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  1. Richard I really think the judges have been told to try and stop consumers claiming any further against the banks due to the frightening situation with the Euro etc. I was involved in a recent and decent case (not mine) and the judge just rolled over and allowed the bank's barrister (in a small claims court) to run the show. I also heard a story on Breakfast TV from Paul Lewis of Money box stating the people getting PPI back from banks are being hit with tax bills! It's case of a) putting people off trying and b) if they do try grabbing some tax. Do keep up your battle if you can.
  2. Looks like they've appointed lightweights as they have no intention of meeting you in court. They have been instructed to negotiate a settlement (which it says). No way do they wnat this one going on public record.
  3. Sorry folks Rhia's been away. You must get the full deed of assignment in order to establish if this has been assigned offshore. Mine was by no means the only one but these cases were all agreements assigned at the same time. Until you have this you can't say if this applies. BTW there is a recent case (which I don't have link to) which took MBNA apart. It was either Link-v-Harrison or MBNA/Link-v-Harrison. It would be well worth reading as Harrison won it. Looks like you'll be Fast Track which means full disclosure. You need to look at Part 18 requests for disclosure as well as a Subject Access Request.
  4. Hang on! Just twigged that Mike Hawke has a case with the same organisation. I thought he was referring to PW's case. May the force be with you and preferably the police force.
  5. This isn't a credit card. If I am correct this was an overdraft which was "converted" into a loan. I was wondering if such things were also securitised (not that this is much to do with PW's case).
  6. They really are an extremely unsavoury company aren't they? BTW did any of your case involve securitisation? Surely it must have done. They'd dice and slice the cleaning lady if they could raise more money in the process. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/rbs-helped-bankroll-europes-last-dictator-2345509.html
  7. Mind blowing Paul. I showed MOH and he really couldn't take in what was being admitted to. I also wonder how widespread all this is.
  8. The Irish case was O'Hagan-v-Wright and was previouslu unreported. http://www.judgmental.org.uk/judgments/NICA/2001/%5B2001%5D%20NICA%2026.html BO's case also shows how vitally important it is to challenge the asisgnment and use SAR and the CPR to gain as much information as you can.
  9. Well this is absolutely bloody marvellous. What an incredible result. I have no doubt whatsoever it was due to the gutsy people here who refused to be battered by this grubby little company but yes DonkeyB they will probably pop up elswhere under another name - it's like having moles in your lawn.
  10. ASk them to produce a copy of the agreement which shows definitively that you gave your full consent to your personal data being passed to third parties. If BC does not have this then you can complain to ICO. If they uphold your complaint you can take court action and I would do it in that order as the Judge will take notice of the ICO's ruling.
  11. Excellent thread Citizen B. Only found it via newsletter - obviously hadn't dug enough. I see the banks are pleading the old poverty line again. Unfortunately I suspect they'll get away with it again. It's the way things are.
  12. Ah indeed Siegfried. Classic displacement behaviour.
  13. You need a history lesson too. Hitler was in no position to storm across Europe 50 years ago - he committed suicide on 30th April 1945. And I too agree with Donkey B. These debts are written off against tax by the original creditor. DCAs such as Cabot then eagerly take them off their hands for an average of 10 pence in the £ - sometimes more and sometimes even less but if we take 10p that's an average figure. They have not taken any risk they have not suffered loss yet they then go on and attempt to collect the entire amount of a previously written off debt. Most of these debts have also been securitised so the trail gets even more complex but you can bet on one thing the original creditor has made a very hefty profit on this debt. Anyway as you've so much time on your hands stop posting daft comments here and getting flamed and go and read the Rise and Fall of The Third Reich by William L. Shirer who was an outstanding war correspondent and you might just learn that Herr Hitler was (thankfully) shoving up daisies and not storming down Carnaby Street with his Panzer divisions in the Swinging Sixties.
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