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  1. Well, I've had a letter from Lowells today saying they will no longer be pursuing this debt and will remove all markers from my CRA file. I'll give it a few weeks cos I know Noddle only update monthly, and see if Lowlifes stick to their word.
  2. I've not had anything back from the OC in response to my statement of account request. I'll chase that up. Thanks.
  3. I don't have the old default notice any more, but they've had 6 letters telling them the account is statute barred and they need to remove all the markers they've put on. I've had the same letter 3 times from them saying they're 'investigating' and nothing else.
  4. I know what month/year it was but in any case, I'm not certain of what my next step should be? All suggestions gratefully received!
  5. Well despite telling me all activity has been put on hold, they've continued to place default markers on my credit file. I'm fed up with this now, is it time to send a letter before action and take them to court? They've had enough opportunity to resolve this and if the ICO/FOS aren't that great, is legal action at this stage the way to go?
  6. Thanks 2Grumpy It's been about that already since I first wrote to them and I have proof of posting for all the letters I've sent. I'll give the legal and compliance manager one last opportunity to sort it out ( I've sent her a letter this week) and then I will be going to fos, ico etc
  7. Sounds good, then I'll have more evidence to show ico that I've tried three times but they're refusing to sort it. I'll give that a go & update this in the new year. Thanks Ford.
  8. Clearly Lowells & Crapquest know that, which is why they're playing silly billies. I've heard the ICO are worse than useless, which I why I was asking. What are you thinking of doing next? A change of tactic might be needed here, but what that should be, I have no idea.
  9. The thing that's thrown me is the ICO ask you if the company have given you a final response, and as the answer is no, their website says I have to go back to Lowells. Going round in circles! Grrrr. So do you reckon the ICO will take it on board despite Lowells being evasive and refusing to deal with it?
  10. So I wrote to the data controller, giving them 28 days to remove the defaults. They responded by sending another letter the same as the one before. I'm getting really rather cross with them now. What should my next move be, please?
  11. Nothing makes this council look at what they're doing, they're probably the worst local authority I've ever dealt with, and I've dealt with a few!
  12. thanks bank fodder, they weren't aware of her illness so I think that would be their getout. Any way, I just tried ringing the council but they won't talk to me unless she gives permission. I'm all for DPA but I'm actually not sure if it applies to 17 year olds???
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