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  1. I received an email today from Lowell saying that Vodafone has not produced the contract (because there never was one!) but despite that they cannot uphold my complaint. They have however said that they will remove defaults and information relating to them but they are failing to pay me compensation for their mistake. Oh, and it will take 50 days for the inaccurate information to be removed. I have written back to them giving them 7 days to provide the contract after which time they will require to pay me compensation. As I know there is no contract because the contract didn't exist, t
  2. Hi there Thanks for replying. The arrears were incurred over 6 years ago and it appears that they didn't register a default. They just keep reporting that my account is over 6 months in arrears. They haven't even reported the arrangements to pay. The sheriff said I should pay £25 over and above my CMP. I have kept to that arrangement and have then entered into agreements with them to pay more in order that the arrears would be capitalised. Every time this happens they transfer me back to another department and it all starts again. Meantime they are not
  3. Hi there I'm looking for some help and information. I got a copy of my credit file the other day after being refused a car loan. I was gobsmacked to see what had been going on. Firstly, Lowell appear to have bought a debt from Vodafone that doesn't in fact exist. I had a 12 month contract with Vodafone and when it finished I moved to another provider as I got a better deal. Vodafone tried to say that it was a 24 month agreement (which I know it wasn't as I wouldn't tie myself in for 2 years!) I asked them for a copy of the agreement along with a copy of
  4. Hi Rachael I know it's a little late in the day to be commenting on this but I just came across it just now. Have you heard anything further from Arrow? There are a few points that I would like to raise. It seems that it has been Arrow that has been stopping you making the payments smoothly. They should have had something in place immediately they took over so that you could continue the arrangement with them whilst requesting you complete an income and expenditure for their own files to get an up to date situation with your finances. They have made this very difficult for you.
  5. Hi there They wrote to me and told me they were stopping the insurance premiums but the insurance that had been paid previously on my account still stands. This was because I hadn't sent them a copy of my insurance documents assigned to them. they just stopped charging and I was left with the payments already made. They add this into another file apparently that isn't added to the account until the mortgage is redeemed. It all seems very dodgy to me tbh. This is part of The Co-operative. My parents think I should write to their CEO and let them know what thei
  6. To be honest I didn't know what to do. I thought that I should oppose it but what we were going to do was wait until a week after it was closed and then hit them with a letter saying they must take the £1700 for legal fees from my account because the judgement was made with no expenses due to or by either party. That will no doubt be brought up when we recall that case. When I wrote to them it was after receiving a letter from them saying that my case was being passed to litigation. When I read it my parents were here and I was almost on the brink of having to call a blue li
  7. Thank you for merging the threads. I couldn't find the original one. Yes, they're up to their tricks again. Grrrr
  8. Oh yeah...and when I question why I'm not getting the capitalisation that I was promised they say I don't meet the criteria. Very strange that I did previously. This is also an interest only mortgage and when I enquired about a price for changing to capital and interest they told me I didn't fit the criteria on that too. They're desperate to get their hands on my house so they can make a nice profit. That's very clear now.
  9. It's Platform Funding. I have never been treated like this in my life. They are vile. When this went to court originally the judge wasn't happy because they told me they wouldn't negotiate until they had a charge on my property....which they never got. Now they're trying to take my home, knowing that I'm seriously ill and am paying my mortgage religiously, with more than required in addition. This is just bullying and I won't let them get away with it. This time though I'm not able to do this myself as I'm too poorly but I will attend court. I've also repor
  10. Hi I'm looking for some advice. In 2012 I was taken to court by my mortgage provider to try and get possession of my house. The sheriff would not award it and ordered them to negotiate with me. An agreement was made and since March 2013 I have religiously kept to that agreement. The only time the payment has differed from that agreed by the court was when the mortgage company promised me they would capitalise the remainder of the arrears after 6 months of paying set amounts to prove that I could pay the slightly higher mortgage payment and to take into account if mor
  11. It may be worthwhile looking at the recent judgement in the HIgh Court in Belfast relating to the behaviour of Halifax and customer arrears. It appears that they have been capitalising arrears ie adding them to the end of the mortgage....and raising the monthly payment fee. This wipes out the arrears instalments because you are paying the arrears over the term of the mortgage. They have then taken people to court for the arrears asking for possession. The recent judgement deemed this behaviour as unacceptable. They cannot add the amount to the end of the mortgage and therefore increase mo
  12. Hi hadenough77. Did Sky tell you 10 days before taking any additional money that they would be taking it? If not, get on to your bank and have the direct debits reimbursed. Under the DD Guarantee they have to give you 10 days notice if any of your direct debits will change. Secondly, cancel your DDs with them until this is sorted and pay by card. Write to the CEO and advise them of the failure of the engineer to fit the boxes properly and the fact that you have been charged additional rental due to their incompetence. When a multi-box is fitted the engineer should fit an additional phone
  13. Can anybody direct me to this information please? I'm very disappointed that recently whenever I have asked questions that I can't find the answers for myself. ...that often the questions go unanswered. This never used to be the case with this site....it was always full of very helpful people. Can anybody help me? If not, please let me know and I will go elsewhere. Thank you
  14. No I didn't! I did think I read on here a while ago though that they could only apply interest for the length of the contract and that is really the information I am looking for. I will be making a payment plan with them but I cannot understand for the life of me how a £200 debt has now gone to £960... ..that is outrageous!
  15. what do you need? They were able to give me the amount that I had paid and said that with interest etc the balance was now £960+ I have had letters saying the same thing which I just disregarded because obviously that is nonsense! The loan was taken out September 2011. In fact I took another one and paid it off, then had this one and paid £200, then became sick. surely they can't get away with this? I thought the interest was only allowed to run for the duration of the loan ie a month, is that wrong? It appears that th
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