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  1. well I am pretty sure that someone that works for you everyday for the last 5 years is an employee. A self employed person can choose when do the work or can choose when to go on holidays, but she cannot choose it, she has to go when the employer decide it, for example. I run a business and I employ self employed contractors, they decide whether want to accept the offer or not.
  2. a member of my family works as a full time hairdresser for a salon. She has no employment contract of any sort and she has to work there as a self employed since she joined the company 5 years ago. The shop works on commission 50% for her 50% for the shop all paid in cash. She also receive a fix payment £50 a week for managing the shop, and other staff rota and so on. She is paid in cash, and the tax return organised by the shop dodgy accountant makes her look like she is working from home, or a mobile hairdresser, she receive no paid holidays or any other benefits. We asked to
  3. I had a parking ticket from this company I have written to them explaining that I was the registered keeper and not the driver. Recently I had this letter sent from a debt recovery agency. any advice about what to write to them next?
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