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  1. no didnt ignore the letters i remember 1 but i have been unwell depression took hold bad and i put it to one side thinking i was gonna sort it and time just went on my own silly fault i no
  2. The van is probs worth around £1200 to 1400 spoke to council who as i thought just kept saying is was nothing to do with them and no i did not sign the levy or anything else
  3. Hello ppl recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia my head has been slightly up my bum. i got letter from rossendales outlining 2 accounts for parking fines yesterday morning a bailiff knocked at my door after me sending a email requesting the forms on paper to return due to my benefits so i could pay via installments. said bailiff knocked i spoke to him at door made sure he knew a little info in regards to my previous on goings and assault by a rossendales bailiff. I offered to make the payment arrangement with him he said i had to do it with office yet office refuse he asked if it was my van parked outside i said no but because i wouldn't let him in he said he was putting it down on a walking possession agreement which i refused to sign and told him he was making a mistake he has done this for both accounts 2 walking possession agreements both with this van listed one says at the bottom client debt outstanding £95.44 then has between the lines of 2nd visit fee and levy fee £33.60 the second one is amount of £125.44 then again between second visit fee and levy fee £41.40 i do not no how the fee's add up over tickets no idea if there is set fee's that was the first visit by them and can they levy on the same item/van on 2 walking possession agreements at the same time. ( i no its not mine but im curious to no ) I no from past dealings these ppl are creeps and make lots of mistakes so any advice on this side would be really good previous dealings where for council tax
  4. I have sent the email so should find out soon i will hang back a little and see what happens next i have told her to pay what she can via council so fingers crossed i can get them some answers in the mean time
  5. Ok thats somewhere for me to start with them they tried to say they would just go ahead and pay it through them its took some convincing that the bailiff was in the wrong i knew somethings had changed since you all helped me with my fight so really needed to check if i can help anyone with these bullies i will
  6. Hiya hallowitch the bailiff was sat in his van he was seen on my driveway before entering next door he watched the kids come out onto garden then just walked through into the porch where he was greeted by the girls bf who gave him a shock and warned him no further told him he would remove him this is when police where called he cowered in the portch way till police arrived making allsorts of threats which i no to be lies but they didnt when i over herd it was council tax i stepped in to tell him what i thought from my fight to still be true the police refered to it as the bailiff acting on a warrent which i no it is not its a liability order only 1 previous had delivered letter no attempt to knock on the door or make contact that way no previous entery either what has annoyed me is the kids that where sat shacking and crying and they did not see this as children in distress the 10 yr old was sat in a ball rocking shaking and crying the younger one tried to run ive never known a child shake so violent with fear and the police thought she was ok
  7. Also just gone to the bailiff register and i can not find his name on there it lists his signed name as [EDIT] from marston bailiffs the only ***** thats showing is a a one working for rossendales levy items are 1 slinding wood black unit 1x 50" samsung tv and remote 1 samsung dvd player 1 black glass tv stand 1 black wood wall mirror 1 black leather + fabric 3 seat sofa 1 black leather and fabric 2 seat sofa 1 qty of dvds thats how its listed on the inventory i do not no if proof was show but i was assured he was told of the tv and the soaf not been owned
  8. The item on finance is a tv also the sofa they have put on it does not belong to her which they where told and they have proof they also have a disabled child who would needs use of at least 1 item on this list
  9. I am sat with the inventory the bailiff left i no from my own experiance how some things can and can not be listed is it still the case that they can not list items that are on finance ? and that if it does not amount to cover debt and costs it voids the levy also on this there is no first or second visit fee just a levy fee of £56 and walking possession fee of £12 dont they have to go through 1st and 2nd visits first ?
  10. Hiya police where there as the bloke was gonna throw the bailiff through the door, It's for council tax i no when i had the trouble i did the rules where that they where not allowed to turn up before a certain time and after 6pm i dont no a great deal more will find out this morning if there was letters sent and so on i just want to be able to give them some basic info bailiff was very smug and up himself they did not like that i went in and made him feel so small the fact that there was a 4 yr old shaking like a leaf and crying and a 10 yr old sat in a ball in her room rocking and crying has really annoyed me
  11. Hello ppl its been a while after a house move and stuff but back in 2010 you all helped me fight a bailiff that assaulted me. Tonight my neighbour got a shock when a bailiff walked through there door at half 6 he has gone round the house after a officer allowed him in and stood intimidating a woman while 2 kids sat crying and shaking. I intervened told them it was against all rules to turn up after 6 they said the notes i had where dated from 2010 so counted for nothing. Have these changed? i picked up one of the children 4 yr old and she was shaking like a leaf i went to door told them it was time for him to leave there was a child in extreme distress they asked him to hurry and they did leave but after telling me i was not involved and could say nothing i then informed them to contact there inspector murry the officer who reprimanded 11 police officers for bringing a bailiff into my home
  12. I am thinking of writing a letter to them and charging for my time i have been told many times there is no laws against charging them i may be wrong but worth a try to
  13. Yea hun they did my head has been up my backside trying to get my dad home from portugal due to ill health and kids and well busy life, I borrowed the money to pay it off as council where not going to help and i could not take the risk of my car been clamped. The day before i paid it there was a bailiff at my door as i drove down the street he had left a letter through my door saying they where coming back in 24 hours he dated and timed the letter the time on it states 18.20 but it states on council website that council tax can not be collected before 8.am in the morning or after 6.00pm mon to sat this is not the first time rossendales have not respected the time rules
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