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  1. Sorry to hijack this thread. Can anyone confirm a Notice of Assignment must be sent by original creditor or legal assignee. Am i Right in thinking an NOA cannot be issued by an equitable assignee? Court hearing in 2 days!
  2. Thanks. I am aware these rules apply to standard credit agreements, but is this the same for an Overdraft facility?
  3. Hi, On my credit file, Halifax have continually registered "late payment" on an overdraft facility over a 17 month period before selling the debt and registering it as "partially settled". This means the effective time for the debt to "fall off" my credit report has been extended by over a year. This is not a true reflection of the account, since no payments were made by myself during this time. At some point (after 6 months??) they should surely have registered a default. Can they even sell the debt on without officially defaulting the debt first? Does anyone kn
  4. When was your contract from? So they sent you a copy of your original contact? And today's terms and conditions?
  5. Hi can anyone post a copy of a Nationwide credit card agreement from before August 1999. Cheers. These don't seem to contain prescribed terms.
  6. Hi, I have not sent a SAR to Nationwide. I was naively expecting the debt to reach statute barred status and returned from a trip abroad to find the CCJ judgment letter. Im pretty sure I sent a SAR to Nationwide when intending to claim back some illegal charges, but never followed this through. This was before the default. There are definitely punitive late fees associated with that account. There was no PPI attached to the account. The agreement was taken out over 10 years ago. The default occurred just under 6 years ago. The amount is for just over 7k. The acoount was sold at so
  7. HI all. I have received a CCJ whilst abroad for several months. Though there was a judgment for claimant letter on my arrival there was no sign of any court forms. I have applied to have the CCJ set aside on this basis. From reading other posts, it appears I will need a to convince the judge I have a reasonable defence before a set aside can take place. The debt is from a Nationwide credit card. Original agreement would have been a signed agreement rather than through the internet. It was established over 10 years ago. The default occurred just under
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