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  1. Thanks guys.. got my fingers crossed for you all in the coming days.. .. the way my kids are trying to spend it I wont be going anywhere on hols lol.. but they are having fun Julie
  2. I cant believe I have just checked my online banking and 3 corrections have gone into my account totalling the charges. I wasnt expecting to hear anything until next week as they had until the 10th June to defend.. to say I am ecstatic is an understatement! Thankyou to this site for making this possible.. I will be recommending you to ALL my friends If a moderator could please merge this thread with my original one and move to 'successful claims'. Good luck to all still waiting to hear.. it wont be long now A very very happy Julie
  3. Received my Acknowledgement of Service yesterday.. Nationwide are defending the whole claim surprise surprise.. they acknowledged on 18th so I presume as it was served on 13th that they now have til 10th June to file their defence are these dates right?.. Julie
  4. Hi Paul.. I dont know what to think to be honest.. keep reading other threads that people on similar timescales have had theirs defended.. maybe ours will be defended by Wednesday.. I know Livelylad told me on another post that most likely they will defend last minute.. I guess only time will tell .. I will keep you updated on mine as we are in same position Julie
  5. Hiya Paul.. You are on the exact same timescale as me.. deem served on 13th have til today to defend.. I have had no acknowledgement of service either only the notice of issue.. I was told by the court last week that because of the bank holiday and the fact that the court is closed on tuesday that the deadline is wednesday.. they also said that I should leave it til the end of the week and if I hadnt heard anything to ring them or call in and they will enter judgement.. Julie
  6. Hi Guys.. Mine was served on 13th and I havent received my acknowledgement of service yet either.. they have til tomorrow but because of Bank Holiday my Notice of Issue says 30th which is Wednesday.. I still havent heard if they have filed a defence yet either.. we all seem to be in same boat so to speak.. Julie
  7. Hi Chelsea.. Your prelim letter goes here: Nationwide Building Society Branch Service Centre Electra House Farnsby Street Swindon SN38 9NQ good luck Julie
  8. Hi Livelylad.. Just a quick question re what you have just said.. my claim was served on 13th so they have til 27th to enter a defence.. cause this is a Sunday and with the Bank Holiday it says on my Notice of Issue that they have until 30th.. would you expect them to enter a defence today regarding my claim too?.. Julie
  9. Received my Notice of Issue today (duplicate) as I didnt receive the original one.. 3 weeks after filing my claim.. it tells me that Nationwide have until 30th May to enter a defence not 27th as I was told on phone.. I have also been told by the courts that they have had to transfer some of the cases to another court due to the amount of cases there are at the moment.. im wondering if this is why it is taking so long for me to receive any paperwork.. Ive been following other peoples threads on here exp those that are on a similar timescale to me and they are all receiving their Acknowledgeme
  10. Oops just re-read your post lol.. they did defend.. sorry my heads just all over place at mo with my claim.. Anyways congrats again
  11. Congrats r.thompson I am made up for you.. I take it they didnt defend then if your claim was only served last week?..
  12. Hi Siberian.. Yes that is the standard 'bog off' letter.. dont worry about it just carry on to the next stage.. Julie
  13. Well ive phoned the courts again today as I have STILL not had any paperwork through.. my claim as I said was served on 13th and they have til this Sunday 27th to enter a defence and according to the courts they havent done yet.. What a stressful time this is Julie
  14. Hi Hills.. Which route did you use to file your claim?.. I used the N1 route.. I think if you filed using MCOL you have to send them out yes but as far as I am aware and someone correct me if im wrong.. if you filed using N1 then the courts will sort it out as you have to have 3 copies of your N1 and list of charges when you file.. note to Big T.. I too am exactly the same.. have yet to receive any notification from the courts.. Nationwide as I said have until 27th to file a defence.. and I only know this because I rang the courts to find out what was going on.. Good luck to us
  15. Hiya.. Dont bale out!.. Nationwide have til next Sunday to file a defence in my claim.. there are plenty of people on here at the same stage.. just stick to it.. we are all in this together Julie
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