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  1. Super thanks for your hep. In your experience do you know of anyone sucessfully claiming any of these charges back ?
  2. Hi.. I've recently managed to reclaim back over £1000 from Nationwide for bank charges, i had to take them to court to win but they settled out of court. Now over the last 2-3 years i've been a bit crap with BT, missing payments and as such have been charged more reconnection fees than i care to remember. These will come accompanied by late payment charges and i should im agine they add up to a few hundred. My question is this... Am i able to go about claiming these charges back in the same way as i did with Nationwide ? Or is there different way of going about it ? Am i able to claim them back at all ?? I feel these are essentially penalty charges, i mean £20 for reconnecting the phone line ?? that surely only flick of a switch ? Anyway, does anyone have any info to share on the matter ? I would appreciate it
  3. Success !! 08/03/07 Requested Statements 6 years 14/04/07 Received Statements (£756.50 charges on account) 15/04/07 Sent 14 day letter requesting charges to be refunded 29/04/07 Received letter stating no charges are refunded 30/05/07 Started claim using MCOL for £756 plus interest for last 6 years 01/06/07 Claim Acknowledged stating they would defend in full 02/07/07 28 days of acknowledgement was up. Sent letter to solicitors stating they had a further week to refund charges of would start judgement 04/07/07 received Letter from nationwide to say they will be refunding in full the charges, the interest and the £80 court fee.. They have also cancelled the pending £80 charges on my account for good measure Yet another success, don't give up people, this site is top drawer. Thanks everyone
  4. You're darn right my friend... Got a letter today, after 4 months from starting this procedure, saying they are refunding me in full £1045 inc interest and court fees !! Whoop whoop. Now just waiting for the monies to be paid back into my account... Does anyone know how long this takes ? Cheers people...
  5. What a great idea... Just thought someone here who did have these payments might know.
  6. Can anyone help again, sorry to ask all these questions... I've just had a random amount put in my bank of £225.63. It says "CREDIT BY CASH" ... is this a payment from them ? Or not.. Anyone have any ideas please ??
  7. thank you Claire, you've been great i'm just getting worried as most people have been paid by this stage by payments into their account or letters.. maybe i've done something wrong
  8. Do i send this 7 day letter to Nationwide, or to their solicitors ?
  9. Hello everyone, can i have some advice please ? I am claiming back £1045 from Nationwide including court fees and Interest. I filed my claim on the 31st May, which was deemed to be served on the 4th June. Nationwide have until midnight tonight to file a defence otherwise i can start a Judgement. I have had no contact from Nationwide with offers, or money put back into my account.. and reading many threads here this is generally happening, so i'm a little worried. I think i read somewhere on here (and i now can't find it) not to start a Judgement immediately as this can delay things further. What should i do ? can anyone give me advice please ?
  10. So you're saying i need to change my claim ? How do i get help filling that form in correctly ? Can anyone help at all please
  11. Hi... I'm a little frantic at the mo so forgive me. Yesterday i submitted my claim including interest. This morning it has been issued... I only found this site AFTER i submitted my claim... I've used the interest calculator spreadsheet and the amount of interest i can claim is £122.. Although the way i worked it (which is clearly the incorrect way) worked it out at £178... So i'm claiming for £56 more than i'm entitled to, if i print the proper one out and send that them my claim wont add up... but if i submit my own spreadsheet then that's wrong... HELP please, what should i do ??
  12. i obviously deleted the bits out and put my details in, the amount i was claiming etc etc..
  13. The claimant has held a current account [Your Account Number. Your Sort Code.] with the defendant, conducted on their Standard terms and conditions since 1999. The defendant from [date six years ago, or whenever you opened the account if sooner] to present day has applied charges to the claimant account, totalling not more than £[XXX.XX]. The bank's charges are a disproportionate penalty and therefore unenforceable. Penalty charges are irrecoverable at common law. The precedent for this was Dunlop Pneumatic v New Garage [1915] AC 79.along with Murray v. Leisure play [2005] EWCA Civ 963. The Defendants charges are also contrary to the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999. Para.8 and sch.2(1)(e)) The claimant has asked the bank to refund their charges or offer proof that they are true pre-estimate. The bank has declined to do so. The claimant claims no more than £[XXX.XX], being the sum unlawfully debited. Then i copied the interest disclaimer on the MCOL site.. Is this right ?
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