. Any help/advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks Wooks
  3. Can someone advice me here please? I have arrears with Swalec for £900 and they are threatening to install a prepayment meter which I do not want. They are willing to take £200 a month which I really cannot afford, and thats the repayment plan I have been offered.I want a repayment plan I can afford to pay each month. What can I do? Thank you
  4. Hi, can anyone help? I've been with Swalec for a couple of years, my bill was worked out based on previous usage and I paid it on a monthly basis. I discovered recently that my tariff became almost double about 6 months ago. I was not informed by Swalec that their electricity and gas tariff had gone up. Is there anything I can do about this? Thanks
  5. Having just moved out of a property I have had nothing but errors and incompetency from Swalec from the start. I moved into a small 2 bedroom flat on 25th January 2013 until 25th July 2013. In July 2013 I informed Swalec that I was moving out of the property and they emailed me a bill which I immediately queried as they were saying I owed £286.56 for electric and £194.52, following my query, Swalec have sent me a rather confusing letter telling me that the Meter Serial Numbers I have sent to them don't match the numbers they have registered to the property, yet on checking they are the same as the numbers stated on my accounts. I know I have not used this amount of fuel and the actual gas bill for the winter January 25th - April 4th was only £17.83 so how can they justify charging me £194.52 for summer months April 5th - July 25th. Please can anyone help ? I feel they are ripping me off ...It doesn't make sense !!
  6. Won a good battle with Swalec on Tuesday... They conceded and wiped my account because of the multi mistakes they made... Never seen a company run so fast when promised with a report to the ombudsman... The dispute has been going on since March and they made most errors in the book... Stick to your guns against the big companies because the thing they most fear is bad publicity. I reported them anyway as was my duty to help protect other consumers...
  7. Hi all my name is steve and i have read a few of your threads but none appear to help me directly, a few years ago you may remember an energy supplier called Swalec ( southern western electric) i left them in 2008 i think for a MUCH cheaper supplier, but at the time failed to pay off my old bill. I entered into an agreement and paid them £20 a month, in october 2008 i stopped getting these phone calls, i kept quiet, then i find out towards the end of 2008 that they have either gone bust, into liquidation or something along them lines, and in most if not all cases like this the debt gets written off, happy i was. that is until today 24th january a letter comes to my door demanding payment from a company called southern electric asking for payment of the remaining £60.00 in ten days or else... surely after 3 and a quarter years they have no right to suddenly start asking for money off me do they... i have not contacted them yet for fear of digging a whole, i was about to ring them and ask who the hell they are, when i looked at the back page and it shows all my payments, which means they probably have access to where the payments come from so to say it not my debt may spur someone to start asking for interest or something, hopefully someone out there can tell me how long they have to claim a debt, i know if a cheque goes unspent i think you only get 6 months to deposit it, and lottery tickets i think are a year or less, so why should this be any different, if i have to enter into an agrement, am i allowed to make a suggestion of say £1 a week... thanks cag for any help you can give me. regards
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