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  1. Hi... Still lurking/lurching My main oven finally expired along with my micro a few months ago... Have periodically 'toyed' with the idea of getting one for over five years (actually inspired by this very thread) but always got side tracked by something else... However, due to the demise of some of my major cooking facilities; aided by my care company who loaned me a micro. then sold it to me due to being stuck in the dreaded DLA to PIP migration. When my PIP was finally paid a few weeks ago I took the plunge, especially as all the bits and cookers themselves have come down in price, had a good look about and sourced a digital with all the bits including delivery for less than £60! Was going to get one with a hinged lid but it was significantly more (even with the myriad offers and combinations) for something that might not suit... I'd already purchased a very good slow cooker from the same manufacturer so did feel more confident with my choice... Hope I don't jinx myself but everything I've tried cooking in it so far works great and cooks even pizza better than expensive ovens Early days yet, I know, but they really do work and I've found that as long as I think properly about what I want from it and don't try to rush it'll more than replace any fancy oven and grill at the very least I got a 12 L one with the extender and it definitely was the best choice even for a single person because they can be used for very small to very large portions... Can't see me eating a whole roast chicken though the vids on you tube are very good and had me drooling and plotting my next grocery order
  2. The last while really remembering the huge support, wealth of advice and knowledge here... Kickin' in to touch a few sour people (lets face it, there are many all over the internet and reality who really are just trolls; to soe I'm probably not their cup of tea), immeasurably grateful for this phenomenal community, and, perhaps, to put to rest one or two very silly issues The most pressing was asked twice on another thread... "Knickers" is all I'm saying
  3. Have never been entirely sure about the 'knicker thing', only that it was first initiated by me on a very long running thread in a galaxy far far far away, a long time ago and 'in here' as a sort of distraction technique ('niker) for the 'sposed DCA spies... While I was in ITU and hospital in 2010 the ladies kindly 'changed my nicks' and other posters commented and made it a part of this: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?245344-Babybear....-GET-WELL-SOON for which I was very grateful and completely overwhelmed by the great spirit we all have the pleasure and honour of sharing and being a part of In answer to your questions MD and SabreSheep a lady of my age needs knickers, so yes, I am wearing some but I've not disclosed the details of such for about four years
  4. Hi, how are you all? Been a long time, I know... Busy with this that and the proverbial... Have been reminded via various for a good while of how I love this whole site... Lots of you were here for me when I needed you most, for various reasons, but, particularly in 2010 and have remained very good friends... I do 'lurk' now an' then and have decided to do my best to do what this site taught me over many years Been side tracked by many things, good and bad... But I will always remember the support, friendships and knowledge gained within...xxx
  5. Most, if not all, HP companies insist on a certain level of cover for the term of the agreement. BAYV will remove said cover on receipt of contents insurance as mentioned...
  6. BB v 1st Credit, on many occasions, should have disillusioned them, but they appear to have yet to grasp the fact that they are debt purchasers in many cases and are very often very wrong in that the alleged debtor is not their victim at all and have been proven so, scared off but then reappear when they feel like it
  7. Ask 1st credit about the UCPD 2005/29/EC and the CPUTR 2008 and see how loud they scream... Mention this to the them as well - http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?147392-CCA-DCAs-and-the-Unfair-Commercial-Practices-Directive and ask them if they feel ok
  8. I can personally vouch for BAYV corporate poster and, indeed Elaine... The police were/are way out of order and this needs sorting ASAP... This kind of thing with police and bailiffs is, sadly, very common and needs to be taken to the highest levels and addressed nationally... I will write a short article and post a link here as soon as possible... In addendum - The police may well have acted on the call from the BAYV rep. if he called first. Again, this is very common practice and very unfair but they will try and say that the rep. said he was threatened and they acted on that call on a first come first serve basis...
  9. Allegedly, 1st credit do not like Trading Standards, the OFT (had them under a list of sanctions for ages, not sure if they still have), FOS and they're scared s***less by the new version coming in with more teeth in April 2014
  10. BAYV request a copy of your contents insurance annually until the goods are paid and on receipt of such will remove the cover... That was the case when I last asked them... The BAYV rep. might want to comment...
  11. Following on from my previous encounters with Lowell, I have been bombarded with copious letters and calls... I am yet again recovering from another serious bout of ill health but they really have gone too far this time... They appear to have acquired another bunch of lemons similar to my previous encounter with them some years ago... I will scan/upload post their letters and give further details of their numerous calls as soon as I can get my scanner to talk to my computer lol... This is already surpassing their previous faux pas...
  12. Unfortunately, ill health and other very serious issues took me out of the 'game'... One such matter was a member of CAG joining a group set up, run and admin'd by me with a very simple idea, a 'back door' if you like re: IDS and Welfare reforms... The CAG member accused me of horrible things and that put the proverbial cat in the mix... The CAG member has mysteriously disappeared but continues to bad mouth me all over even questioning my qualifications, career and almost wrecking my very hard fought for reputation... No matter... Leeds have reared their ugly head again and are bombarding me with letters and calls... I will start a new thread so as not to confuse issues...
  13. As far as I'm aware the above response is correct although, of late, I have not kept up with OFT guidelines as I have been involved with multiple groups/organisations etc. mostly regarding the Welfare changes that IDSIOT is hell bent on bringing in to the very real and severe detriment to the very poorest and most vulnerable people in our society...
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