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  1. This is all I've had regarding the account- A letter from Barclays saying account will be closed, defaulted and terminated in due course. Please cut up your debit card etc. A letter from Barclays saying they will accept token payments on the account as a goodwill gesture. A letter saying account is now terminated and that I will receive correspondence from Lewis Group regarding paying it back. A letter from Lewis Group with a Barcalys logo on it saying they will accept my token payment and sent a bunch of payment slips. That's all I've had in the last 14 months. Amount £420 when Barclays wrote first letter saying they are closing account. Paid £2 per month on time for last 14 months so balance should be £392 now. Have had no statements at all. Not looked at CRA file so think best I do so ! Do you think I should ring Lewis Group and ask for a up to date statement ?
  2. I tried paying Barclays directly but they said my account number was closed and I have to pay in to these new account number at Lewis Group
  3. I am paying Lewis because the account was closed, defaulted then terminated by Barclays. It has been passed to them for collection (not sold).
  4. Barclays Bank own it. It's a bank account.
  5. Hi unclebulgaria67 Yeah tried that and the 'make a payment' link is down !!
  6. Hi dx100Uk Yeah its on my file. Its a bank account debt. They've stopped charges and accepted token payments. My payment is due today and I use payment slips but have run out. They wont give me their bank details over the phone. Can't understand it !! Thought maybe someone on here might have them ?? Never known such a weird DCA. Most DCA's have their payment details stamped all over their letters !!
  7. Hi There Does anyone know the account number and sort code for the Lewis Debt Recovery Group based in Yorkshire ? I have run out of payment slips and need to make a payment. I rung them and they wouldn't give me the details as I refused to go through a in depth review of my account ! Thanks Honeypot xxx
  8. Hi filrobbo There's no PPI and only a few charges. I've been lucky that interest and charges were stopped the minute I sent a CCA to MBNA years ago ! If MBNA count produce the CCA then how would it be possible for a DCA who buys the debt to produce one?
  9. Thanks for the quick reply Brigadier ! I will continue with my £2 a month then! One other thing I forgot to ask the forum- before MBNA sold the debt to Arrow Global I sent a CCA request to MBNA. They replied saying they were unable to comply with the request. I assume they didn't have one. They also said that for as long they couldn't comply they would not issue court proceedings etc however I should understand morally that I had run up the debt and so it existed. Now the debt has been legally sold to Arrow will they be able to comply with the request for a CCA? I read somewhere that they can just produce a template one or something? Thanks Vicky xxxx
  10. Hello Everyone Just hoping for some advice please. Its been a while since I've had any hassle !! MBNA credit card debt sold to Arrow Global. Arrow Global instructed Frederickson's to collect on the debt. Sent letter with I&E and they agreed to £2 month. No issues for 14 months then today I get a letter from Arrow Global saying that Frederickson's are no longer collecting the debt and it has been passed to Moorcroft Agency to collect the debt. Is this normal ? Should I continue with the payment arrangement I had through Fredrickson's ? Should I prepare myself for another round of abuse from Moorcroft? Any advice greatly received... Regards Vicky xxxx
  11. I've sent them a letter with copy of BR order in. Can I just check that even though I didn't list debt on BR petition it still covers it? Thanks
  12. Thanks Marmaris30 So the difference is even though its statute barred and legal unenforecable they can still pester me for ever whereas once they have received my copy of my BR Order and confirmed it with the Insolvency service they cannot pester me ever again?
  13. Thanks for the reply Sequenci. After many years of being told on this site not to ring a DCA, in this instance I think I will !! Honeypot x
  14. Hello Everyone Please can somenone advise, perhaps from a legal point of view, on this weird letter I had today from Aktiv Kapital. They are chasing a debt from 1997-1998. No CCJ obtained, No contact made, No payment made so Staute Barred. They have used various DCA's over the years to try collect on it despite being SB. I just send the SB letter and then wait another year until they try their luck again. Now in Jan 2012 I went bankrupt. All straight forward. In fact the court said I didn't need to include any Time Barred debts on the petition. received a letter this morning from Aktiv Capital saying- " We have reason to believe that you are subject to Insolvency Proceedings, however we are struggling to read the public Insolvency Register despite our best efforts. Please ring us to discuss or send to us in the post details of your current affairs....etc...blah...blah. It took me 20 seconds to log on to the insolvency website and view my BR details which is public info. Is this a wind up? First question- should I send yet another SB letter or a copy of my BR order or can I bin this letter and forget??? Second question - Can I ring them and tell them to go away or will this reset the clock on the debt and then I'll be liable even though I am bankrupt? Thanks Honeypot
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