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  1. Hang on in there. This is one that we are going to win.:)
  2. To Millington4341 There is also a large thread concerning CLC (28 pages ) on Money Saving Expert .com Go on the forum called ' Praise Vent & Warnings ' then look for 'Warning Club La Costa ' have just bumped it up , so should be near top .
  3. Hi there, sorry you are another victim of the ' great ' CLC experience. The ' Misrepesentation ' letter is basically setting out the misselling of the CLC product. It must relate to what you were actually told at time of signing . Provide both the ' promise ' and the ' reality ' In case where you have not been able to test out a 'promise' it would be reasonable to say ' we believe ' or ' we understood ' under the reality column. For more details go to the TCA site ( Timeshare Consumer Association ) Once you are there, click on the 'Help & Advice ' then go down to Buying Times
  4. Hi Majka, Have heard nothing since last posting. But am hanging on. My DCA has also rejected the Misrepresentation letter, but that was to be expected. They are blaming CLC for not replying to my complaints but in my book the original lender and now the DCA is equally responsible for the misselling. I think if they had a cast iron case it would have been in Court years ago. When they ring me up again I am going to ask for an out of Court settlement !!!!! Try to keep your DCA at bay,most of their letters are just threats, full of maybe's and might do's. As I have mentioned pr
  5. Do not get involved with this lot or any of the many similar outfits offering to buy your Timeshare. Remember money up front = [problem] An invite to their office = [problem]
  6. Ignore the jokers. Because they cannot provide me with a CCA,they recently contacted me saying they had proof that debt existed. This ' proof ' was a copy of a statement from over six years ago. Thank you very much Cabot !!!!!!
  7. You would probably get more answers if you posted this on ' General Consumer Issues ' Cheers.
  8. I would just continue to make token payments. The only thing you have to tell them is that this is all you can afford. Do NOT send them an Income & Expenditure form. Only a Court can demand one of these. Tell them as little as possible. The more you tell them the more they will use this against you. Also do not talk to them on the phone. Good Luck.
  9. If you wait long enough you should get a card saying a Mr Brown is going to call or a Mr White. They seem to go for colours.
  10. There name has cropped up on another site (TimeshareTalk Forums ) They are asking for 1200 quid upfront which they say will be refunded on completion of sale. Yeah. There is no address on their incomplete website only a premium rate telephone number. With this info, they are definately [problematic] do not get involved with them. Give me 500 quid and I will do the same as them and send you a postcard as well !!!!!!! JUST IGNORE THEM IF THEY CONTACT YOU.
  11. Any so called company asking for money upfront to 'sell' your Timeshare it will be a [problem]. If they ask you to attend a 'presentation' it will be a [problem]. Just ignore them.
  12. Could try the www.HolidayTravelWatch site they deal with holiday complaints etc. Good Luck. Link might not work just try HolidayTravelWatch Cheers!!
  13. If anyone wants to read more about CLC go to MoneySavingExpert.com and go to Praise Vent and Warnings there is a large thread on there.
  14. My DCA has made that threat, but a DCA can only call at your house if you have made an appointment with them. If and it will be a BIG IF, if anyone turns up tell them to take a hike or you will have them for tresspass. Yeah, for all the pleasure that CLC promise you your life is turned upside down because of the lying b******s. I was in dispute with original lender but they still sold it on. All quiet at the moment, no one has turned up so thats another broken promise !!!!!!!! Keep us posted of any developments Cheers
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