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  1. i feel sorry for you as far as im concerned the council and the bailiffs can kiss my ass . they are bullies and over payed they prey on people and scare them in to paying up or eles .i hope some one can help you all the best 2 pints
  2. i had an invoice from ukpc 2 years ago and 7 letters later they gave in dont worry you have done nothing wrong . infact i took my letters to work and put them up in the rest room where all the lads could not stop laughing at these clowns .i even wrote to them say they remind me of john wayne and hes a cowboy
  3. i fell sorry for people with money probs . i to am in it up to my eye balls . my only defence ive made a lot of mistakes .and i am sick of living life on the edge . so ive stopped the mortgage payments stopped the secured loan payments . and thought you know what they can have the house im 35 years old and i will get over it and im no longer stressed
  4. hi im not an expert on this but i feel sorry for your mom . i to am on meters. and as far as im aware its there job to check the meters .not yours to get them to check them and if they are wrong . why 2 years . i would not pay and im sure if they took your mom to court she would win defo . i hope its sorted soon for you ....good luck .2 pints
  5. i would put in a claim . with christmas around the corner if your wife lost money bye having time off work or not . still write a letter a good sob story and rember if you owned a shop and some one fell they would claim off you my views on this think off all the christmas presents you could bye i would defo claim
  6. i feel sory for any body who has a letter from acs law . my view on this is never admit anything they just try to scare people . and everybody who works there can kiss my ass
  7. i feel sorry for the op . my views on this are . the council are happy to take your council tax . but dont earn it . the bailiffs are just bullies and pray on the people who are facing difficult times . and the police dont want to know unless something has gone missing of theirs
  8. do not pay as a127 said its a [problem] . i to have had 7 letters off these . which make me laugh .and they are still on my crane at work . ive heard nothing since april
  9. take a127 advice and ignore i to had an invoice from ukpc back in december last year . 7 letters later . ive heard nothing since april just hang on in there . but dont let the letters scare you even if they are in red ink
  10. sorry for these posts they should be on page 1 .god nose what i was doing
  11. if i was you leave a note if he does it a again leave 1 more then i would clamp his or hers car but thats me because my drive is dipped and if any body parked across it . first the friendly aproach then i would clamp it they wouldent do it again
  12. if i was you .like you did i would ask them not to park there . then write a letter and put it on there window screen .then if no luck . then i would clamp there car . but thats me
  13. please dont write they will go away soon i to had an invoice from ukpc and 7 letters later they have stopped begging just sit back and have a laugh when the letters come to your door the last letter will be from parking control saying they have purchased the dept ? what dept
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