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  1. Hi, you need to do a SAR Request. There are people who have been successful in getting refunded PPI from loans in the 90's
  2. Reply from BPA: Thank you for your email below. Once a parking charge notice has been issued a parking operator has up to six years to chase the alleged debt. If the operator does not invoke the Protection of Freedoms Act for keeper liability (this is where the timescales are prominent), they may continue to chase the debt. If you were not the driver you should (if you can) give the name and address of the driver so that liability can be transferred. Unfortunately without the driver details, the parking operator will continue to chase the keeper and the courts will decide if the keeper was in all probability the driver. You may wish to seek legal advice on this matter or appeal to the parking operator. You have not named the operator so I cannot confirm if they are a member or not, they may be a member of the International Parking Community. www.theipc.info . We will investigate any complaints about alleged non-compliance with the Code of Practice. However, we are not set up to deal with disputes from the general public about parking or control. We are not a legal entity nor a regulatory body. Therefore, the Code does not provide a way for the driver to challenge how a landowner or operator has applied parking control or enforcement on private land. Any challenge or appeal is a matter for the landowner's or operator's procedure, with the option of taking it to POPLA, and or the Courts. We will not get involved in the arbitration of a dispute between an operator and an individual.
  3. And the latest instalment: Thank you for including extracts from the BPA code of practice. Please note that there is no time frame for this notice to be sent as you have misread the guidelines, allow me to educate: "you should apply" is not the same as "you must apply". This is a guideline, any delay in this process only gives the driver extra time to resolve the matter, as explained in my email of 21/10/2016, this delay stands in our client's favour and definitely does not invalidate this account. "notice to the keeper of the vehicle no more than 14 days after receiving the keeper data from the DVLA", the registered keeper's details were received on 03/10/2016 and the NTK sent on the same day, therefore our client is well within their legal right to pursue this PCN. Please understand that I am not trying to threaten or scare you into paying. my contact with you is because my job is to give you the opportunity to resolve this account outside of the legal process. I am actually trying to help you save money. I fear that this account will have to progress to the legal stage in order for you to take it seriously. The next stage of progression will see this account passed to debt recovery on 02/11/2016.
  4. Thanks Silverfox. I am going to make official complaints in writing tomorrow. I might fire off one more email saying 'bring it on'
  5. And this morning's response: Good morning, I have done my utmost to help you resolve this, you leave pour client no option but to progress this account to the legal stage.
  6. Thank you. I have fired off another email. Will report back any reply. Once again, many thanks
  7. Thank you Silverfox. I will upload later as dashing to work now. Isnt there a time limit for issuing these notices?
  8. It is headed NOTICE TO KEEPER/HIRER. PCN Admin Centre (letter head). And I emailed [email protected] which was their contact details on the letter.
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