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  1. As far as I am aware I have never been in arrears with my broadband or telephone bill. As regards my relationship with them at that time, , I was irritated with them over heavy internet usage (small network - 3 big music/film fans) and consequent capping. No, I did'nt leave before the expiry of my contract. Of note the equifax file shows the debt as £0!
  2. Just rejoined BT from O2 starting to regret it, would'nt have done it if they were'nt offering Infinity at the end of this month. Email from Equifax saying my Credit file had changed significantly sine last report. Checked it - paid the £5 odd. Am very alarmed and not pleased (actually ) to see my account being marked as being 6 months in arrears - nonsense I have only been with them 7 days! This has resulted in an "Excellent" score being reduced to "Very Poor". Fortunately I am not looking to remortgage in the near future. However, has anyone else had this experience? Can I sue for defamation? Obviously I have emailed them asking them to correct the report.
  3. As for dissolved oceanic carbon, just a quick Google will yield results that relate to sudden changes in the ammount of oceanic CO2 and how these can change in relation to atmospheric conitions. Water vapour? As the earth's temperature increases so does the ammount of cloud and we end up with, a greenhouse cycle and one that is hard to stop. It has already happened to one planet in our solar system (Venus).
  4. The arguments against Global Warming are as fallacious and meritless as those raised by Creationists against Evolution. As for the "eminent" scientists who deny the significance of the internal combustion engine for Global Warming - I think you have to start digging the dirt on the source of their funding and the bodies they represent (it would'nt suprise me to find out a lot of them are Creationists as well). I am convinced that they will be denying Global Warming when the Mississippi flood plain (and it is huge) is under 30 foot of sea water. Sadly, I feel that if we are serious about reducing Greenhouse gasses we will have to go nuclear, alternative energy sources are not going to come up with the goods. I will leave you with a thought, Margaret Thatcher, a chemist and hardly the Green lobby's best friend, understood the dangers of Global Warming.
  5. I can only re-iterate what TaxedandConfused says about buying ANY computer from PC World - DON'T DO IT. They may seem keenly priced but think hard, they are not those prices for nothing e.g. Windows XP machine with 256mb RAM , poor machine took 30 minutes to boot. Far better off spending a few more quids and buying a dell if only for the better support.
  6. Not financed, cash (ie debit card) for a change , Homebase have agreed to pay for the extra work and a new fridge now it's just a case of waiting till we can get to the store.
  7. Thanks Zoot, I am giving them a couple of days, they have become a lot more co-operative since I mentioned that in the telephone call
  8. Hi Guys, Last Decemeber two designers(?) from Homebase came out and designed our kitchen. As we wanted two carousel units at the sink end of the kitchen (also next to the fridge and dishwasher) I took pains to point out to them the problems that might arise in the design. I was assured that what my wife wanted was possible and that the resulting design was viable. The designed kitchen duely arrived and my kitchen fitter (excellent, top notch guy) started to fit it. He pointed out to me that the design would'nt work as per the Homebase plans without him taking the sink/dishwasher drainage pipe out through the house wall and then back in to the house by the waste stack also that they had only allowed 57cms depth for the dishwasher and firidge units (any fule kno that all standard units are 60cm) and that as a consequence the carousels would'nt open correctly. After initial contact with them they offered a new fridge (less depth) (to make the carousel work) and the cost of the extra work with regards the waste pipe but since then they have been procrastinating. I need to threaten court action but I need to be able to say some magic words like Sale of Goods Act. Can anyone help?
  9. As regards the cap - it depends on the deal you take out. I use Option 2 and we run 3 - 4 pcs (online gaming, music downloads, no films) and we have never been capped. The download speed sometimes throtles back but I suspect this is a bandwidth problem rather than any deliberate policy by BT.
  10. This seems to be a spreading problem. I got sent one of these Phorms by Skillstrain (see posts about this company). Like a pillock I completed it without reading the threads on CAG, no doubt I will be bombarded with more spam as a result. Mind you I am with BTYahoo and their spam cleaning software is pretty good.
  11. Wino - We will be when we have I.D. cards!
  12. IMHO PC World are the cowboys of the computer retailers. Some facts :- 3 years ago selling XP laptops with 256mb RAM (NO NO NO) They sell Advent computers a company which they appear to own so when something goes wrong you are tied to PC World's very expensive repair service Insurance misselling Last I heard they were charging >£50 to remove viruses (viri?) and other malware from a hard disk - outrageous. As for the rental [problem] - I think you have said it all.
  13. Hi all, good morning We currently have our mortgage with Derbyshire Home Loans (sub-prime lender) and due to the disapperance of our adverse credit history (over 6 years ago) and the ending of the penalty charge period on our Derbyshire Loan, we have arranged a mortgage with the Abbey at a good rate. Pannone are acting as our solicitors in the remortgage and they are having trouble getting a settlement figure from Derbyshire (suprised? Not me, just another bunch of sub prime barstewards). Can anyone give me any advice that will loosen the Derbyshire's tongues? Can I ring the FSA and get some pretty quick action, or is it a case of letter writing? Any law involved? Thanks
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