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    • A mobile phone mine while I was out watching the football with all the lads.
    • Hi,   Stumbled upon this website and I see the general advice is ignore CRS and that they can't do anything but thought I'd make my own post as I'm still anxious and don't want debt collectors to turn up at my parents home.   Facts: - Joined Xercise4less in June, 2017. I paid £11.99/m - Finished uni in July 2019, so I wanted to cancel membership as I was moving back home and the closest X4less gym would be 50miles away.  - I initially put in a freeze request (thinking it's to cancel). When I told my friend he said I need to fill in a different form to cancel the contract. - I was confused so I confirmed this with someone working at the gym. They explained even though my 12m contract has finished, in order to cancel the contract I would have to give 30 days notice using a form online and cancel my DD. - So I completed this online form that same week and canceled my DD a few days later.   * Fast-forward to 20th January 2020 *   - Received a letter (to my parents address) from CSR yesterday (20th). Asking me to pay £213.47 including their fee of £102.50. - I was at work when my parents send a pic of letter. Return address said HGC - a quick google search shows them as Hutchison Global Communications aka Three.  - What did I do next?  Since I didn't have the letter in front of me I asked my parents for the number & reference on the letter. - Then stupidly called CRS thinking its Three and it's regarding my recently cancelled phone contract.   What I told CRS on the phone: - When I found out it was about my cancelled gym contract I explained in detail several times how I correctly cancelled my contract back in July 2019 and I will not be paying the outstanding amount. I didn't even use the gym. I did say I may be open to paying the monthly fee. - Advisor said Harland got my freeze request but nothing else, no proof = you must pay or they will continue to purse me. He also said outstanding amount is not negotiable and me not using the gym is irrelevant. - I asked for Harlands contact details, CRS refused to give it to me because Harlands will not discuss this matter with me.   After 15mins of going around in circles, me explaining what happened and advisor saying I must pay, I finally I said I am not in the wrong here. I filled the form correctly, and it said 'submitted. If their system didn't receive my request it is not my fault and I cannot be held accountable for an error on their part. So I don't agree with the charges and will not pay it and ended the call.   Other info: - CRS said the charge of £213.47 is for membership from October 2019 - Dec 2019 + late fees + CRS fees. - Told the advisor I no longer live at the address they sent the letter to. He asked for new address and I refused to give this out, so they will add an additional £36ish for tracing my new address. - Apparently they sent several letter to my old address but I know they didn't because I still have friends living at that address who would have told me if anything addressed to me came through. - I believe the system didn't acknowledge my cancellation request since a freeze request was in place but that doesn't mean I owe them any money and definitely not £213.47.       Thanks in advance!      
    • Here are the above letters vanquis.compressed.pdf
    • This got me thinking. There are only 4 parking bays on the site. They charge 50p for 1 hour, £1.00 for 2 hours, £1.50 for  3 hours and £2.00 for 24 hours. Yes, £2 for 24 hours! How is this site profitable? Do parking companies run these types of sites with a business model that is focussed more on issuing PCNs that intimidate motorists who lack knowledge of the law into paying up?
    • Hearing of Boris' problems ringing Big Ben,  Jeremy K. Hunt; in an effort to ingratiate his way back into government; offered his services ....         He said he would offer to run the injured parties to hospital, as long as they had medical insurance  
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Hello I really would appreciate your help.


I have received a letter from the Avon and Somerset Compliance Enforcement Office, stating a further steps notice.

I have no idea what it is regarding and I am so worried as have never received any previous correspondence.

Can you please advise what they deal with?

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Magistrates Court fine ?  Avon & Somerset reference seems to suggest this might be the case, as I think Avon & Somerset Magistrates are linked.  


Best to phone the number on the letter to find out what you need to do.


Could it be related to a car or vehicle you own ?  Is your address up to date on your vehicle registration document ?

We could do with some help from you.



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If you want advice on your thread please PM me a link to your thread

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Thank you so much for your reply, I'm so greatful. Yes, up to date.


The only thing I'm thinking it could be was relating to car tax.

In October 2018 I separated from my husband and I closed the joined account, where the direct debit was linked to.

My bank assured me that all direct debits would move to my new account.

All of them were moved apart from my monthly direct debit for my car tax.


In May 2019, CSC Collect sent me a letter advising I owed £80 for tax arrears from the DVLA.

I was distrought as I always pay everything on time and mortified that my bank had not moved the direct debit as promised.


I called the DVLA immediately to pay the outstanding amount and set up the direct debit.

I was so concerned about it I paid DVLA directly and not CSC, on the trust that everything would update.


I have checked my bank statement and I have definitely paid DVLA.

My thoughts are my records were not updated with CSC?


They have failed to send me any further correspondence or any chasers.

I know that I should have checked my bank account to make sure that the monthly £12 was coming out; however in the mist of a divorce and the amount being so small, I must admit I did not see it


. This is incredibly stressful, so hope there is a simple explanation as the amount has now increases to £827

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no I doubt its that 

and anyway DVLA missed tax payments are not criminal, hence why they used a powerless dca.


so wont be why you have a bailiffs notice.


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