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  1. A new story posted on the ACS LAW website.... ACS Law to litigate Our letters of claim have resulted in a significant number of payments from peer-to-peer copyright infringers and has led to the recovery of damages for our music, games and film clients worldwide. This is an exciting time for anti-piracy organisations, the movement is clearly gathering momentum with strong victories in the US, Germany and Sweden. The UK will play its part. We have been instructed by various clients to issue court proceedings against identified peer-to-peer copyright infringers. In some cases, in a final effort to avoid litigation and resolve cases early, we have issued settlement offers under Part 36 of the Civil Procedure Rules. Other cases will be going straight to issue, depending on the circumstances of individual cases. The first batch of proceedings will be issued next month. At ACS Law, we strive to be pro-active for our clients and will not resile from the need to issue proceedings when attempts to avoid litigation have failed.
  2. BBC NEWS | UK | Pre-pay meter users 'due rebate' Well Well Well.....
  3. There will be for a while I imagine now as there is a lot of people looking this Firm up due to more letters being sent out. Its a good thing I think though because I know I was panicking when I first received a letter and hunting everywhere for info and now there is Help as well as masses of info for people to read as well LODs to send off Only downside is many people may pay up regardless if there innocent or not due to it being Porn titles that they are now chasing.
  4. Seems another load of letters have now been sent out.. but for xxx porn titles. A fellow alleged infringer went to court the other day but lost BUT NOT FOR HIS ALLEGED INFRINGEMENT .and Contested court order
  5. Original creditor was Barclaycard ... Im not too sure if I can or how to get the charges and interest removed or refunded as I had a massive blow up on the phone over as they wanted a minimum which I couldn't afford as well a nuisance calls. They froze the interest for a while but after the eventfull phone call just buried my head as I have nothing but Hatred for Barclays ! ! !
  6. hehe ok.. thanks for the help man ..appreciated
  7. http://www.consumerforums.com/resources/templates-library/86-debt-collectors/581-cca-request-letter That one yes...?
  8. Right got a letter from these with a RE:debt mangers ltd lot with the normal County Court Proceedings threats etc... Now the account is £1348 .05 now the actual credit card limit on the card was about £750 and the total onwards amounts to interest and charges Buried my head in the sand a bit with this one but a run through of what to send and the like would be highly appreciated CAG Thanks
  9. Well there's reports of a 2nd reply for those who replied with a LOD..and a new site that people can head too if they need help Being Threatened? but lol @ this ACS:Law Anti-Piracy Lawyers Are Copyright Infringers | TorrentFreak
  10. ACS: Law are a legitimate company, and we apologise for so closely linking their name with the name of this website. Letters sent to you by them are not a [problem], and should be treated as legitimate letters of claim. This website never meant to accuse ACS: Law of any wrongdoing, but to merely be a reference of links, collated from the public domain. Seems ACS have been busy and are not very happy... BeingScammed.com You are not alone, Stand Strong.
  11. Little Update.. Confirmation that ACS were not registered when they processed our personal data, appeared this morning in the ICO register Registration Number: Z1760545 Date Registered: 14 May 2009 Registration Expires: 13 May 2010 Data Controller: ACS LAW SOLICITORS Address: 18 HANOVER SQUARE LONDON W1S 1HX not sure there's a great deal that can be done as its a classed as a breach of the DPA and not criminal supposedly Deary me...lol
  12. Very true I think cashins... Ive been looking at trying to get myself some representation if in the "likely" case I do get took to court. My budget is meager at best and manage to "scrape by" as it is so on that basis I think I will have to use the Legal aid option .. anyone know how it works and what the requirements are for it or a link to read up on it. Theres a scheme at work were I can get representation if need be but I think that's mainly to do with work and mortgage issues rather than something like this but will look into it when I find some one at work who knows exactly how it works as info is sparse so to speak.
  13. Looking at that ..it may do. There is also the DPA issue.... Someone headed to the CAB and they phoned the ICO about ACS:LAW and have a 3 month backlog to show up on there system so they couldn'tsay if they are registered or not yet....
  14. If Im honest this whole thing has been a roller coaster.... there's a few more things being dug up to see if there is weight for us "defendants" and one of the foremost issues is Logistep as they are not allowed to snoop on the fellow country men and other countrys ... but not sure how that will pan out for now with the UK law http://www.iaac.org.uk/Portals/0/Evidence%20of%20Cyber-Crime%20v08.pdf Theres a few folk looking through this document but its like another language to me for now lol.
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