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  1. Update.... All drivers laid off due to weather 65 in total. Letter says possibly for up to 4 weeks. No pay. To visit the job centre.
  2. About 80 employees in total. Union would be out of the question as he would just lay off anyone that mentioned it. There bloody ruthless, and till the recession dies off were all kind of stuck and at his so called mercy:x
  3. Private owned company, owned by one man. Has several other companys registered to same address. Brass necked type of guy, dont like the rules, sod off these plenty more drivers out there. Guys are scared to be without wages and even more scared to talk back
  4. Drivers work mon-fri 0630 start till finish generaly 1630-1800 depent on job allocated. Drivers work a 45hour week before overtime is paid ( so you can do 12 hrs monday and it will be at single rate overtime is paid once you have acheived 45 hours which usualy means a friday is overtime) Weve never had a situation where its been as bad as this, we've had lulls in the work quantity from time totime and tey can usualy find someone willing to take a day off to cover the lack of work, theres roughly 60 drivers
  5. sorry yes no one with the company has a contract:p
  6. Working for haulage company for 2 1/2 years. today we were told there is no work due to the adverse weather. Also told to call every day to stay informed but we would receive no pay. All drivers have no contact. Most will use holidays to try and get paid. Surely this aint legal
  7. Afternoon Everyone My husband sequestrated himself last year and was discharged last month, however this month we have been made aware of a debt from pre-sequestration that had not been listed. Is this debt still written off or do we now have to pay? It's for rent arrears from a previous tenancy (before we were married/living together) and we the council have removed us from the waiting lst until the debt has been cleared or he has made regular payments for at least 3 months
  8. Really hoping someone here can help. Last year my husband was sequestrated and on the sequestration was listed an outstanding amount owed to Charles Anderson for council tax. Obviously he was then cleared of the debt and then -joy- the problem became all mine since we were jointly and severally liable. My query is this - I'm a SAHM (stay at home mum) and the only 'income' I have is child benefit and childrens tax credits which are in my name, are they able to take this money from me or are they a protected income. I've explained this to the girl from CA who keeps phoning me but she is adamant I still have to pay and today I received a letter saying they would take the money from my bank account and that I might be subject to sequestration. Any advice greatly appreciated. BBM
  9. Had some trouble with my car two weeks before Crimbo and took it to my local garage for repair - job was done at a cost of £700 then a few weeks ago the display on my car kept indicating that brake fluid level was low. Took it to same garage who said that whilst doing the previous repair a slave cylinder was weeping hadn't been tightened (or something like that anyway) so tightened the valve and said problem was sorted. Now a week later the display is showing the same warning - do I have any comeback with the garage? Sorry a bit of a blonde when it comes to cars garages etc! garage will supply and fit new cylinder which i must pay for then if the part manufacturer says faulty part i will get a refund??? eh already paid for origonal repair flipn garages
  10. Well, if I didn't know about the letterto start with I would be in the dark of its excistence. Then non the wiser I would have assumed the pf didnt procced with the case? I think its a 50/50 gamble tho. Clean licence never been charged before. HGV driver so clean ticket is amust in todays climate
  11. yup but I havent received it so unless they get it to me??? no
  12. I got stopped a few weeks back in the Highlands, 44mph in a 30. Small village less than 1/4 stretch of 30 zone. Own fault and accept the blame. when charged the officer said I would be reported for the offence as he had no fixed penalty tickets left....buzy mr plod However, today a neighbour handed me a letter she thought may have been for me. My house is No13 the letter was No73. When I opened it it has all my details and the offence, including mg dvla driver number. Its giving me the option of the 3 points and £60. My question is do I forget about the letter as technicaly I havent received it and let the work out where they went wrong. Clean licence for longer !! did i read somewhere they must charge within 6months or was that for gatso offences any help would be GREAT
  13. Hi All, not really sure where to post this but I need some advice asap. My brothers vauxhall corsa was purchased on finance with fiat finance, about 6 months ago it was written off after an old codger ran into the side of it. The insurance company only paid out enough to cover half of the loan and since then the finance company have been an absolute nightmare. My brother lost his job about 6 weeks after the accident and so was struggling to meet the payments. He contacted the finance company to tell them this and asked if the could amend his payment schedule until he was back in work. They said the would send out a form - but didn't - and the next month took the full amount from his bank (leaving him overdrawn, but that's another story) after another two phone calls ending in them assuring him that the form would be sent out the same thing happened again - twice . The finance company are now constantly on the phone (which is actually my mum's number) and when she asked them to stop calling as she felt it was harrassment they were really cheeky to her and told her it was their right to phone at least once a week. aaaarrgh Now he is in quite a bit more debt having incurred charges from fiat finance and the bank. I have argued the point with the finance company in that he shouldn't be getting charges as with the lump payout from the insurers he is actually ahead with his payments. can anyone advise me on whether i am right in this and also if he is able to claim back the charges from the finance company and also if there is anything else he should know?? TIA bankbustermum
  14. Hi All, glad to see more people telling this lot where to go Just popped on to remind everyone to spread the word about this site - tell everyone you know and tell them to do the same -I was in the hairdressers when I heard one of the stylists saying how she was going to have to pay one of their fines - I soon put her on the right track!! Keep up the good work guys (and gals)
  15. this mob never cease to make me laugh (now that I know how to deal with them). I got an email from them wishing me Merry Christmas and hoping to do business with me again in 2008..... as if
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