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  1. just for clarification and could be miss leading to quote "now outside of the manufacturers guarantee" the customers contract is with Comet NOT the manufacturer, manufacturers guarantee is in addition to the customers stat; rights thats a red herring as for the OP your rights and contract are from the Supplier and in this case Comets, ie 6 years resonible service, its nothing to do with manufacturering faults, comets would have to prove misuse or abuse , other than that tell them they fix it end of story all be it in a polite manner
  2. this is the last post wins thread ,, :confused: read it again you cant post there then
  3. new comapny chancing there luck set up a few months ago chancing their arm, few have received similar please refer to your IGNORE BIN
  4. its a [problem] and I bet you dont know of the accident , its a claim company touting
  5. if i go advanced all i get is a blank page and 1 blue bar near the bottom and I get the same when I select post new thread , in IE7 on 4 separate PC's
  6. an accomodation address lots of them there, mail is forwarded on oh dear oh dear they cooking the books then Cornish Bakehouse 91 Oxford Street, Marylebone, London W1D 2HA 020 7439 2121
  7. Haleana a blue badge does not apply on private property firstly so their bays etc etc mean nothing more than paint on the ground and infact under the DDA they are unlawfull, parking for disabled people other than on the Public Highway , demanding the use of a blue badge to park as a disabled person as a Badge holder myself i love baiting the little oiks , just sit in the car let them get all excited and as they get the pen out , in my own time put my badge up , with the camara phone pointing right @ them then getting out the car comment "get a real job and stop [causing problems] the public" had a few answer me back, strange no stupid ticket after 14 years and they dont stay around long
  8. never heard of that , your sure its not a sales call whats the last bit of their email after the @
  9. there silly letters will not go to Motability they come to you so get ready to make the paper planes you may be able to make as many as seven , they would never dare approach Motability with the [problem] they already know about it , your name is on the log book , the C/O means nothing dont worry about it
  10. cyber I would not use IE8 if you paid me - with IE7 I have control not bill gates ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, lol
  11. that ie 7 same thing on 4 separate PC's all under XP pro display @ 1650 x 1050 x2 dual head other 3 pc the same display but single monitors and on laptop @ 1024 x 768
  12. kiptower

    english laws

    this may help but look fot the link to NI http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/index/your_world/travel/driving_licences.htm
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