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Internet Hosting Company Trampling on Contract?

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Hi there,


I run an online forum which has been going since March 2017.


We renewed our hosting again in February 2021 and yesterday have received an email from the hosting company saying they will be moving us to a new platform in the next couple of months, which we neither asked for or want.


Adding insult to injury they tell us of course this will cost more money which they will very kindly send us a bill for.


We have tried to move platforms before but no one could migrate us due to a peculiarity of some coding, including this Hosting company.


Surely having renewed our hosting this year for the platform we are currently on we have effectively signed a contract between them and us ...

Surely they cant just migrate us without our wanting to (which will no doubt fail) and charge us more for the privilege ??


I really need some help here.


Thank you

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Which is the hosting company?

The problem with hosting companies is that generally they are so big, they will steamroller over you and you try to resist them, you end up going off-line for quite a long time if not for always until you eventually give up and accept what they say or go elsewhere.

When you say that they are moving you to a new platform – do you mean that there moving you to a new forum software? Or simply a new server?

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Posted (edited)

TSO Hosting ... This is what they wrote ....


We're getting in touch to let you know that your Linux cloud hosting package will be migrated to our latest tsoHost hosting platform based on cPanel


We've tried to migrate ourselves before to no avail, they and other hosting companies tried to migrate us too  but they were unable to so we plodded along quite happily on our current platform

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