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  1. At dominos I had half price of if you spend over thirty quid . So use that and they never ask to see it when they deliver. Single use voucher turned into forever voucher and can't remember where I put it too be honest. Just say on phone I have the voucher. Dominos keeps giving lol
  2. ask them if that whats they said , you got nothing to loose by asking
  3. FROM Macdougall, Gordon D This email is to officially remind of your registered package that has been in our custody for some time now, it contains a cheque worth of $688,000.00. Please send us your complete names,address and phone number for confirmation purposes. send your details to the address given below: fedex.online.shipment@hotmail.com, Phone: +2348022554310. ________________________________ Heriot-Watt University is a Scottish charity registered under charity number SC000278.
  4. but too be fair dominos where i go has always been fair with its toppings. they dont use measuring cups etc... guess the guys got decent size hands.. tell a lie they use the ladle to measure the sauce... not much for the bbq sauce tho too sweet for me
  5. large meat feast, cheesey garlic bread..... yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  6. i would have thought the manager would have tried to be nice and at least given you an extra pizza for free. i seen the state of some of there floors and how much they can waste...at least going by my local one.
  7. how did you get £300 of charges anyway.. how does it break down? then you may be able to get help on here..
  8. we used to get £10 a service call. £21 standard box install (fresh or a moving home)
  9. i used to work for sky well subby. and the reason for the 30 days was for us anyway, if we got a callback to a servicecall within 30 days we lost our fee for doing the servicecall. Even if it was a box fault and nothing that we had done. So we used to keep the jobs "inhouse" for a repeat visit. Due to the fact if a revisit went via sky we never got paid for the original visit. As for the credit issue. I have know many many people to get that , but you have to ask. it wont be offered unless you ask.
  10. if your winning alot, share the love lol.. hope your luck is good.
  11. what would you have done if you got the 6k rolex.... i guessing not given it back... and ending up asking for help trying to sort the mess which you got yourself into.
  12. just sounds like greed to me. just cause 1 transaction "got through the net" doesnt give you the right to try it again be it for 1p or 6k sorry but thats just wrong in so many ways. How would you feel if someone had tried to dupe you... but thats just how your question has come across
  13. well i would say if your not connected. a simple job of returning to store, as your contract would kick in from when the sim is registered. thats what t-mobile told me in the past. in my oppionion, no registered sim = no contract.
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