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  1. Hi, agreed Andy, but I didn't and very much regret that i didn't. I have spoken to Northampton, who informed me that the case has been moved to Bradford. I contacted them, they advised I download, complete and return a N245 with the fee to Bradford. I have completed the N245 and just now sent it with a covering letter and £35.00 fee to Bradford via special delivery. I'm stuck with it now and realise that had I acted earlier following the good advice on here it could have been avoided. However I just hope now that the monthly payments can be kept to a minimum as I'm struggling to make ends meet
  2. Hi all, I have now received "judgement for Claimant" from Northampton for the full amount. What do I do now in order to make the lowest possible monthly payments? Cheers
  3. Hi all, I did send the letter as per #16 to: opposing solictors, lewis, CL finance, all by recorded delivery all I have received back was a (very) bad photocopy of the CCA from CL finance. I appreciate that I have not acted swiftly enough, but do not always have access to web to pick up the advice. That said, I am getting so confused with what I'm supposed to do, with or aganst who (solicitors, Lewis, CL ????) and in what format (letter, MCOL etc....) I have the feeling that I'm stuck with this and just need /want to keep the repayments each month as low as possible, and give CL
  4. Just called the court, judgement has not yet been entered. advised to post defence urgently, so on what grounds do I defend? Thanks Tri
  5. Hi 42man, Well I'm confused!! The claim form was dated 28 July 2008, but I was allowed to proceed with the MCOL Acknowledgement of service on line only yesterday!! so gods knows what's going on.
  6. Hi all, Thanks for all the advice so far, I sent a copy of the letter in #16 to everyone CL, their solicitors, lewis etc..... all I have received back is the (bad) photocopy of the agreement from CL. nothing yet from anyone else:confused: Filed acknowledgement thru MCOL on line yesterday, so now what?? Cheers Tristar
  7. Hi CCM, no I have not filed anything. I sent all the letters off to the CL, their solicitors etc..... and waited to see what came back. I have now received a copy of the CCA. How doI file a defence? On what grounds? will it cost me upfront?? Cheers Tri:confused:
  8. Hi all, I have received a "photocopy" of the Credit agreement from CL Finance as per my CCA request. It does seem genuine and has both my and my ex wife's (additional card holder) signatures on it. There is no signature for Northern Rock PLC (in the "for official use only") box at the topright of the agreement, just a date. Anyway I presume I'm now stuffed on this? What is my best course of action? I would wish to avoid the CCJ if possible. How do I check on the progress of their application to Northampton? Is it best just to call CL or their solicitors and make some arrangement??
  9. Hi all, so by sending the CCA now, that might stop the application progressing? Who do I CCA, CL finance or Lewis? Thanks Tri
  10. Attn Andyporch, issue date on the claim form is 28 July 08. Where and how do I file the AoS?. I should have CCA'd on first receipt of letter from CL, I am convinced they will not be able to supply a true copy of the agreeement, so want to challenge it before hearing, is that possible? Tri
  11. Hi Thanks to all for the advice so far. creditcardmug, what is a CPR? what is my AOS? sorry to be so thick but I don't undetrstand. Tri
  12. Hi, Can anyone advise please. In short: I had a credit card issued by Northern Rock, this was transferred to the Co-Op Bank. I have made payments to the Co-Op within the last 6 years. Then all went very quite. Well on the 09 July 08 I received a letter from Lewis Debt recovery stating they were acting on behalf of CL finance Ltd stating that the debt with the Co -Op bank had been assigned to their client. It stated that I must make a payment by 19th July or further action would be taken. I then receive a letter dated 10th July 08 from The Co -Op bank confirming that on the 28th May 0
  13. No ace, this did the rounds with Richardsons, then Wescot, then Nelson Guest, then Wescot again, then DEA, and finally 1st.
  14. Hi all, Getting lively eh? I have written confirmation from 1st on 28/02/2007 stating that they "own the account", that any payments I was making to RBS should cease immediatley, strange thing is they state that the account was to them from RBS on 30th June 2003....? Any Hoo, they are not getting paid, cannot produce the documents required and are in default. Next step is to report them. Do you guys reckon I should inform them of my intended actions. I did this with CapQuest and got a result:p , so am tempted to follow the same route. Tri
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