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  1. I have been advised that if I do not inform them of my new overseas address then they can serve a CCJ at my last known address in my absence. As I own property they can then put a charging order on it or even seize my rental income. Is just a letter stating that I have moved overseas, have no money, job and I'm not telling you my address with a foreign postage stamp /franking mark sufficient to avoid this? I just wanted to get more opinions on this matter. What about a P.O. Box address?
  2. This is for those that left the UK with debts and moved to another EU member state. When you informed your creditors of your new address, did they write to you at your new overseas address or did they continue to write and send callers around to your old UK address? Were you chased by DCA's at your new overseas address?
  3. lmd75

    LMD75 versus Egg

    Thanks again. So if I send a letter to Egg telling them that the account is still in dispute and now permantely living overseas with no job or income, they will pass this info on to the DCA and stop visiting the uk address? I plan on sending it tracked and as advised omitting my address. Just as a side note: a simple search of my credit report reveals that I have a mortgage in the UK and regular payments are still being made. Therefore if I was a DCA I would keep trying at that address rather accept that I moved away.
  4. lmd75

    LMD75 versus Egg

    Thanks Mistermind. I have not entered into any correspondence with DCA's and no creditors are aware that I live overseas hence why they are turning up at my UK property. All UK mail just gets returned to sender. I have been advised that I need to write to them all and tell them that I am living abroad. However upon reading all the posts with 'ABROAD' in the title, I am reluctant to give them my new address and was thinking up a setting up a PO box in my new country of residence (which is an EU member state). Also, at the same time I feel that I am wasting my time in writing to Egg as I have already made it clear that the account is in dispute until they come up with legit cca. They have totally ignored my letters and have continued to chase me and send callers to my property. Also even if they do manage to come up with a legit CCA, I have no job /money so I cannot pay them a penny anyway.
  5. lmd75

    LMD75 versus Egg

    I have not bothered to respond to any of Egg's letters since I put the account in dispute. Anyway, they sent a doorstep caller to my house asking for me. A relative told them that I no longer live at the address but the caller posted a letter through the door. The company is called 'Field Call' and their purpose was to get me to contact Egg. As the account is in dispute, I was under the impression that they cannot send callers to my property. I am now living overseas and am going to write to them stating that they are in breach and give them my new overseas address to avoid any possible CCJ action at a UK address. What's the best template to follow this breach up with? Basically Egg went quiet for a while saying that they 'lost' my 'complaint', then they closed the complaint and just followed protocol with their collections process. If I do nothing, even though the agreement is unenforcable, can they still start CCJ proceedings? What is the best approach?
  6. Coactum - You have been a great help. Thanks for replying to both my threads. I have just sent my brother a text in the UK to forward all my mail on. I will begin to draft letters to all my creditors informing them of situation. Do you think they and the DCA's will cease to write to my UK address when they have my new one?
  7. There is no equity in the property - it is a pure loss maker for me and I would love to hand it back to the lenders but I cant as I have family living there and I have a mutual agreement with them. I receive Housing Benefit from the family tenants but it does not cover the interest only on my mortgage (which is about £80 short). I also have to pay ground rent /buildings insurance which is a further £25 a month). This is costing me £100 a month - Well its actually costing my partner this as she is working and I am looking after the baby.
  8. Ok. So I should arrange for all my UK mail to be forwarded on to my overseas address then write to every lender /dca and tell them my situation via recorded delivery and give them my address. This way NO CCJ can be issued as I am not a UK resident? Correct? I have been out of the country since 20 Dec 09 and have a stack load of mail for me. I just hope no CCJ has been issued during this time. Just before I left the first batch of DCA letters started to arrive (in which I ignored).
  9. Thanks Coactum - I also have an unenforceable credit card agreement with this lender who have sent doorstep reps around to my UK address in my absence. Is is not advisable to give them my new overseas address. I was thinking of returning all UK mail and just sending them that letter you just posted from overseas omiting my new address.
  10. I have left the UK and moved to another EU country with my partner and child. I have a few credit card debts and have put some into dispute and others I simply bank transfer £1 a month on my terms as I have no job. They did not like this but I keep paying it every month. Is this a waste of time? Am I better of not paying anything then letting the six year thing pass? However despite all my efforts they have still defaulted me and passed them on to various agencies. I have a stack load of mail in my house which I rent out to family in the UK. None of the creditors or agencies have my overseas address. Is it a bad idea to simply put all the letters back in the post marked 'Not at this address'. Also a family member said that someone came looking for me and they posted (hand delivered) a letter through the letterbox. The family member told them that I no longer lived here! Could this be a possible CCJ notice? The mortgage is getting paid each month on time but what would happen if they started to receive all my statements and letters returned as undelivered? A part of me is thinking that I should get all my mail redirected to my overseas address and write to all the DCA's /creditors and tell them that I am now living overseas with no job or money. However I am also thinking that I would be completely wasting my time with them as they are not going to simply say "OK - we will let you off for now!". Truth is that I cant pay them anything! What is the best course of action here? Return to Sender?
  11. I am now living overseas and would like some advice. I CCA'd all five credit card companies. - Two CC's were unenforcable so I put the accounts in dispute and have now been passed to DCA's - Three CC's ere enforcable so I am just paying them £1 on my terms but these have been also been passed to DCA's - Also have a £3K overdraft with Halifax. I did not agree to their new T&C's but they are keeping the account open and continually adding charges. - I can afford to pay the mortgage and have been paying that on time /family are living there so cant sell it or kick them out. Anyway, I am trying to rebuild my life here and I am getting nowhere with these companies and feel that I am wasting my time with them. What would happen if I simply get all my UK mail returned to the senders unopened with "NO LONGER AT THIS ADDRESS" written on the front. Also what protocols do banks follow when mail is returned as undelivered? Also as I understand it, no CCJ can be issued in my absence and if I decide to return to the UK at some point then I suppose I could get this set aside as I was not living in the UK. Also are there any implications in not letting HRMC know that you are living overseas? Thanks in advance.
  12. I am now living oveseas in another EU country. I did receive a response to my letter stating that I do NOT agree to their new t&c's and wish to close my accounts. They replied with "pay off the ovedraft or the account will remain open." I do not have any money to pay them as I am not working, looking after a my baby and studying part time. I am just thinking of returning all UK mail to the Senders stating 'No longer at this address' or should I follow up with 'Not living in UK anymore, have no job, here is £1 a month..'? Many thanks.
  13. I have now received a 'termination' letter and they have asked me to return the cards (I cut them up). I have been paying them each month my token payment as recommended. I guess I will be receiving letters from the DCA's very soon? Is it worth responding to them via letter even if I am leaving the country at the end of the month?
  14. lmd75

    LMD75 versus Egg

    Just received a letter from Egg stating that they are closing the complaint as they have not heard from me. Is this one of their usual tactics? I guess a default notice will follow?
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