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  1. Thanks. I wouldnt bank with Santander anyway as Ive had past dealings with them and I wasnt impressed at how they handled the situation.
  2. Thanks for your replies, I will have to do some further reading before I decide how to proceed. Any more advice is always welcome.
  3. Thanks, I will take a read. FYI, Im moving outside of the EU... I dont mind giving my address to where I move but I dont want them to be able to impact my credit in Country.
  4. To be honest Im just sick of trying to deal with these lot, they simply ignore all my requests. One even took court action and on the date that we were supposed to attend County Court they didnt bother to turn up. And yet the judge still gave them a chance to produce the information that I was requesting. Eventually after 28 days when they didnt produce the documentation then claim was struck off. I dont mind dealing with them so long as they honour my requests, I just dont want them to hassle my parents who have nothing to do with any of this.
  5. A couple were entered as defaults about 3 years ago and a few about a year back now
  6. Thanks for that. I have checked the file and all of them have been passed onto various DCAs from the look of things. Ive written to several of them to request that they show proof that the debt is actually mine but not a single one has managed to provide me with anything. I just keep getting the same standard template letters. I leave here in a months time, how would you suggest I proceed? Do I write to them and tell them that I am moving country and that the house which is under may name is also under two other peoples name and that the contents of the house belong exclusively to tho
  7. Could they really charge on the property even thought I own nothing in it? I havent got all the debt details to hand, but the largest is aroud £7k and the smallest around £250. In total there is about £13k
  8. Hi all, I will soon be departing these shores and wanted some advice about some existing 'debts'. For some time now I have been requesting various bits of information from certain DCA's so I can verify the validity of the alleged debts but on each occasion what I have got is just rubbish. My concern is that I currently have a house under my name along with my parents (I dont live there nor do I pay the mortgage) and I wanted to know could these DCA's get any sort of court order to go to the house and start removing any goods? Everything in the house belongs to my parents with the exceptio
  9. Hi all, Just to follow on with this topic, I noticed that I had many defaults on my credit files even though I was never served with any default notices. So after a bit of researching I sent the following to each company listed in my credit file: Dear Sir or Madam After recently obtaining a copy of my credit file from Experian I was concerned to note that your company has placed a "Default" notice against an account in my name. Further to this I have no recollection of ever receiving such a notice, and I therefore require you to substantiate this data at your earliest
  10. Hi all, Had some great "fun and games" recently with Lastminute.com. My wife and I had planned to travel to Vietnam with a 3 night stop over in Dubai. The problem was that I got my dates mixed up and we ended up missing the flight - my fault I know and I was willing to pay a small fee to change to the next available flight. But thanks to the sheer level of incompetence from the folks at Lastminute, our 3 night stay ended up being 5 nights and 6 days. The problem? They were unable to get us on to the next flight even though Emirates confirmed that the flight had plenty of seat
  11. Thanks, and yes it's certainly a load of my mind... However, I still have this to deal with: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?318406-MBNA-Claim-form-recieved....-advice-required.&p=3603528#post3603528
  12. Yep, that is full and final settlement. Im awaiting all the paper work and will double check everything. Thanks all for the help and advice.
  13. Hi Simon, Im afraid I wont be of much help as my knowledge in these matters is limited. Update on my situation: Had another call from the mediation officer and we agreed on a settlement of around 10% of the balance owed. I would rather pay that than have the headache of a court case. Problem over.
  14. Update: Mediation has been rescheduled as the claimant need to investigate why the NoA hasn't been sent. Also, they focused on a number of transactions on the account which I cannot remember and therefore need to check for. To be "helpful" they've kindly volunteered to send me all the statements from the account so I can see what the transactions are.
  15. Interesting stuff there, so what do you recommend that I build my defence on? Also, got a call from the mediation service today as Cabot want to mediate a resolution for this. Surely if they had a water tight case then they wouldnt mind going to trial? Or is this just part of the process? I have a telephone mediation booked for next week, should I stick to my guns and ensure that this goes to trial? Many thanks.
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