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  1. Hi,I defaulted on a LLoyds loan for £1103. I checked myn credit file and noticed that there are two defaults from Lloyds for similar but not the same amounts. Also the dates seem slightly different. One is updated 03/07/2011 and the other is updated 02/01/2011. Is this correct? Have I a good case to get one removed? Is there a template letter I can use to send to the appropriate department?
  2. Thanks Mr Worried, will not divulge anything until I have proof that they cancelled the investigation.
  3. Hello, I have recently had a PPI success. However I did go through an intermediary called BBH solicitors. The story goes that about a year ago they called me about requesting them to investigate any missold PPI. I believe I got a letter from them stating that I did not have a case and they were not going to investigate further. Now about 2 weeks ago CitiFinancial had sent me a letter acknowledging my complaint and then a week ago they stated that they will refund me £700. Yippee! Now the bad news - BBH Solicitors had sent me a letter stating that if any defendants had contacted me directly then I had a duty to pay their fee. Another letter came requesting the fee of £302. Am I within my rights to refuse them as I hadn't heard from them for over a year and I believe I got a letter from them stating that they were not going to pursue. I gotta find that letter.
  4. Hello, Has anyone heard of these people. They have a small number of financial products, including payday loans. They say that they credit check their bonus loan facility. Has anyone applied to them, even with a low credit score. I have 1 star on my credit file so i have a low,low score. Can anyone determine what the credit criteria is?
  5. I had this in an email. I wanted to know if anyone has seen this or heard of it. Its one of those testimonials where the ordinary guy discovers a means to claim back mortgage payments, I am sceptical but tell me what you think: https://thegoldplan.info/shockingreport.html#freereport
  6. Hello, My account went to collections because of bank charges. I refused to put my salary in the lloyds account until I had some help with the charges. It stood at £360. Collections called me and told me they would setup an overdraught facility. Then the person stated that I should send a letter to an address to claim back my charges. I thought "what these charges or all my charges" well anyway I will send a letter to them asking for charges back based on hardship as they suggested. I am just wondering if this will give me the opportunity to claim back all my charges. i will update...I have been on the Martin Lewis website wher he has letter templates to download based on hardship cases. Check this link, i hope I am allowed... http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/reclaim/bank-charges-hardship
  7. benjy48


    Hi, It has been nearly two years since I first made my claim. I have since seen the world going through a recession, Lloyds was nearly bankrupt and had to be bailed out by the taxpayer(including me) and now their share price has crashed and burned. What chance do any of us have of reclaiming charges now? I suspect we are way down Lloyds list of priorities at the moment.
  8. I know I shouldnt, but I called just now to state that I cannot find the £275 for this month as it was a bit late in the day. So they said that the payments would go to the original amount of £449. I feel like going in there and blasting someone. This looks like they are seriously taking the p***.
  9. Thanks guys for all the advice. I have to admit that I buckled under pressure when he called yesterday and said for him to go ahead with this £275 option. However I feel now that I should stick to the original agreement. Am I too late, this was done over the phone...
  10. Hi Bankfodder, Some digital photo frames have a shuffle option or Random Picture Option. Please check this site and click on Compare Frames at the left hand side. Quality Digital Photo Frames @ Unbeatable Prices + Next Day Delivery Am I allowed to do this?
  11. Hello, I have a query about a Welcome Finance refinance issue. A bit of history. Back in Jan 2007 I took out a secured loan for 12k. I defaulted on it due to other mitigating factors. Welcome decided to refinance in December of that year as a joint application with my wife. They refinanced because I was in arrears with my mortgage as well. Well the refinance covered the arrears but the downside is that I had to find £449 a month. I paid good from January 2008 to July 2008 when my mortgage company put up interest rates. This meant that my monthly repayments went up to £1586 and with £449 this was way over what I could afford. I had to try and get Welcome to reduce the repayments. I missed a couple of months as again I had other unexpected commitments that threw a spanner in the works. To be fair Welcome were acommodating as much as possible. In November I had a call from one of the managers who stated that they could redo the loan at £246 a month which was a godsend, and they said that I didnt have to pay until january. Me and the wife went to the office, signed the papers and went on our way. Anyway cut to this month. I had another call from Welcome. They stated that the last agreement, though signed, could not go through as interest rates had been cut making it more expensive for them to borrow, so they had to pass on the expense to the me by increasing the repayment to £275+. The manager who looked after our case and got the better deal is mysteriously off sick. They said that he did not do it right. However at the time the interest rates were different. Now they said I have to cough up £275 now for this new refinance to go through. I stated that the original refinance was legally binding and they cannot do this. So where do I stand? I have the original forms we signed. Can I force them to accept the original signed refiance deal, or do they have the right to renage on this and do a new one. I also asked if I could get correspondence in writing rather than phone calls, but were not prepared to do this. Sorry to ramble on but I wanted to make sure that all relevent facts were presented here.
  12. Hello, Has anyone had any dealings or experience with credit unions. I came upon this website - ABCUL and wanted to if anyone with a poor credit rating has applied and what was the response. Its just that I do not want to ask if there is a possibillity of them saying a big fat NO!! Thanks
  13. Hi Fleeced, I had an £800 loans from LBL and have paid all of it off. According to them I owe £600 in charges. They have half heartedly called me every now and then to setup a payment plan, but the thing is the car is gone. The car was a major drain on my finances in terms of maintenance so i had to get rid of it. I have got rid of the logbook too so they cannot do anything. So can I gain access to these solicitors too?
  14. Thanks for all of your helpful replies. I could not get the payment for this month so they said they will get someone to come around my house and fill in the form and ask me to declare my income outgoings. As you have stated, if this is done outside the courts, they cannot pursue this. Ok I will see how this pans out and will update you. Thanks again and yes, please help me how to challenge this. I have until tomorrow.
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