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  1. I waited the 40 days for my list of charges from Cahoot, rang them today to see where they were and was told the address we have has been updated, the new address to send things recorded delivery is: Cahoot Friars House Manor House Drive Covenrty CV1 2TE I'll now try again!!!
  2. I have just received the funds from Lloyds! Thank you soooooooo much. I am now starting claims against Lloys Business, A&L, Cahoot and a 2nd Claim for this account, since this claim!!! I am so chuffed, thanks again!! :D
  3. Many Thanks! I have sent an email today! Let's see, if they don't pay by end of day Monday should I instruct Bailiffs?
  4. I wrote to them last week, but the 14 days the judge set is up on Monday - should I insruct Bailiffs Monday? Is there a number I should call to chase or just instruct Bailiffs without any further calls or letters? What is the procedure with instructing Bailiffs? What forms do I need to complete etc? Has anyone else had to instruct Bailiffs? A frustrated Sophia!
  5. Have you been paid yet? see my new thread - I have received a letter threatening court for my O/D, but this will be cleared if Lloyds pay me!!
  6. I received my General Form of Judgement in my favour dated 3rd July. But haven't received a penny as yet. I have a £2000 overdraft but my charges have gone up and up as I've stopped using the account. The balance sits at £2213.62 o/d But I won the judgement and am waiting for £2407.21 from Lloyds, obviously this will clear the entire Overdraft. Today I received a letter demanding the £213.62 by 11th August otherwise daily interest will incur!! How can I get Lloyds to payup by 11th August??? This is so stressful, I thought once I'd won the case it was over! Thanks Sophia:eek:
  7. The judge decided in my favour last week, but I've still not had anything from Lloyds or their solicitors? Whats my next move? How do I get the money? thanks:evil: :?
  8. I have just called the court for an update.... The Judge has given his descision in my favour - Yeeeehaaaa!! I know everyone on here says it's just a matter of time and I haven't got the money yet, but the stress is over!! I am now downloading leaflet EX321 which tells me how to get the money from Lloyds.......... But any advise wouls be gratefully received. I've not heard a button from LLoyds or their Solicitors so can anyone tell me how long I should leave it before my next step and in fct what that step is?? Thanks Sophia
  9. I've just tried to contact Cahoot about getting copy bank statements. They have told me there is a £5 charge per month, but I have been banking with them since 27th August 2002! Do I send the data protection letter and if so what address do I send to? Thanks Sophia
  10. Hi, Does anyone know the address to send the Preliminary letter to Lloyds Business Banking? Is there anything different that happens with reclaiming charges from business accounts? Thanks Sophia
  11. Well the judge still needs to issue the order in our favour, I can't get excited until that happens as Lloyds have been so crap to me that I can't quite believe it will go my way until it does! Fingers crossed though. Sophia.
  12. Great - thanks Guy's! I'll copy your letter and take it in by hand today. I called the court and they confirmed thay have received nothing and told me to complete the Issue of notice requesting an order to pay immediately. Please let me know if you hear anything and I'll do the same. Thanks again!
  13. Heard nothing as yet?? I'll call the court again. But I don't understand what happens now as the deadline the court gave was yesterday so should I put my bundle together?
  14. Hi! It's Guildford Coumty Court. That is all it says I was quite confused! So should I start to put my bundle together or not? Sophia
  15. Hi I received a General Form of Judgement or Order from the court today, it says that the defendanet has until 4pm on 16th July to serve a document answering the questions: Is the case intended to be contested to and at trial? Does the Defendant intend to apply to adduce expert evidence? Is this a court date?? Should I begin to put my "bundle" together as it mentions no more than 7 or less than 3 working days I should file my Bundle?? Should I expect to hear from Lloyds at this point? Thanks Sophia
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