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  1. Thanks for advice . I have meeting with inspector of Cleveland police at 12.30 about officer . I will let you know what he says . Send letter to bayv later.
  2. Yes payed over two years on TV . Just had rep at door once again demanding £12 asked him to please stop . He reply I will be back later and keep coming back until we pay . Is this not harassment ? It's really get me down now .
  3. Hi people I need help . I have TV from bayv and been with them for over three year payed off other items ( only ever missed few payment right at beginning through misunderstanding but sorted years ago ). Due to tax credit cut we had to make list of who get payed so we pay ele gas TV licence rent council tax all at reduced rate and the rest of debt had to but on hold until we got sorted . Well this week since 9am Monday we have had bayv rep at our door 2-3 times aday demanding money (£12) I told him from start what had happened but he just said so we want paying and I will come until you pay . I asked not to he keeps coming at 9 am and 3 pm just as school at just over road is opening and closing shouting we own £12 ( very embarrassing ) . Well yesterday he came again 9 am told him to please leave us alone and that he is now staring to course us a lot of stress he said so I want money now I just closed door . He cam back at 3 pm this time more threatening my wife was in bed as she work late nights I asked him to please stop calling he said no I asked him to leave my property he said no I said if not i will remove him and if needed with reasonable force . He replayed I call the police at that my wife shouted out bedroom window to move and get in car . He the phoned someone and said me and my wife threatened to assault him ( not true total lie ) with in 5 min a seconded rep turned up and parked right across my parking bays (remember at his time lots of people about picking kids up ) there stood like mafia out said my door so I phone the police there said someone will come as his is not rite . As I put phone down police came so guess he phone too . I went out and said to officer I will talk to him and him only at this he said get in side in a very horrible tone . Five minutes later the officer just walk into my house with out invite I have very small dog that love to play and like to be fussed the dog jumped at officer and he started shouting at my little dog and push her away and made a kicking motion I told him this is my house and is her home too and not to treat her like that he said he get dog section to take her away . My daughter who's dog it is started to cry . So we could sort this we put dog in garden at his the officer said HE was taking my TV if we didn't pay the £12 now I said we don't have it he said well am taking TV I said he as no right to do that he said I do as I have this uniform on and can do what I like and if I want can use force and arrest me I said he can not and asked what law as been broken and what law was he using he said he dose not need any . At this my got very upset and got £11.40 ( my daughter dinner money and bus fare for next two day for school ) at this the officer went out side and said if we don't pay he getting back up and if needed will force entry . I asked him what law was he using again no reply I asked this many many time with no reply . My wife came out in bits and give rep £11.40 the rep said its £ 12 or nothing at this I took money back . The officer said right am taking TV I said no you not . The bayv rep said he can take TV as we have payed less then a year on it . I said no way it's over two year he went on his little computer and said opps you RIGHT at this there change tack very quick . The officer jump in van with rep and talked aw by way officer refused his name and kept moving his shoulders so could not get number properly . While all this his going on in street all the neighbours came out very imbarassing . I went inside my wife asked what was the officer going to do he just laughed at her blow her kisses wink and drove off laughing . The rep move up the road and stayed there for around 15 min . This as to stop I now have no conferdance in Cleveland police and will never ever again let them in my house not that I let them in this time . We are now very upset stressed and my daughter would not go out last night scared that her dog was going to be took away ( more worried them if I was getting took away lol ) . Please can anyone help me with what I can do about this and if police can act in this way . Many thank people foza11.
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