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  1. Hi there, I have previously successfully claimed my bank charges back from NW and am now on with my hubby's. Have got up to LBA stage but have had a letter back stating nothing can be done until test case is resolved. Are you all leaving it till this is sorted or continuing to claim??? Thanks Whiskas
  2. whiskas

    What now??

    Hi there, I won against the nationwide a few months back and have recently started claiming on behalf of my husband. Sent his LBA a couple of weeks back and have received a letter this morning to say they won't be acting on his claim as all claims are on hold until the test case is over but that they have "stored the letter" away until it's over. What now??? Also..they wrote to me instead of my husband despite the fact the letter was from my hubby (i have already won)...doh!
  3. Hi, I recently successfully claimed against NW, just doing the hubby's now but have noticed today a note on the home page of the internet banking site to say NW will be "suspending judgement" or asking for extensions of time due to current situation with FSA case. What does that mean for those of us about to send LBA's etc? Are you all continuing business as usual? Thanks in advance Whiskas
  4. Have already opened another with alliance and leicester, just need to do the switching thing and then bob's your uncle! Gonna claim bank charges for my hubby now, woo-hoo!
  5. Hi there, received a letter from NW this morning following my successful claim this week basically saying they can't offer a free banking service again and although they aren't closing my account if I fail to meet the terms and conditions again they may give me 30 days notice of closure of account. I am now paranoid. Although I am 100 times better nowadays and haven't had bank charges for nearly a year now due to getting more organised what if I ever made a mistake and a direct debit was returned or something. Do you think a marker is put on the accound and they automatically close it or is it just a warning?? So paranoid! Its good cos it has forced me to make sure I have my money sorted. Any views on this appreciated.
  6. Congratulations! Another Win! Woo-Hoo!
  7. Perfect! Loud and Clear! Keep us posted if they respond.
  8. Hi claimed £1138.82 including interest and court charges, was paid full amount in two separate installments as a "correction" and "cash credit"....plus an extra £119.00!! NW put a defence in on day 28 of MCOL and paid an hour later! This forum is absolutely the best and I still can't believe it works! Don't give up, stick in there despite snotty letters etc and you will win.
  9. Definitely wait until the day before or on the day itself. You don't want to put their backs up. Keep the email very simple and matter of fact as I did...so they know you know what you are doing. You've nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!
  10. HI there, just wanted to say that the only reason I emailed Eversheds was because I had read on this forum of people emailing Charles Bacon (another NW solicitor). Didn't think I had anything to lose and like you say they might have been going to pay out anyway. The response from Eversheds wasn't positive so I wasted my time anyway....and yet they paid...and more than I claimed for! Anyone any idea why I might have got £119 more?? The people at MCOL said just to enjoy it! Ha!
  11. Just hang in there, you will get it I am positive!!! Can't believe I have got even more than I hoped for!!!
  12. Woo-hoo! Rest of money in today....an extra £119.49 too. Total claim £1138.82, total paid, £1258.52!!! Today's credit showed as a credit by cash. Thanks to everyone on this forum. Couldn't have done it without you.
  13. So...up to press they have just refunded the charges I am reclaiming - £851.00..but not the interest..£287.82. Do you think I will get the rest today?
  14. Oops sorry PPMAN159....i am so excited about my win forgot about that! Thanks for your help.
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