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  1. Would this still apply if they have carried out a repair they insisted on doing and it breaks again with same fault?
  2. Hi I purchased a washing machine just over a year ago. They had to repair it just before the warranty expired and agreed should the same parts break again they would extend the warranty for these parts.They refused to replace whilst original warranty was in place. Needless to say, it has broken again. Can I insist on a refund or replacement now. Also, it has caused damage to clothing? Are they liable?
  3. I will go through my paperwork and see what can be found and try to get copy posted shortly. Thank you.
  4. I believe I was sent a letter with a breakdown of who did what/hours to do such, but I do not think this was through the court. I will see if I can find as would have been over 2 years ago....
  5. So can I insist to equifax/experian that it is removed? What would be next step if they do not?
  6. I am sure they gave me a breakdown a few years back but as said, I thought it was going to be made part of the per month agreement. I do not know if their charges are valid on an hourly rate...how could I determine that?
  7. We Agreed a tomlin order but I was late in sending back due to oversight rather than malice, so they upped the debt back to the original 20k rather than the 8.5k we'd agreed. Then they added their fees....
  8. Just a letter received today, stamped by the court dated yesterday. Default Costs certificate. States that as I have raised no dispute over claimants bill of costs, the claim is allowed and now due. It says I have to pay within 14 days.... Up until two weeks ago, I was paying the original debt to the solicitor. They then advised I now need to pay RBS direct....then this arrives....
  9. So at the 6 year point, I can still request removal if it hasn't dropped off the file?
  10. I have had a DCC sent to me for presumably solicitors fees for a debt with RBS for which debt was amicably agreed at a monthly fee and subsequently not showing as a CCJ. I presumed within this fee was the solicitors costs too as have been paying them direct. As I am trying to repair my credit record, if I cannot pay this DCC, will it show on my file like a CCJ? Can I submit anything to the court or solicitors to ask for time to pay as I am not able to meet this debt in one lump....?
  11. I have membership with both Experian and equifax and they use different scores - really helpful! (NOT)
  12. I have noticed that some companies use an updated date that is later than the default date from when it should be removed. Does this entitle them to keep it on file or "update" the default date as this seems dodgy....?
  13. Capital One don't help you if you've had a previous card with them. .....
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