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  1. https://www.postoffice.co.uk/post-office-card-account These are the accounts the DWP were meaning. To close the account a form needs to be collected from the post office to be sent away, its administered by the Post Office.
  2. That was why you were sent the Ea3 to see if you were missing out in the IR entitlement! As people who were converted to EsA were never considered for the IR elements when converted and possibly missed out on extra premiums that they could have potentially been entitled to. https://www.turn2us.org.uk/About-Us/News/Has-your-ESA-been-underpaid
  3. Income related ESA is treated differently to contributions ESA, as all income is considered, that is what they are were looking at.
  4. It will vary, depending on when your payments are, there is no set period. Payments are every 28 days as opposed to calendar monthly, which is what confuses people, as over the course of the year, the day it is paid will change. If you divide the four weekly payments by four you get the weekly payment of her entitlement. Some pension companies or employers often pay four weekly so it isn’t nothing new
  5. If paid four weekly, over the course of the year, you get 13 payments, with one month you get two payments. 13 x 4 = 52
  6. As long you dont clam the carers element through Universal Credit, then she will not lose the SDP.
  7. Pension Credit and Income support cannot be paid together as they are both income based benefits, so the Income support would have to stop before PC would kick in from the following day. So although you asked for backdating it cannot be paid as it is the same benefit but different name. For example: If your wife's claim ended on a Monday, and your payday is, a Friday, the part payment would only be the days difference due ie Tuesday to Friday. using that calcuation see if that comes to what you actually received. I am assuming it is part of the script the call handler has to go th
  8. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?347417-Incapacity-Benefit-amp-Occupational-Pension Here is a past post
  9. no problem, it is the one box I keep forgetting to fill in every year!
  10. a couple of sections up, the main title is something about losses, the first question is Loss from this tax year set off against other income for 2016-17, the second is loss to be carried back to previous year(s) and set off against income (or capital gains) third question total loss to carry forward after all other set offs including unused losses brought forward. You complete the first box putting in the £435 and this then calculates at the end.
  11. It says you owe as i think it is do with the rounding down/up throughout the year as i has the same problem. If you want to offset your self employment losses against your PAYE you need to complete one of the boxes by putting in your net loss and this then generates the refund
  12. To reduce payments you need to contact debt management and sort it out with them, they will sent an income/expenditure form and you have to complete that. when did you get your notification?
  13. If the docs have gone to a mail scanning site, it take ages for docs to get scanned. You can ask for a team leader and there should be a contact for them to speak to the scanning site, but beware it is not quick!
  14. Hmrc will not know if she has been using the wrong Nino. She needs to correct it, is there anybody above her/colleague? As far as I can tell they don't match up that joe blogs had paid NI to joe dandy and should be for joe blogs, there are lots of people with similar name/dob that it could be for.
  15. You will not get SSP as it relies on NI being paid.
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