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  1. Alright thanks for all your advices will have to wait and see, will update when the letter come
  2. @dx100uk thanks for the link but as this actually had my name on it could it be seen as me breaking the terms and conditions of the pass only or breaking some other railway laws ... I’m really worried... just can’t think straight
  3. He thinks that could remedy the situation just so it doesn’t get to the point of going to court over the misuse of the pass
  4. after he has had to resign for been charged with serious offence, he is has now tried to offer paying all the money back as well just with the hopes they don’t come for me now as the impact of going to court will be devastating for us. I don’t know what rail law I would have broken by the misuse my this spouse pass ... so worried
  5. I know. It so sad how with modern age of freedom rights companies still up hold this. the partner argue on this but the company is stating if he’s signed the agreement then he’s was happy with it. It was a hard fight to win as all he was accused of were what was in the policy and he couldn’t fight or argue as they keep pointing it was their rules and that’s it i am so shattered
  6. Yes, they had him done for not monitoring the pass enough which after all the advice he seek from the union they all asked him to resign as that is better off than having dismissal on he’s work record which would impact other job prospects for reference. my husband wants to also offer the company through the prosecution manager to pay all the money back, this is just so I don’t get to go court over this Should he do this? he needs advice and doesn’t know what step to take to remedy this Paying back as soon as possible is just what’s most important in my mind now really panicking
  7. It such a nerve racking wait. As partners case ended yesterday and was told at work is only then the company will now chase up for the fare not paid. could I be going to court for this and might get a criminal record? As a nurse this will affect my job too, I don’t want this to happen, I have already seek for financial help and willing to pay all the money back i am only relying on my income now to afford to have a roof over our head and feed while my partner is out of job im scared
  8. Yes!... they going by it was he’s responsibility which was the condition of the pass and he should have stopped it. now I am scared because my partner got the hit for this already and for me they will come for the funds that weren’t paid all through this period, in the policy it stating something about been prosecuted “Employee who receives free travel facilities for themselves and their families are responsible for their proper use. Any person found guilty of improperly using, transferring or causing to be transferred a free travel document, or attempting to do so, will be liable to prosecution, withdrawal of facilities and possible dismissal” that’s what I read now I thinking will I be prosecuted, I can’t use the pass anymore anyways now as Partner is now out of job with the company but the lose of revenue is what I really want to just give back and sincerely apologise
  9. They saying it was he’s responsibility and he should have checked it that’s all. even though he didn’t know much about it, so he was advice to resign by his union as the case needed strong even to show to the management which he couldn’t provide. So as to be able to get another job in future it was best to resign. Hence why for me, I am scared of this affecting my job as well if gone to court because I totally didn’t understand the consequences of this and was just travelling to work with the pass. I’m so broken i really just want to pay all the fares back, as I could be charged for something more serious with this misuse as in my partners documents it states I was defrauding the company and the company lose revenue The pass has really got us in trouble just because of he nature of my job, I am strongly hoping they would let me pay back all the fares owed by I don’t know I am so stressed
  10. Yes it is a train company, I found a ref case on my partner’s docs and was thinking to quote that dont know if that will link me to the case as it was spouse pass misuse atleast they know I’m genuinely sorry about the whole situation and eager to remedy my actions as my husband’s case is still getting processed I think hence why I haven’t been sent a letter yet it just really an emotional trauma for me right now, had no understanding how terrible this could be
  11. Thanks, oh yes I have strongly learnt my lesson, I have started by season tickets now and I don’t even want to get anyway near the spouse pass. I didn’t know the policy or signed the policy to understand the gravity of it if been misused. I am just hoping they will allow me pay all the fares back as this was a misuse of staff spouse pass and not just train tickets, not sure if this will matter but I just don’t want to go to court over this, I’m so worried could I just write them to apologies and offer to payback I’m thinking it might help them give me a chance to atleast before considering charging me to court.
  12. Please I need your help and advice. I had a spouse pass given to me by my partner who works on the railway but I was using it to go to work which was not part of the condition of the pass. I honestly shouldn’t have done this and should have listened to my partner. When I got stopped I was panicking and told the whole truth of how I Was using it to travel for over 2yrs because the train fares were expensive however I only assumed my partner just didn’t want me to use it and scared me by saying it shouldn’t use it for going to work. I am a nurse and a criminal record will ruin my career please what can I do i am will to pay back all the money and really sorry for my actions i haven’t got a letter for the company yet but I’m sure they will as the misuse was for a long period of time during this time of nhs crisis as a nurse my responsibility of care is very crutial and I really feel ashamed this happened, my partner has now lost his job with the company due to this and I’m scared the company will now come for me to pay back the money but I want to plead to pay all back before it gets to court please I need help, I’m so devastated
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