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  1. Just a thought - Not sure if anyone else has thought of this but: If the banks have managed to get A Stay on all cases due to the ongoing test case then surely there should be a Stay on all charges being levied to accounts as it has not been decided if they are fair charges or not.
  2. Hi All, Hoping for a bit of advice. I had a 2 loans with Blach Horse, one retail and one personal. I got into a bit of money bother a while back and missed a few payments. The account was then passed to DLC for collection. DLC have phoned 3 or 4 times a day constantly leaving messages for me to contact them. In the mean time I have contacted Black Horse and made arrangements to pay them direct. I spoke to DLC on Thurs to notify them this, to which I had a long argument with the operator, and then all of a sudden I received Notice of Court proceedings from DLC for non paymeny. Surely if Black Horse are happy for me to pay them I do not need to go through DLC.
  3. Have now won vs Lloyds TSB. Considering no payputs were being sent due to the pending court action I was quite suprised to receive a letter from Lloyds offering to pay me in full.
  4. Hi Haybaby, I would advise that you should read through all the FAQ's on the website. I was advised with my claim to just put in the 1 claim. I waited until I had the money to do this as it was over 5k, but was advised not to put in seperate claims as this could be deemed detrimental. With regards schedule of charges you should send 2 copies to the court and 1 copy to the solicitors for each case registered ensuring that they have the claim number on them. Finally with regards mailing the solicitors it is best to send them a reminder mail a couple of days before the deadline, and then again on deadline day. Hope this helps. If you find this info useful please click on the scales
  5. Hi, It will be on the Notice of Acknowledgement. I sent my mail to [email protected] They replied to say defence had been submitted. Checked my account and all money was refunded
  6. Woohoo, Got home from work on Friday and there was a letter waiting for me from Nationwide, Dear Mr Chunky1977, In respect of your charges blah blah blah, we have now full refunded all charges £6,400 + Interest of £500 (which I never claimed for as I forgot to include in my MCOL), and £250 court costs. Absolutely fantastic, going on hols in 2 weeks so don't even have to wrry about spending money now. What a great weekend I've had. Thanks to all at CAG for your advice. I shall still be on here as I'm taking on Lloyds and will now be sorting out my parents accounts for them. Will make a donation as soon as poss.
  7. Got my reply back from Eversheds. It appears NW filed defence yesterday. have checked MCOL and it is now showing as defence filed....:-| nothing more can be done, awaiting transfer to court Could it be the defence is paid in full and there is a cheques waiting for me. Do they usually file 3 days before deadline. I thought they normally waited until about 1 min before.
  8. Well, I've just sent Eversheds my nice little reminder e-mail. Awaiting reply now. Lets hope there reply is paid in full and I'll have a nice cheque waiting for me when I get home.
  9. Has anyone got a template I can use or a draft e-mail they have sent. Time up on Sun so would like to send a little reminder today.
  10. Thanks TrickyT, Hopefully I'll have a nice cheque waiting for me at some point this week, and can start the process off sooner. Could not believe what they have done when I looked this morning. Problem is I can't get to the bank till Sat morning to vent my frustartions at them. I'll just have to hold tight and see what happens.
  11. I don't believe it. As my Internet banking is no longer working I thought I would set up telephone banking so I can check to see if my balance changes over the next few days...................... Well it looks like Nationwide have closed my account as my account number is now coming up invalid. My god am I angry. I've had no notification of this at all. Anyone know what my next step should be.
  12. Hi All, Well countdown is progressing. NW dealine is on Sun 17th (so will give them till Mon 18th). When do you think I should send my little reminder e-mail to Eversheds. Was thinking of sending it today letting know they have a few days left. Also has anyone got a template of sorts that they have used in an e-mail
  13. Hi Tristar, Your 28 days begin on from the date the papers are deemed served. This is usually 5 days after you enter through MCOL and will be stated on your papers sent from the court. The date girlybiker has quoted above is 28 days from acknowledgement. Check your original papers from the court. It will be on their. 28 days is calender days but obviously if the 28th day falls on a weekend (as mine does 17th June) then you follow on to the next working day. Keep focused. You will get your money back. NW seem to be randomly paying out either just before MCOL deadline or just before court. There is no pattern to who and how they are paying up. If this post was useful please click on my scales and leave a rep comment.
  14. Well done Julien, Better start checking my account soon. NW have until 17th June
  15. When was your deadline k*pstar (sorry being a UTD fan can't realy write your full user name......lol) Have you checked your bank account. A few defences recently have resulted in payout quite soon after. It seems their defence is Paid In Full
  16. Hi Dems, I apologise, I have just looked at the form and it appears I gave you the wrong info. It was the same info I was given in my post http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/nationwide/55659-chunky1977-nationwide-2.html But I never looked at it as I decided not to worry, all I had done was not include the interest in the claim although it was mentioned in the particulars. The best thing for you to do is go back onto the MCOL website and there will be a form on there to amend particulars of the claim
  17. Hi FB, I made the same kind of mistake, but I forgot to include the interest. I never bothered changing it as it wasn't that major an issue if I never claimed. Seeing as you will end up with the wrong figures take a look at this link http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/41901-form-n244-application-notice.html Whilst you're waiting for the claim to go through make sure you do lots of reading on this site especially the FAQ's. It has come to light recently that another case was thrown out of court a) the claimant didn't turn up, b) the claiment felt his paperwork was not correct. Therefore you really need to make sure that you follow the step by step instructions and ensure you have all the relevant paperwork.
  18. BBC NEWS | Business | Lloyds wins second charges case The claimant himself has even stated that he felt his paperwork was not good enough. Even more interesting is the fact that one judge has 'alledgedly' written to Lloyds and asked them to supply a list of all cases against and highlight those paid before court date - Seems to me the judges are starting to get knarcked off with the banks now.
  19. Hi Shaz, Not yet, I'll be popping in to my local branch this week to find out whats been going on. Probably their way of getting back at me for taking them to court............ To be fair as soon as I started this I trnasferred everything to my parachute account so it may have something to do with that.
  20. Thanks MTM:D :D Looks like I'll be popping into my local branch for the next couple of weeks then. They'll soon get upset with me and pay back what's rightfully mine
  21. Hi, Take a look at this thread before filing for judgement http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/faqs-please-read-these/25457-guide-reclaiming-bank-charges.html?garpg=13 Also whisksas sent an e-mail to Eversheds reminding them and within 1 hour payment was made into account. Take a look at their thread here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/nationwide/93836-eeeeek-mcol-28-day.html
  22. Hi Whiskas, Before you do anything take a look at this thread (providing I've managed to post it right)..... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/faqs-please-read-these/25457-guide-reclaiming-bank-charges.html?garpg=13
  23. Guss, Once the 28 days are up from date of MCOL being served you can then access your calim and go for judgement on the grounds they have not submitted a defence. Your notice of issue will state the date that the papers are deemed served. This is usually 5 days from the date you entered your case.
  24. Hi Tristar, With regards the 28 days this from the date that the order is deemed served by the court. I sent my MCOL on 15th May, they acknowledged 17th May but was not deemed served till 20th May therefore I have to wait till 17th June. With regards the DCA write back to NW and let them know it is in dispute. DO NOT under any circumstances write to the DCA as this will be classed as acknowledging the debt and you will be liable for it. I've made that mistake in the past and am now fighting to claim monies back.
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