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  1. Thanks for advice . I have meeting with inspector of Cleveland police at 12.30 about officer . I will let you know what he says . Send letter to bayv later.
  2. Yes payed over two years on TV . Just had rep at door once again demanding £12 asked him to please stop . He reply I will be back later and keep coming back until we pay . Is this not harassment ? It's really get me down now .
  3. Hi people I need help . I have TV from bayv and been with them for over three year payed off other items ( only ever missed few payment right at beginning through misunderstanding but sorted years ago ). Due to tax credit cut we had to make list of who get payed so we pay ele gas TV licence rent council tax all at reduced rate and the rest of debt had to but on hold until we got sorted . Well this week since 9am Monday we have had bayv rep at our door 2-3 times aday demanding money (£12) I told him from start what had happened but he just said so we want paying and I will come until you
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