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  1. I have just read this tread with tears in my eyes, how can this governmaent both local and central treat people like this, if I put what I really thought then the post may well be removed!! The very mention of " mental health issues " and sufferers are treated like something you would clean off your shoes. All I can offer is moral support, I will continue to read this thread and really hope that Matt is allowed to stay around people who obviously care for his wellbeing and treat him as a person. My great admiration goes out to you for helping this young man
  2. Hi Does anyone have the postal address or e-mail address to send this doorstep letter to MMF, I've googled them and can't seem to find anything
  3. I have today received my 3rd letter from Debt Recovery Plus Ltd with a reduced payment offer. I now only have to pay them £119.19 to stop possible proceedings against me. I think this letter will also go straight into the bin. I just wonder how many letters I will receive before they give up
  4. Thanks for all your advice. I appreciate the car was registerred to my husband so he is the one they are chasing but frankly rather us than my daughter who would have felt bullied into paying it! I've just been on the debt recovery website and they do list people they say they have taken to court and got ccj's against but surely that information shouldn't be on a website it is stressful enough to get a ccj but to have it openly branded about on a public website is, in my opinion, totally wrong and just goes to show the unsensitive feelings these people have, it indeed they have any feelings.
  5. Back in April we received a PCN from a company called TPS Parking Solutions Ltd for £70, or £50 if we paid within 7 days for parking at a KFC in St Helens for 2 hours and 1 minute, the notice has photo's of the car on it. The car is registerred in my husbands name, however it is my daughters car and we had forgotten to transfer it back into her name, so the notice came addressed to my husband. After reading several threads on here we have just ignored all correspondence from this company. We have now started to receive letters from a company call Debt Recovery Plus Ltd requesting payment of now £148.99 within 7 days, along with the following: "If you do not contact us following receipt of this letter we will have no alternative other than to assume that you are avoiding making payment. In this situation our solicitors may issue county court proceedings against you. Please note that if the case reaches court and a county court judgement is obtained, the amount outstanding will increase.(fees added here) You can view a selection of CCJ's we have sucessfully obtained against people who have ignored our correspondence on our website" We have had 2 letters from these new people now and they have a bright red stripe down the side and clearly visible in the window of the envelope is has www.debtrecoveryplus.co.uk, I think this tactic is to embaress people into paying!! Any advise on what we should do please, still ignore and hope they go away.The car is never parked at our address so they can't come and clamp it and we haven't changed the address to my daughters new address in fear that they will harass her. Thanks for any advice offered
  6. Well woke up this morning to a knock at my door form the bailiffs, wouldn't let him in but he said if i didn't pay the whole amount of the liability order he was going to clamp my car, which he did do, he pushed anote through the door with the details of the original liability order but he had added extra costs levy charge £35 Enforcement fee £185 admin fee £24.50 If i didn't pay the whole amount he would leave my car clamped for 5 days and then come and remove it and and sell the car. All he wanted was the car, he was a horrible man but I gave as good as I got and he said he was going to put in a complaint about me as I was aggressive (I swore at him!!) I had to pay to get my car unclamped but surely this is way over the top in charges and also behaviour. The seizure of Goods notice pushed through my door, with just my car on with the wrong registration number, has all the fees on but he hasn't signed it and I wouldn't sign it. Any suggestions of who I can complain to to get some of these fees refunded as i'm just astounded that people act this way
  7. Hi again Thanks for all your previous posts but i'd like some further clarification please. I have now made payment to the council for teh outstanding council tax which was £272. There were extra court fees on as well do i also need to pay them and the bailiffs fees. The bailiff dropped another note through the door yesterday whish says "REMOVAL NOTICE" Due to the balance outstanding we have attended your premises today to remove goods. You must make immediate payment to our offices in cleared funds to prevent re-attendance and removal proceedures commencing Should you fail to make immediate payment we may re-attend your premises and remove goods even in your absence(as in accordance with the law) I am really worried that I will get home one day and they have changed the locks or something and taken some stuff even though it is only their fees that are outstanding. My husband has a heart condition (although he is able to work) and this is really getting him worried and i'm concerned it's going to effect his health. What do you suggest as my next action thanks again
  8. Thank you for your good luck message, I'll post this afternoon how it went, and wouldn't you just know it my daughter has gone into labour this morning so wont be able to go to the hospital till later on. And yes thank god for Ell-enn
  9. Do you have any suggestions on how I should adapt the statement. Will the format of the hearing be the same as the re-possession hearing with just the judge in private. Sorry for all the questions i'm trying to get everything straight in my head so as not to be too fazed by it all. I'm just so worried about being made an example of and being sent to prison, even though I know deep down they wont do that it is still a worry
  10. I should just take along the income and expenditure sheet along with the statement from the mortgage case and then just explain everything in person, rather than fill these forms out? Would I need to change the wording of the satement to suit the case or leave it as is. Do you think they will accept my offer or will they want more, and also what is a really good reason why it should not go through my wages, i've only been with my company for 6 months and that would severely hamper my promotion prospects as we are a new division and there are promotion prospects available
  11. Yes I would offer to make payments towards the debt however it wouldn't be very much, the most I would comfortably be able to offer would be £5-£10 a month but I think they would laugh at my offer as it would take years and years to pay off the total debt. My husband was recently laid off from his job and found another job straight away but it's only with an agency, his placement is at one regular place of work ( he has worked for them before and were happy to take him back). I've just back in from work now and i'm going to finish getting all these forms completed now, how do you feel I should proceed with this matter and do you think they will want more money each month off me. On the statement of means it has joint income but as I said debt in my name alone, and from my wages i just pay our mortage and arrears and then my husband pays most of the rest but how do i put this on the form? and how do I not have to get the payments taken from my wages as don't want this to cause any problems in work. Thanks again for all your help
  12. The court papers are dated 9th March but probably received them sometime after, can't give an exact date sorry. I probably did receive papers for the ccj but like i said buried my head in the sand, was so worried about the house being repossessed and trying to get that stopped.
  13. Hi On the court papers is says "Failure to provide statement of means" and I am ordered to court to "give good reason why I should not be sent to prison for up to 14 days or fined up to £250 under section 23 of the attachment of earnings act" I am now employed but the debt is for when I was self employed and HSBC were my bank and it must be for the overdraft and small business loan I set up to help with the business.
  14. I have received an Attachment of Earnings form from the courts to complete for a debt of £4208.90 to HSBC. I've buried my head in the sand and not completed this form hoping it would all just go away quietly. I have now had a wake up call and need to complete this form i have a few problems, the first and main one being that this is to be heard in the county court tomorrow 3rd May!! I don't know what to do, do I fill it in and take it to the courts in the morning and hope they look at it or do I go along at the time of the hearing (12:30) to put my rather weak case for not getting it back in time. I am so scared that if I go they will put me in prison for 14 days for not completing the form earlier. Other queries I have are about filling in the form 1. The debt is in my name but says to fill out as jointly 2. Travelling expenses-does that include petrol, tax and insurance 2. Section 9 - credit debts is that just mine or my husbands as well 4. A good reason for a suspended order We have a court order in place for mortgage arrears which Ell-enn helped us with, and I am pleased to say that is up to date and no missed payments and this has been my priority but other debts are now starting to shout loudly and do not want to slip up with my mortgage payments. Any help and assistance will be greatfully received
  15. Thanks Tingy for all the info you have supplied it's very helpful. Just a few questions though. 1. How should I word my reply to the bailiff telling him no he can't come into the house 2. If I make payments to the council will they take it off this years council tax or allocate it against last years. 3. The "Notice of Liability" came addressed to my husband and the council wouldn't speak to me about it they had to speak to them does that mean they can't levy distess against my car or any of my things Sorry if some of these questions seem a bit stupid but this has not happened before and we're really annoyed by the council with it all as one payment was missed and we just thought the council would try and take the payment a week or so later, they didn't they took the correct amount the following month and then didn't request the last payment when the money was there and said as we'd missed a payment we gave up the right to pay by installments
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